10 Best Architecture Universities In Europe

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The field of architecture is a never-ending well of knowledge. It is a personal endeavor that entirely relies on a person’s dynamic aims to assess their desire to continue and get a master’s degree in any discipline.


Being a non-book-based profession, architecture offers a variety of master’s degrees, depending on the influence you wish to make with your job. It’s more of a personal preference; however, earning a master’s degree could be necessary to pursue a career as a teacher.

A master’s degree is a recognized degree that will assist students in improving their professional and personal changes in their field. A more profound grasp of that profession will undoubtedly give the individual more mental freedom to be creative.

A double degree would allow you to specialize in a fascinating topic that would help you discover more in-depth information about it.

Best Architecture Universities In Europe
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10 Best Architecture Universities In Europe

Europe, sometimes known as “the Old Continent,” is known for its striking structures and architecture, drawing millions of visitors annually.

Given this, it is unsurprising that European colleges still offer some of the greatest Bachelor’s and Master’s in Architecture programs and have managed to preserve the enthusiasm for this discipline. But which European architectural schools are the best? We analyzed the most recent information from global university rankings to discover.


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#1. University Of Cambridge

Cambridge University, one of the four oldest still operating universities in the world, is a distinguished institution that calls itself a collegiate research university.


It is a union of 31 independent institutions, and its former students include more than 100 Nobel Prize winners. The institution provides students with access to a customizable curriculum and bespoke courses.

Yes, the institution is regarded as somewhat more costly than average, and because only 15% of applicants are accepted, there is greater competitiveness. They do, however, provide scholarships to students from other countries.

The institution is renowned for its high placement rates, vibrant campus culture, and accessibility to some top industry experts. Considering that it is just 50 miles north of downtown London, the living expense is again on the high side.


#2. Manchester School Of Architecture

The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University have partnered to become MSA. Students who have an MSA issued by both institutions are granted full rights from both colleges. The institution boasts a committed staff of researchers, constantly vying for the latest developments in architecture.

The institution at the bottom of the list is relatively new. Still, it has already garnered a lot of attention and offers students access to two of Manchester’s more prominent universities. In addition to MA and MLA degrees, they also offer specialized degrees in urbanism and landscape.

#3. University College London

The QS World University List now places one of the elite universities on a lengthy list at number 10. As a diverse institution, it has a sizable column of alumni committed to various professions; the University directly dictates any student’s destiny in their chosen sector.

They are involved in several research projects and funding because of the fraternity’s extensive network, which often inspires students to excel academically. A top-ranked institution with a diverse student body encourages the next generation to think differently. It claims to have a forward-thinking and courageous approach to academic success.

#4. Eth Zurich

A public research institution whose mission is to advance knowledge and educate the next generation. The institution now has the sixth-best ranking and is the second-best University in Europe. This would be the ideal option for any overseas student on a tight budget.

Due to the University’s affordable tuition and a high percentage of graduates finding employment with good starting salaries, it is a well-liked choice among international students.

In addition, the institution is also the home of some of the most prominent and illustrious alumni from the fraternity of architecture. With their current ranking at the top, it is clear that the institution comes highly recommended since they provide the most research-based programs.

#5. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne

The University, one of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, focuses on teaching, research, and technology transfer.

The institution is renowned for carefully implementing programs devoted to urbanization and technological progress over a year. The sibling institution, ETH, Zurich, is situated in the German-speaking region, whereas EPFL is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

English and French are taught at the University in both languages. Like other colleges, EPFL has a substantial population of international students and offers scholarships. The city is well regarded as a center for elite living, while student life is seen as energetic and active.

#6. Delft University

One of the oldest and most famous international universities. With students from throughout the globe, the University is varied. It provides 14 UG and 30 PG design, engineering, and scientific courses. The institution promotes problem-solving and gives students several industry chances.

Students may live on campus with customized courses. Its prominent alumni and professional networks make it well-known. TDU has excelled in helping new technologies through supporting research and innovation.

TDU’s creative approach to teaching and balanced student life has earned it a high ranking.

#7. Technical University Of Munich

A publicly funded research institution focusing on engineering, technology, applied science, and natural science. The institution also includes language competency in German as a prerequisite because the course is spread over four semesters. As one of the top institutions in Germany, the University has a strong alumni network.

The institution also collaborates with about 160 other universities throughout the world.

#8.  Kth Royal Institute Of Technology

Sweden’s most prominent and oldest technical University is a public research institution. The institution is well known for being the birthplace of the Nobel Prize despite its location. One of the several master’s programs that KTH offers is an MSc in architecture. In a top-notch environment, the institution promises considerable personal growth.

A rigorous partnership between studio classes, workshops, orientation, and independent projects makes up the course. The final acceptance rate for jobs is thought to be the highest in Sweden from KTH.

#9. Politecnico Di Milano

Politecnico di Milano, formerly considered one of the most critical institutions in Italy and now placed in the top 10, is a great institution to study a Master’s in Architecture. One of Italy’s oldest institutions offers design, engineering, and architecture courses.

For students who desire to combine academics with experiences outside of Italy, PoliMi provides a variety of alternatives. The institution assures work chances in high-end organizations within the specified time frame and offers a variety of grants for pupils.

#10. Polytechnic University Of Catalonia

The University, sometimes known as BarcelonaTech, is Spain’s most prominent institution for engineering and architecture. It has received a ranking among the top 50 universities in the world. The institution has grouped its several master’s degrees according to their length and course requirements. Nearly 10 to 15 different full- or part-time subunits make up the architecture masters program.

PUC has connections to other European engineering schools and offers a platform for globalization by accepting the most foreign Ph.D. candidates.


Some of the best architectural colleges in the world are located in Europe. The schools on the “10 greatest architectural universities in Europe [2023 list]” are known for their architecture programs, top-notch professors, and cutting-edge facilities.

These colleges have a wide variety of specialties, allowing students to study several branches of architecture. Additionally, they enable students to learn in some of the world’s most storied and varied places.

These colleges will undoubtedly provide you with an excellent education and priceless experiences, whether you’re a prospective architecture student or a working professional wishing to expand your knowledge.


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