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10 Best Christian Business Coaches


best Christian business coaches
best Christian business coaches
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Sometimes, it is difficult to really find the best Christian business coaches. This is because there is a lot to consider when trying to determine the best Christian business coach for your business.

As a Christian, you need a business coach who has walked the path you intend to thread to hold your hands in alignment with your Christian faith.

The best Christian business coaches we will discuss in this content, are the kind of mentors you need in your journey in your chosen business as a Christian.

Stay with us as we explore not only the best Christian business coaches but also the types of Christian business coaches and how to choose the best Christian business coach. Let’s get started.

Who Is A Christian Business Coach?

A Christian business coach is experienced personnel who provides tangible support, enlightens, shares strategies, and motivates a business owner based on the teachings of the Bible. 

He or she supports the vision and goals of business owners based on experience and uses God’s teaching as a standard. Christian business coaches also act as Christian business mentors in most cases.

A Christian business coach does the following;

Firstly, they map out strategic and smart business goals that support the vision and mission of the business.

Secondly, they determine the right skills and talents needed in your business. To do this, they carefully examine your business and evaluate the listed skills and talents and then check the possible outcome in the long run.

 In addition to that, also offer help on how to get the best of these skills and talents, and also how to get the best Christian business funding for your startup.

Furthermore, they create marketing plans and budgets to help increase the sales goals of your business.

Again, a Christian business coach discusses transdisciplinary ideas aimed at skyrocketing businesses. And also create enabling systems for businesses to strive.

Above all, they motivate business owners towards progress through the teachings of Christ.

Having known who a Christian business coach is and the role he or she plays in the growth of businesses, let’s look at the different types of Christian coaches.

 This way, you can determine what type of Christian business coach your business needs. Of course, this guides you in choosing from the list of coaches we will look at. Be sure to keep reading!

Types Of Christian Business Coaches.

There are different types of Christian business coaches but basically, they can all be grouped into four types. 

We strongly believe that by the time you are done going through these types of coaches, you will be able to know what type of Christian business coach suits your business. Let’s forge ahead.

These four types of Christian business coaches are;

  • Formally trained Christian business coaches.
  • Self-declared Christian business coaches.
  • Designated Christian business coaches and,
  • Theme-trained Christian business coaches.

1. Formally Trained Business Coaches

These types of coaches are trained by reputable organizations for some months or years and afterward are issued a certificate. This certificate serves as proof of competence and credibility.

There are different courses offered by numerous organizations or institutions available to interested persons in various business niches.

2. Self-declared Christian Coach.

Just like the name implies, these coaches became coaches on their own. Probably, this self-declaration may be because of the personal experience gathered in a lifetime either in running a personal business or proffering solutions and strategies to other businesses. 

This set of coaches has no formal training. Some may even deploy the principles of their previous training (like counseling) into coaching, probably thinking these principles apply to the different disciplines. 

3. Designated Christian Business Coaches. 

A designated Christian business coach is appointed to accept as a business coach to others. This could be in the organization, company, or even church. 

Such a coach is oftentimes appointed or selected based on his or her charisma or special qualities that pertain to one being a good Christian business coach. 

Furthermore, a designated Christian business coach may either decide to go for further training to pursue business coaching as a career, rely on the sponsored courses by the organization that appointed him (if there are any) or adopt the self-declaration pattern.

4. Theme Trained Christian Business Coach.

This is the last type of coach we have on the list. Theme-trained Christian business coaches offer coaching services as a separate package aimed at helping people who have been involved in other packages to implement.

This is evident in most public and motivational speakers who follow the footprint of most online entrepreneurs.

Having done justice to the above, the onus is on you to choose the best coach that will skyrocket your business to your desired height following your Christian faith but how can you do that? 

How To Choose The Best Christian Business Coach. 

Choosing the best Christian business coach can be laced with a lot of confusion. 

However, we have carefully outlined practical blueprints to help you choose the best business coach for you and your business. They are;

  • Have a clear objective.
  • Know the type of business coach you want.
  • Check out your budget.
  • Check out testimonials of clients.
  • Ask questions.

1. Have a clear objective

The first step to choosing the best Christian business coach is to state clearly what you and your business want.

Having a good objective will aid you in mapping out your business goals and also what you want from a business coach.

2. Know The Type Of Business Coach You Want.

Do you desire a trained, theme-trained, designated, or self-declared Christian business coach?

