15 Best Jobs In France For Foreigners – In-Demand Jobs

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This article will discuss the 15 best jobs in France for foreigners which are mostly in demand currently. In France, there are numerous job opportunities that foreigners can suitable explore and apply for which are massively in demand.

Best Jobs In France For Foreigners

What Job Can A Foreigner Get In France?

There are diverse job opportunities that are equally open to foreigners in France to explore and apply for now. One can consider various sectors of the country’s economy which include marketing, tourism, communication, and banking.

Also, their education sector is open to individuals who have a strong command of English and their generally spoken French language.

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What Is The Most Popular Job In France?

France has several jobs but there are some of which are regarded as very popular compared to others. Some of the popular sectors with diverse job opportunities include engineering, tourism/hospitality, management, and teaching jobs.

Can I Work In France if I Only Speak English?

Yes, you can work in France if you only speak English. But it would be difficult given the many industries utilizing the language in communication. One would need to consider international companies to get jobs that don’t necessarily require understanding French.


15 Best Jobs In France For Foreigners – In-Demand Jobs

There are many job opportunities that a foreigner can consider and take advantage of in France. Below are the 15 best jobs in France that foreigners can explore which are currently in demand.

#1. Store Clerk

One of the best jobs in France that foreigners can seek is a store clerk job opportunity. Many stores in France require competent individuals to be in charge of keeping stock of their goods and which increases the need for a store clerk.


#2. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent job is currently on the increase in France with individuals looking for suitable homes to buy. One would need to have obtained a carte professionnelle to actively work as a real estate agent in France.

#3. Nurse

Nurses are more demanded all over the world and France is one of its highly demanding countries. One would need to apply for a license to operate as a nurse in France and having a degree remains an added advantage.

#4.  Professional Development Coach

Becoming a professional development coach requires one to be fully equipped and qualified. One would be responsible for helping various professionals in developing their careers while learning new skills.


#5. School Teacher

An individual can consider becoming a school teacher in France with many opportunities in their education sector. Many schools are looking for qualified and experienced people to provide the right knowledge to students.

#6. Insurance Agent

The insurance sector in France is another option that is open to foreigners from different countries. An individual looking to work as an insurance agent would be responsible for helping clients with insurance for their respective needs.

#7. Salesman

Companies in France usually require individuals who will help to sell their various products. You would be in charge of searching for potential buyers while persuading them to make purchases.

#8. Front-End Web Developer

If you are a technologically inclined individual, this specific job opportunity could be worth your while in France. There are many companies in need of front-end web developers to assist with website creation.

#9. Freelance Writing/Editing

An individual looking to work with ease and from the comfort of their homes can consider a freelancing job in France. There exist many companies that are willing to hire individuals to edit or write for them.

#10. House Keeping

Many families in France require a qualified individual to take care of their homes. These families are sometimes English-speaking individuals and this offers a great opportunity for foreigners to work.

#11. Tour Guide

France is among the most popular countries that welcomes a large number of visitors yearly. Given the opportunities in their tourism sector, one can consider offering tour guide services at various historical locations or beauty sites.

#12. Babysitting

Babysitting is another popular job opportunity in France that does not necessarily require knowledge of the French language. One can enjoy enough flexibility given the access to working and having time for other engagements.

#13. Translator

Foreigners who are bilingual-speaking individuals can consider a translation job in France. One would need to have a strong knowledge of both French and English to suitably offer translation services be it online or offline.

#14. Bartender

One can start their working experience while learning some French by working as a bartender. You get to communicate with different people daily while learning the basics of the French language.

#15. Data Analyst

There are many companies in need of qualified individuals to handle data analysis for them. If you are skilled in this aspect, you can explore job opportunities as France has a lot of them.


Individuals from different countries are open to apply for several jobs that are currently in demand in France. One can consider either of the above-mentioned job opportunities in France.

We hope this article provides enough information on the 15 best jobs in France for foreigners. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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