About Us


Legit Method is a leading digital handout with a primary focus on serving the public interest by providing access to accurate, insightful information on education, travels and jobs around the world.


We give vital information that helps students, travellers and job seekers to fulfil their desire through our contents.


Legit Method was formed after we discovered there were no well-written articles on the web about various scholarships for students, travel guides for traveller, career tips and guides and jobs listing for job seekers who have been around looking up to fulfil their career in their various industries.

Founded by Nosa Osagiede, legitmethod.com is an independent website that has grown to become one of the largest resources for seeking information comparison of products and services in a list format.

“Whatever you need to know about travels, study guide, career tips, and the latest job offers around you, you can find it on legitmethod.com”

Our team of expert editors spends hours, days, and weeks making proper research about the articles we write on our site. They usually conduct hands-on tests, interview industry pros, review consumer feedback and then write up all of our findings into comprehensive articles.

The amount of research and testing for each piece of content varies since some businesses involve more complex topics. 

Our main purpose is to provide high standards for everything we do on this website. If you have found any error in our content page or anywhere else on this site, be it a factual error, an editorial error, or something that needs urgent attention, please let us know!

All the content on our website is professionally written and edited before publishing. This ensures that all our content is in accordance with our strict standards in providing high-quality content to our audience.

Our editors always check each piece of content for better readability, formatting, spelling and grammar, and much more.

How Often Do We Update Contents?

We publish content ten to fifteen times a week after doing thorough research on the product and services.

We know that we have an audience who are well exposed, affluent, and highly educated, we try as much as possible to keep our articles updated with the latest information that will help our users.

For our old existing blog posts and articles, our editorial team updates them every month, ensuring that newly available products and trends are reflected.

This also improves user experience on our site by allowing us to refresh our content for the season, making our content remain timely to the audience.

Affiliate Disclosure

When you purchase something through links on legitmethod.com, we may earn affiliate commissions.

This does not in any way influence our review of products, however, we always put the consumer first and recommend products and services that we know would serve you right.


We always make sure the privacy of our audience is safe and we take the trust our audience has in us seriously therefore we maintain a strict privacy policy.

Keep reading to get to know us more by speaking with us. We know you have opinions or suggestions about our website and we encourage you to always share them with us, feel free to reach out to us any time.

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