What are the qualities you desire from your coach? Sincere answers to the questions above will guide you in choosing the best coach for your business.

Additionally, do not forget that your business desires one who is practical and not just a coach quoting Bible verses.

Do we debunk the idea of biblical principles and approaches? Capital No! Rather we suggest that you get a coach who can blend business and Christian faith perfectly well without leakage.

3. Check Out Your Budget

After knowing the type of coach you desire, the next is to check if you can afford the service of that coach.

This is determined by your budget and the worth of the coaching service. Make inquiries about the coaching service.

4. Check Out Testimonials From Other Clients.

What are the previous clients saying about your proposed business coach?

Does the coach relate well with clients and how does he or she handle conflicts?

These are practical ways to unmask the true identity of your business coach.

5. Ask Questions

Asking critical and strategic questions is a good way to determine if a coach fits your business and vision.

Feel free to ask non-silly questions.


10 Best Christian Business Coaches.

In every industry, there must be people who are always at the top of the chart.

Similarly, there are thousands of Faith-based business coaches that one can find it so hard to choose the best out of them since almost all are doing well.

However, we carefully did background research on these Christian business coaches and then came up with a list of the top 10. Mind you, they are not in a particular order.

These coaches are;

  • Tim Redmond
  • Damita McGhee
  • Michael Marx
  • Megan Evan
  • Sue Miley
  • Jim Miley
  • Cheryl Brodnax
  • Ibukun Awosika
  • Strive Masiyiwa
  • Kola Oyeneyin.

Let’s quickly take a close look at each coach

1. Tim Redmond

The first Christian business coach on our list is Tim Redmond. 

Tim Redmond is a well-known Christian business coach, strategic thinker, public speaker, and author of one of the fast-selling books.

As a Christian business coach, he is bent on supporting humanity and raising business tycoons with his years of experience in the world of business. 

For the record, Tim Redmond is a leader of one of the leading high-tech companies. He painstakingly built this company from just two staff and then to 450 workers.

Furthermore, he was able to generate a swooping sum of $120 Million in pre-tax gains. This shows his capacity and well-grounded knowledge in business.

However, he later sold the company and thereafter, dedicated his career through Redmond Growth to helping businesses find their feet and maximizing skills and talents in building their businesses. This he does through a Bible-based approach.

His book “Power To Create” is a great guide for you if you wish to eliminate scarcity and produce results for yourself and others.

2. Damita McGhee

The next globally recognized and one of the best Christian business coaches is Damita McGhee. 

She is a trained and certified Christian business coach, prolific author, and keynote speaker. Tracing backward to her struggles in life and how she found her feet as a business coach, one can not help it than to give her her deserving medal.

Firstly, she started with Network marketing which brought her about $5, 000 in four years. Then secondly, she moved to business by starting a staffing and recruiting firm which was an easy boat to row but she stood her ground.

Today, she has imprinted her name on the sands of time provided the business coaching is concerned.

Currently, Damita McGhee coaches intending and already existing businesses on how to run a profitable business through designing, packaging, and top-notch delivery in alignment with the biblical principles and approach.

She is a Christian women’s business coach that a lot of Christian moms have worked with. She is the author of the amazing book “The Mompreneur Manifesto”. She also hosts a Business And Bible Podcast. 

3. Michael Marx

It is impossible to list the 10 best Christian business coaches without mentioning the phenomenal Michael Marx. 

When it comes to corporate communications and leadership based on biblical principles, always feel free to give him his deserving crown. 

This is simply because Michael Marx has over 30 years of experience in the above field. 

His days off little beginning can be traced back to 23 years out of the 30 years of experience when he was in Germany. Back then, Michael Marx worked as a college instructor, risk management advisor, and church planter.

After his doctorate in 2010, he started his online journey of teaching and educating others.

Michael Marx is a dignified author of “Ethics and Risk Management For Christian Coaches.

4. Megan Evan

Megan Evan is the next on our list and another great Christian women’s business coach.

She is an ardent follower of Jesus Christ, a certified virtual facilitator and mentor, speaker, trainer, and a Christian business coach specifically for entrepreneurs who are women. 

This desire was fueled by her quest to satisfy the desperation of women to learn how to build and pilot a successful business from leaders with great results, modernized, feminine and Bible-focused. 

