5 Best Floristry Courses Online in Australia [2023 List]

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A career in floristry is almost like being a fairy in a dream! You can let your creative juice flow as you light up people’s lives with flowers. An almost fairy-like imaginary world is the life the world of floristry offers you; a world you create with colors, soft petals, and plants, all targeted to show the people you care about just how much they mean to you. What a wonderful world, indeed! 


Enough of the daydreaming! Are there floristry courses online in Australia? Yes, they are, and in this article, we will point you to the 5 best floristry courses online in Australia, but first, let’s explore the perks of being a florist.

That being said, one of the many benefits of being a florist is the high remuneration you receive. As a florist, you could be either a floral designer or a flower shop owner; in either of those examples, you get to be surrounded daily by beauty while making money and exploring your career in fun and exciting ways.

Floristry Courses Online in Australia
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Florists always come to mind when people have a memorable/significant event. You are duty-bound as a florist to help people enjoy their memorable moments.


From helping couples express love with a box of uniquely arranged long-stemmed roses for Valentine’s Day to helping new parents welcome their baby into the world, and even remembering loved ones with beautifully crafted floral arrangements at funerals to sending love and well wishes to a friend going through a difficult time, a florist helps people shine through these moments described. 

Imagine having an exciting high-paying job that lets you use your creativity to brighten people’s lives with flowers. Welcome to the world of floristry! 


Being a florist requires more than the passion for helping people celebrate memorable moments. It requires much more than casually bunching up a cluster of flowers and greenery.

Patience and skill are the hallmarks of a florist. Creating a meaningful and beautiful floral arrangement requires excellent training and much more than a love for aesthetically pleasing arrangements. 


In this article, we have listed the 5 best floristry courses online in Australia. 

These courses are beginner-friendly; likewise, provisions are made for more advanced and experienced florists. These courses also allow you the liberty to learn at your own pace. Recognised and excellent institutes provide these courses. 

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So, let’s jump right into it. 

The first 2 are offered by the International Career Institute (ICI), an independent education and training provider. The ICI is part of a network of affiliated colleges that enable students from countries worldwide to study from the comfort of their homes and offices. 

The ICI listens to understand employers through its strong links to different industries. Each program has a wide range of tutors who are actual practitioners in their different specializations. Here are the first 2 best floristry courses online in Australia in 2023 designed by the ICI; 

1. ICI Diploma in Floristry; 

The ICI designed this program after studying the floristry industry. The ICI Diploma in Floristry has fully rounded course units intended to introduce you to the world of floristry, teach you how to create floral arrangements, help you navigate the world of getting suitable employment, and teach you skills that will aid you in starting your flower shop while increasing your career prospects.

2. ICI Advanced Diploma in Floristry; 

Also fully designed after careful consultation with the floristry industry, the ICI Advanced Diploma in Floristry is a program that takes your career in floristry higher. The program is designed to pay keen attention and focus on your already acquired skills. The ICI Advanced Diploma in Forestry helps you focus on the business aspects of floristry while still offering you modules targeted at enhancing your skills. This program is targeted to help you scale your floral business while still serving people and being surrounded by beauty every day. 

Flowers to Impress School of Floristry designed the following floristry courses. This is an exquisite design school of floristry founded by a team of master florists whose works are greatly influenced by European design. 

An exciting factor to note about Flowers to Impress is that their programs are nationally accredited training. The school offers both on-site and online courses to serve floral enthusiasts and professionals who want to learn from the comfort of their homes and at their own pace. Here are the three online floristry courses they offer; 

3. SFL20115 Certificate II

This Certificate course is designed to teach you the basics of working in a florist shop. This certification enables you to work in the floristry industry as an Assistant, where you perform tasks such as receiving, storing and caring for floristry stock while interacting with customers. You also learn how to use the appropriate tools, recognize flower materials, and know how to create flower arrangements ready for sale. 

4. SFL30115 Certificate III

This program will give you the skills you need to work as a florist. This qualification also increases your career prospects in the floristry industry. One of the key focuses of this certification course is to help you understand and explore ways the internet plays an active role in the floristry industry. The program boasts of a rich course module with courses ranging from classical design, sympathy design; and to how to run a floristry shop. 

This course is designed to develop your skills and knowledge of the floristry industry to help you become an accomplished and successful florist. 

5. SFL40115 Certificate IV

This certification course is designed for more experienced employees in the floristry industry. Under this program, a florist’s skills are honed in the management of a business, advanced floristry design, and front-line management.

Owners and managers of floristry outlets and businesses are the targeted audience for this online course.

The course units include courses targeted at designing and managing a large-scale event, implementing floristry products and services, and creating and developing innovative ideas and a work environment.


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