5 Best AI Essay Writer Tools to Create 100% Unique Contents

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Are you aware that AI writers tools can produce articles much more quickly? Some writer tools powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) can increase your output by 200–500%, whether you’re writing blog pieces, social media postings, or product descriptions.


You need to be aware of the top AI writer programs to employ if you want to optimize the potential for article creation. The top AI writing tools are ranked in this article. This is a comprehensive guide on picking the finest AI authoring tool for your needs.

Finding the time and energy to produce content that can make a difference is getting harder and harder because of the fiercer competition and the enormous amount of data that needs to be gathered. The top free AI writing tools can assist with that.

Best AI Essay Writer Tools
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Companies investing heavily in AI writing tools and copywriting software profit from the faster and more error-free high-quality content output.


Thanks to Google’s AI SEO features, these technologies not only assist them in improving their job but also help them rank higher in search engines.

You can locate the best free AI writing program here if you’re looking for it. I’ve suggested the best free AI content generator to help narrow your options.


What Is AI Writing Software?

The goal of the computer science discipline known as artificial intelligence (AI) is to develop intelligent machines. It’s a general word that covers a wide range of applications and platforms that are all intended to learn and reason similarly to humans.

Writing software is an example of AI technology; it employs algorithms to imitate human writing styles. The computer evaluates your writing style and then generates stuff using it. You can use AI-generated material for your blog, articles, or social media postings.


The artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool examines your writing style before generating fresh material based on those patterns. As you use the program more, it will get more adept at anticipating what you will say next and how you will say it.

Since readers won’t think they’re reading anything generated by a computer program, this can make your material more interesting to them.

What are the Best AI Essay Writer Tools?

Use these top free AI writing tools to make your job easier and shorten the time required to produce new material.


#1. Copy AI

Having difficulties being creative? Your issues might have an answer in Copy AI. The AI writing program includes automated creativity tools, so you may begin writing immediately.

Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian founded Copy AI, released in 2020. It is devoted to AI-assisted copywriting tools and features, with 90+ content categories.

Copy AI has grown its staff and user base since its first launch. Copywriters, marketers, independent contractors, marketing agencies, and other companies are among its four million-plus members today. Some of its clientele are eBay, Zoho, Nestle, and other well-known companies.

Content for websites, social networking platforms, digital marketing, blogs, eCommerce, and sales are just a few of the contents that can be produced with this AI writing tool. Like most of its rivals, Copy AI uses the most cutting-edge AI language model to assist you in enhancing your creativity and producing exceptional content.

Copy AI Pricing

Among the features of Copy AI’s Free-forever plan are:

  • More than 25 language capabilities.
  • No end to the projects.
  • Monthly 2,000 words.
  • 90+ copywriting resources
  • A 7-day pro plan trial is available.

#2. Rytr

Over three million copywriters, business owners, and marketers from some of the most well-known businesses in the world have utilized Rytr. Many independent contractors consider it the best free AI writer that is user-friendly and competitively priced.

For various businesses, the platform’s sophisticated language AI creates pertinent and unique content. When providing material to clients, there are more than 30 languages to choose from.

Rytr also uses proven scientific copywriting principles like PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solve) and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action), producing high-quality output that requires little to no editing.

Rytr Pricing

Among the features of Rytr’s Free-forever plan are:

  • Five thousand characters maximum per month.
  • Voice in more than 20 tones.
  • Built-in checker for plagiarism.
  • 40+ templates are available.
  • 30+ languages.
  • Premium neighbourhood.

#3. Quillbot

Millions of people have used the paraphrasing tool Quillbot to rewrite their messages in various ways, ensuring that the language, tone, and fashion are appropriate for every circumstance.

When you use it, you simply write your words into the input box, and its state-of-the-art AI evaluates them to generate the best possible paraphrase.

Along with the paraphraser, Quillbot also provides an AI summarizing tool that combs through lengthy emails, research papers, and news articles to highlight important points and give a high-level overview of the content.

Quillbot Pricing

The Free plan from Quillbot includes the following:

  • Fluency and standard modes.
  • 1 Word or sentence freeze.
  • Word limit for the paragraph: 125.
  • Three possible synonyms.
  • Word limit for Summarizer: 1,200.

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#4. Grammarly

When offering the best-sophisticated grammar and spelling-checking tools, Grammarly has maintained its top spot. Since the program’s launch in 2009, many participants have improved their writing abilities.

The AI grammar tool is as flexible as they come, seamlessly integrating with a range of other writing tools, like MS Word and Google Docs, to assist you in managing your online writing and avoiding grammatical mistakes.

With our free AI writing assistant, you can take your tests in many different languages, including British, American, and Australian English. In order to assist you in enhancing the calibre of your work, Grammarly also provides plagiarism checking and original writing suggestions.

One of Grammarly’s best features is the user-friendly browser plugin. When writing in Google Docs or sending emails, you can use the plugin to check your grammar after installing it.

Grammarly Pricing

The Grammarly Free plan comprises:

  • Ensure your writing is free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
  • Check your message’s tone to ensure it sounds the way you intend.
  • Concision – Make each sentence clear and simple to understand.
  • Works with a variety of browsers.
  • Cross-platform.

Final Thoughts

You ought to have learned useful information about the best free AI writing tools from this article. Whether you’re utilizing the finest free AI content writing tools or another strategy, it’s crucial to ensure your material is as interesting and educational as possible.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to remember that these free AI writers offer just that—assistance. The article can only be as good as you make it. Regular editing and fact-checking of content are necessary. However, these free AI-powered tools can help you get beyond writer’s block and finish more work faster.

One thing is for sure: compared to most unskilled content marketers, you can create SEO-optimized material with the help of these best free AI copywriting tools. The ideal free AI article generator software should also permit you to create lengthy material as part of their free package.



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