Top 10 Best Countries in Africa to Live in 2023

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Perhaps you are thinking about an African country you can work and live with peace of mind; well, you are at the right place. We will be exploring the Top 10 best countries in Africa to live in 2023. 


Some benefits of living in Africa include the relatively low cost of living, the natural beauty of wildlife, and the exciting cultures and cities. But the level of development in terms of education, infrastructure, and healthcare can affect your decision in choosing the best country to live in in Africa.

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Best Countries in Africa to Live

Top 10 Best Countries in Africa to Live in 2023

We have found the top 10 best countries in Africa to live in in 2023 based on opportunities, safety, salaries, quality of life, social life, and more.


#1. Mauritius 

safest places to visit in Africa - Mauritius

This island is one of the cleanest and safest nations in Africa, having one of the highest-earning potentials because of its competitive and active economy.

English and French speakers will find it easy to live and work here, as these are the languages spoken in Mauritius (along with Creole). Also, Mauritians are generally friendly and accommodating, and you will find many social and outdoor activities here.


Another benefit of Mauritius is its beautiful tropical climate, stunning beaches, and diverse wildlife, making for an enjoyable lifestyle.

#2. Ghana

best countries in Africa to live

An exceptionally well-managed nation, especially compared to most African nations, Ghana is a safe country to live in, and the inhabitants are welcoming.


The official language is English, and It succeeds in being an excellent example of democracy, making it easy for many foreign expatriates to work. Setting up a business in Ghana is known to be relatively easy as well.

Those who live in Ghana enjoy the company of a friendly population, a fair climate, and abundant natural beauty.

#3 South Africa

best countries in Africa to live

A country rich in history, culture, wildlife, and natural beauty. South Africa is a popular tourist destination for many and a common choice for people relocating because of its many job opportunities and high-earning possibilities for professional African and overseas expatriates.


South Africa has a highly developed infrastructure and tech industry especially compared to other African countries, which is a beautiful aspect of living there.

Many foreigners live relatively safely here despite the country having some safety issues. However, It is important to note that xenophobia, mainly directed at foreign African nationals, is a continuing problem in certain towns and neighborhoods in South Africa, and this is worth considering when deciding where to live in the country.

#4. Kenya

best countries in Africa to live

Kenya is an accommodating country rich in natural beauty and diverse wildlife; Kenya is attractive to travelers and foreign expats.

The country has reasonably affordable housing, developed infrastructure, and is relatively safe to live in. Nairobi, the nation’s capital, is a buzzing cosmopolitan and multicultural hub with good nightlife and plenty of activities available. 

English and Swahili are the official languages of this nation, and there are excellent private schooling options and decent healthcare services in the country.

#5. Namibia

best countries in Africa to live

With an excellent human rights record and a wealth of minerals, Namibia is an exemplary democratic nation that is safe and peaceful for locals and foreigners and offers quality healthcare services. Namibia is one of the countries with the highest average salaries in Africa and is currently ranked the 10th most prosperous nation on the continent; however, the cost of living in Namibia is relatively high as most consumables are imported.

The nation’s capital, Windhoek, is small but charming, with many social activities. In addition, the country is famed for its beautiful desert landscapes.

#6. Botswana

visit in Africa - Botswana

This country is an excellent choice for people looking to live and work in Africa. It’s widely recognized as one of Africa’s safest and most stable countries. The local population is peaceful and accommodating, with English widely spoken, making it easy for many foreigners to move around, work, and live.

The country is also esteemed as a top tourist destination, and with its wildlife, temperate climate, and beautiful places of nature, Botswana is a pleasant country to live in.

#7. Tanzania

safest places to visit in Africa

Tanzania is one of the nations with the highest average salaries in Africa. It is home to a sizeable expatriate community, making it relatively easy for foreigners to settle in quickly.

Most expats choose to live in Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam. This country is reasonably safe to live in and has many job opportunities.
The country is also famous among travelers and tourists due to its attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, other beautiful national parks filled with diverse wildlife and 

#8. Algeria

best countries in Africa to live

The oil-rich nation has a high human development index and an up-and-coming economy. Algeria has the highest average salary on the continent: around $1,713 after tax and the highest life expectancy of all African countries. Although it is not the safest nation on the continent, it is an excellent place for people to live and raise children.

#9. Seychelles

best countries in Africa to live

Seychelles consists of about 115 islands, an archipelago country in the Indian Ocean. The island of Seychelles is one of the 10 best African countries to live and work safely. The capital and largest city are Victoria, and its inhabitants are peaceful and welcoming.

The country is blessed with summer weather almost all year round, making it easy for tourists to visit the country anytime. The primary language spoken is Seychelles Creole, spoken by 90% of the population. English and French are used as the official languages in Seychelles.

#10. Sao Tome and Principe

best countries in Africa to live

If you’re looking for a small African island country that is neat, peaceful, and safe, choose Sao Tome and Principe. Living in this country, your safety is guaranteed. Violent crime is uncommon.

Although a small country, all the indices needed to rank a country positively, such as stable government, respect for human rights, a functional multi-party democracy, and freedom of speech, are available in Sao Tome and Principe.

Sao Tomeans are friendly and peaceful people, accommodating and welcoming.


There are many great countries to live in Africa. Each country has its own unique culture, climate, landscape, and history. These countries offer a variety of opportunities for adventure, culture, and relaxation.


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