The Best Essay Format for Universities in 2023

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The 2023–2024 college application essay topics will challenge you to reflect thoroughly and creatively on who you are and your educational objectives, regardless of whether writing comes naturally to you or you find it difficult to put sentences together. The essay questions might not change much from year to year, or they might be completely different.


The objective is to choose the best college application essay topics for 2023–2024 and to create a written work that accurately and genuinely expresses who you are as a student and learner, as well as a person and possible student at a certain institution.

Make your college application essays as strong as you can by using our essay writing advice. You can highlight characteristics of yourself that aren’t readily visible in other application papers, depending on the essay you are prompted to choose.

The 2023–2024 college application essay prompts are only another opportunity to convince admissions committees that you are the ideal candidate for their institution.


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Essay Format for Universities

What is a University Essay?

Most college applications require applicants to write college essays, often known as college admissions essays, personal statements, or common app essays for those submitting their applications through the common application portal.


In addition, some universities could ask for additional essays as part of a secondary application after you’ve submitted your initial application. The school typically gives you a prompt or topic to respond to in your essay, but occasionally there are none, and you are asked to just write about yourself and why you are applying to that particular school.

The purpose of college essays is to demonstrate to the admissions committee why you are the most qualified applicant. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the majority of four-year universities offer an all-encompassing admissions process.


This indicates that they are interested in your GPA and grades, as well as your motives and identity outside of the classroom. Therefore, a strong college essay should highlight your personality, motivations, hard and soft skills, and what you hope to gain from the program you’ve applied to.

Some institutions may provide particular guidelines for college admissions essays, such as a word count, in addition to the question. However, unless otherwise specified, your essay should be between 500 and 650 words. It should be organized similarly to an academic paper, with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

How to Write a University Essay

Unsurprisingly, writing a college essay intimidates a lot of students. In addition to having a significant impact on the admissions process, the college essay can be difficult to write about oneself in a way that is favourable but still appealing and not haughty.


For this reason, we will go through the successful three-step method our college advisers employ to assist students in coming up with ideas and crafting an essay that will effectively tell their story to the admissions committee.

Here are some vital steps to employ:

#1. Tell Your Story

As a first step, decide what information you wish to provide to the admissions committee. Consider what you want the thesis statement of your essay to be. If you have a prompt, a significant portion of this stage is already completed.

You can decide to talk about something specific if there is no prompt. For instance, if you want to become a doctor, you could opt to explain to the admissions committee how you decided that medical school is the best fit for you and how their university will assist you in achieving your objective.

As soon as you know the issue your essay will address, you should begin compiling as much personal information as possible. This is when you should outline everything that has brought you to this point.

Answer the following queries for yourself, then record your responses. Remember that you are brainstorming, so it doesn’t have to be perfect but precise and thorough. The ultimate objective is to have two or three instances or examples you may use in your essay.

As you respond to these questions, list the skill sets and non-cognitive abilities you have acquired from various situations. Going into more detail about how those encounters, lessons, and activities affected you is a good idea.

Consider the reasons behind your decision, the benefits you anticipated, and the lessons you learned. For instance, you might have joined the high school volleyball team because you like the sport and thought it might be a great opportunity to meet new people. Ultimately, you learned how to work well with others via the experience.

#2. Organize It

The next stage is to draft an outline once you have a general notion of the kind of essay you want to write and what it will cover. A decent college essay should adhere to the same format as academic work, as was previously stated.

It may have numerous paragraphs, and you should begin arranging your ideas and drafting a general plan.

You should also be aware of the concept or focus of each section at this time.

#3. Clarify and Elaborate

Our college admissions counselling professionals suggest employing a different procedure instead of the free writing and editing approach that some kids like. We suggest that you start by outlining your college essay.

You may begin organizing your information in a way that adheres to the structure of the essay now that you are clear on what you want it to say and how it should be organized. If you have a clear framework, you’ll find it simpler to compose an article that the reader will find simple to follow.

Once satisfied with your outline, you may start figuring it out paragraph by paragraph until you have a first copy.

Final Thought

Writing any college essay can be intimidating, but with the appropriate approach and resources, it can become much simpler. We employ these same techniques—along with others—to assist students in creating great college essays that will increase their chances of admission to our highly sought-after application review packages.

Or, to put it another way, you are already moving in the right direction if you take the advice and measures we provided in this blog.


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