7 Best Travel Insurance Companies in Canada

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Travel insurance protects you financially against various emergencies that may occur while on vacation. Whether you’re visiting another province for a holiday or planning an annual business trip abroad, costly consequences may arise, such as medical expenses, trip cancellation, or lost baggage. Having a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place guarantees you won’t be on your own when it comes to these costs, allowing you to enjoy your trip worry-free.

 Best Travel Insurance Companies in Canada
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7 Best Travel Insurance Companies in Canada

If you’re looking to insure your next trip, below is a list of top travel insurance companies in Canada to choose from, and they include the following:

1. Medipac Travel Insurance company 

One of the few travel insurance providers that offer a 24/7 hotline staffed by a team of specially trained medical personnel is Medipac. Your first point of contact in an emergency medical situation should be one of Medipac’s medical specialists. When dealing with a high deductible, this service is also useful for navigating foreign medical systems and for reducing unnecessary costs.

Medipac’s travel insurance plans include several competitive features, such as no age limits, a claim-free discount, and a 90-day stability time frame for most pre-existing conditions. If a standard Medipac insurance coverage does not cover one pre-existing medical condition, Medipac also provides special, underwritten insurance policies to help you meet your needs.


Clients who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will be eligible for a 5% Vaccine Discount, as well as the new MedipacMAX option. In addition to its other benefits, this COVID insurance plan gives maximum coverage of up to $5 million USD for COVID-19.

2. CAA Travel Insurance company

CAA travel insurance is a well-known Canadian institution that is best for families. They offer adaptable travel plans to suit every type of traveler and vacation. Their standalone emergency medical policy provides up to $5 million in health coverage and is incredibly thorough, covering things like medical repatriation, urgent dental work, and reimbursements for boarding and caring for pets.


The Vacation Package Plan offers comprehensive cancellation and interruption insurance, which is perfect for pre-paid, all-inclusive vacation packages. It also offers family transportation and child escort in case of emergencies. Although anyone can purchase CAA travel insurance, members save 10%.

For customers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, CAA’s emergency medical plans now cover illnesses linked to the disease as well. Coverage is up to $5 million for complete immunization and up to $2.5 million for partial immunization.


3. Blue Cross travel insurance company 

Blue Cross has been in business for more than 70 years, and one in every four Canadians uses travel insurance. Blue Cross emergency medical coverage is limited to $5 million. Blue Cross is ideal for retirees because it offers special “snowbird” travel insurance packages for Canadians who travel to warmer climates each year.

The recently launched Serenity Service is included in the package. If your flight is delayed, you can use this free perk to get access to an airport lounge or even a hotel (depending on the length of the delay). In most cases, pre-existing conditions are not covered.

4. Allianz Travel Insurance company 

Allianz Travel Insurance is a major company that provides insurance, corporate assistance, and concierge services and is regarded as a world leader in the Canadian travel insurance and assistance industry. It aims to assist its customers in resolving various travel-related issues. Allianz Travel has collaborated with a wide range of reputable organizations, including travel agencies, airlines, resorts, websites, event ticket brokers, corporations, universities, and credit card companies.


Anyone looking for travel insurance should consider Allianz Travel Insurance. Its single-trip plans are ideal for those who want to leave home and visit another destination (or destinations) before returning home. Its parent company, Allianz Global Assistance, offers five plans with varying levels of protection and coverage.

Annual/multi-trip plans from Allianz Travel Insurance are ideal for both personal and professional travelers who take multiple trips per year. It provides four distinct options from which to choose.

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5. Manulife CoverMe company 

Manulife CoverMe offers extensive Canadian travel insurance packages for families, visitors to Canada, and students. You will also have access to the TravelAid mobile app, which will provide you with directions to the nearest medical facility as well as local emergency phone numbers.

The most notable feature, however, is arguably TravelEase – a special policy designed to cover fully disclosed medical conditions. It covers a variety of expenses for health care and transportation for travelers with pre-existing conditions. It offers up to $10 million in emergency medical benefits – a rarity in the world of travel insurance.

6. Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance company.

Travel CUTS Bon Voyage Insurance companies offer very affordable travel insurance packages, and Prices start at just $1.36 per day. It is designed with students in mind (for instance, you can change your travel dates without paying a fee if your schedule conflicts with an exam), but anyone between the ages of 15 and 50 can buy a policy.

The standard package comes with hospital and medical coverage up to $1 million, dental care, air ambulance evacuation, trip interruption/cancellation insurance, and flight accident coverage. Extreme sports and adventure are also covered.

7. World Nomads travel insurance company.

World Nomads is one of Canadas, best travel insurance companies and is best for thrill seekers because it covers a wide range of adventure sports, activities, and volunteer/work opportunities, as well as sporting equipment delay/loss/theft. You also get access to a 24-hour hotline that provides information that adventure travelers may need, such as weather reports and travel advisories, help to locate the nearest trail, and finding a gear shop.

The standard policy provides coverage for emergency medical expenses up to $5 million, emergency dental, trip cancellation/interruption/delay, baggage delays/theft/damage, and other services. The disadvantage is that you must be under the age of 66 to be eligible.


The best travel insurance coverage for visitors to Canada is determined by the traveler’s needs. Visitors can purchase medical travel insurance from leading Canadian travel insurance companies. These are ideal for non-residents visiting the country for vacation, business, or to see family. These plans can be lifelines for Canadians who do not yet qualify for public health insurance.



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