For the past 30 years, Megan Evan has been a great help to women entrepreneurs. This she does by offering strategic planning through a biblical approach.

5. Sue Miley

Sue Miley is another giant in Christian business coaching with a good number of years of experience. 

Sue Miley is a financial analyst, marketing coach, and certified Christian business coach. She is the founder of Crossroads Professional Coaching following her years as an expert in the corporate world. 

As a Christian women’s business coach, Sue Miley is determined in her quest to coach intending and existing entrepreneurs on how to scale through the hurdles of building a successful business. 

This she achieves through a biblical approach and standards as a Christian she is. 

Just like other business coaches we have discussed in the previous paragraphs, Sue Miley is a Christian business force to reckon with.

6. Jim Miley

We can not discuss Sue Miley without Jim Miley. The couples are well-known experts in offering Christian business coaching services to intending and existing businesses.

Jim Miley specializes in the following areas;

  • Business growth and development.
  • Sales planning, development, and coaching.
  • Christian business coaching.
  • Business leadership.
  • And life coaching.

Jim has over 30 years of experience in Operational and Sales Management. Above all, Jim Miley is a staunch Christian who believes strongly in biblical principles.

This he deploys in his business Crossroads Professional Coaching. Moreover, his role in the body of Christ is great and worthy of emulation.

7. Cheryl Brodnax

Cheryl Brodnax is a licensed professional counselor and Christian business coach.

Cheryl Brodnax is very experienced when it comes to blending the teachings of Jesus Christ and business strategies.

God’s plan remains the ultimate plan. As a Christian business owner, you need to align your plans with that of God. This is where Cheryl Brodnax steps in.

If you require the following in your business, Cheryl Brodnax is your go-to person;

  • Strategic business Planning and execution.
  • Brainstorming ideas for the growth of your business.
  • Motivation is backed up by biblical principles.
  • Sales and marketing strategies.

8. Ibukun Awosika

Ibukun Awosika is a pastor in one of the Nigeria churches. She is a certified business coach, philanthropist, strategic speaker, and author.

Mrs. Ibukun Awosika is passionate about her social life and derives pleasure in offering Christian coaching services to those who sought after her.

Ibukun Awosika was the first female chairperson of the Board of directors in First Bank Nigeria.

Also, she is the co-founder of Women In Business And Management In Public Service (WIMBIZ) an organization initiated for business-minded and goal-oriented Christian women.

Furthermore, Ibukun Awosika is the author of Business In His Way. A book highly recommended for women’s want to skyrocket their businesses and do well in public service.

With over 10 years of experience in the business world, Ibukun Awosika is your go-to person when it comes to offering coaching services. Does this mean she is the best Christian business coach? Well, every coach is unique and her uniqueness sets her apart.

9. Strive Masiyiwa

Most Christians find it hard to blend their businesses with their Christian. The truth is, there are numerous billionaire Christians out there just like the ones we mentioned earlier. 

However, the case of Strive Masiyiwa needs to be studied. Masiyiwa is a London-based Zimbabwean Telecom billionaire.

He began his journey into the business world with his start-up business of $75. Strive Masiyiwa was determined to get it right with business, fellow men, and biblical principles.

At first, he started his construction business in the United kingdom then he proceeded to offer his products to Telecom seeing the future of mobile technology in Africa.

Strive Masiyiwa passed through a lot of hurdles before he made it. At a time he thought his dream of creating a Pan Africa Mobile had been doomed following his ordeal with the government then.

Above all, Strive Masiyiwa never placed God below. God is always the first. He believed strongly that he was first a child of God before any other thing. 

This he deploys in his Christian coaching service. 

10. Kola Oyeneyin

The list of the best Christian business coaches won’t be complete without Kola Oyeneyin. 

Kola Oyeneyin is a Nigerian pastor, Activist, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Venial group. A creation, investment, and development company are known by all and sundry. 

The company has produced businesses that are successful over the years. 

His experience in business planning, marketing strategies, and motivation in line with biblical approaches sets him apart. Kola Oyeneyin is your best Christian business coach, especially if you are a Nigerian. 

Bottom Line

The above article is the list of the best Christian business coaches and we hope you see the one that is the best Faith-based business coach for your business.

However, the strategies we listed on how to choose the best Christian coach will guide you.

Thank you for having the time to read this article about the best Christian business coaches till the end. We wish you the best!

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