Bubblescout Review: Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed!

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Bubblescout Review
Bubblescout Review

Are you looking for a Bubblescout review? Do you want to know if Bubblescout is legit or if Bubblescout is a scam? Read this article to know if the Bubblescout extension is worth it.


  • You can discover some niches you never thought of
  • It determines the competition of a keyword
  • You can copy your competitor’s tags
  • Provides pretty close sales data
  • It gives you the top 20 trending searches
  • It gives you the top 20 popular searches
  • It gives you the top 20 popular product type


  • The analyzer feature is not as accurate
  • The data are not from Redbubble but other marketplaces
  • The free version gives very little upfront value


Redbubble has observed huge growth in recent years, which has opened up new possibilities. A lot of sellers prefer using the Redbubble niche research tools (such as Bubblescout) to look for profitable keywords, this is because it saves them both time and money.

Bubblescout seems to be a cool tool that can help you get started with working on your Redbubble keyword research right away.

Bubblescout claims to help sellers find profitable Redbubble keywords by offering one-click niche validation using the Bubblescout browser extension.

You may wonder if that sounds too good to be true, hence, you searched for Bubblescout review.

To help you make an informed decision about Bubblescout, we have conducted thorough research about this tool in the past few weeks and have written our findings in sort of a Bubblescout review.

What Is Bubblescout

Bubblescout is a tool that lets you learn how your competitor’s keywords and products are performing on Redbubble. It shows you how well keywords and products do.

With Bubblescout extension, it’s easy as a click of a button to see how well any product on Redbubble is doing based on sales/month, revenue/month, a trend analysis, and their own “Niche Score”.

Bubblescout is a tool that shows you how competitive every product and keyword on Redbubble is and also shows you top-searched data. With Bubblecout extension, you can also copy product tags on Redbubble.

As of writing this article, BubbleScout is the only existing one-click Redbubble niche research and validation tool.

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Redbubble data is not publicly available to third parties, so BubbleScout arbitrage data from other e-commerce marketplaces, then bring it to Redbubble in order to validate and generate a niche score, giving you access in one click to know if you should be entering this print on demand niche or not!

Features Of Bubblescout:

  • Obtain data on the top 20 products, top 20 keywords, and top 20 trending keywords.
  • Sales Projection Of Products & Keywords
  • Show each Redbubble keyword’s estimated sales/month and much more!
  • Competition Analyzer
  • Show a keyword’s popularity trend over a period of time.
  • Copy a product’s tags

Plans and Features of Bubblescout:

    • Bubblescout reviewOne Year of access to BubbleScout Plan
    • Bubblescout review Code(s) must be redeemed during 60 days of purchase
    • Bubblescout reviewOne Year of BubbleScout Plan updates
    • Bubblescout reviewPlease bear in mind that this deal is not stackable
    • Bubblescout review60-day refund guarantee, irrespective of the reason

Is Bubblescout a Scam or Legit?

Actually, Bubblescout is a legit Rebubble keyword research tool that can help you grow your business on Redbubbkle.

Since Bubblescout is pretty new with a lot of people praising the awesome performance of the tool, a few people that don’t know how this tool operates feel the research tool is a scam.

Most of the complaint about this tool is about not getting access to the tool after making a purchase and redeeming the access code.

Most of these complaints fall under the group of people who are still not aware or don’t understand how the Bubblescout keyword tool works.

NOTE: In order for the BubbleScout extension to work effectively, you have to log into your Chrome account with the same email address you signed up with at Bubblescout.

Many people fail to use the email correctly, that’s why they reboot the app, log off, log on, etc and then end up concluding that the BubbleScout keyword tool is a scam.

If you have any issues while using this tool, you can always contact the developers via hello@bubblescout.com

Although the tool has had its shortcoming since it was launched, BubbleScout keeps improving every day by day, and right now it’s one of the most talked-about Redbubble keyword research tools.


The above article is a Bubblescout review and we hope it helps you make a great decision about Bubblescout.

Since the tool is new and still growing, the features will keep improving.

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