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Christian Tech Companies

13 Christian Tech Companies

If you think there are few Christian tech companies out there, It will shock you to discover that there are so many Christian technology companies around the world through this article.  Most people in this age believe that technology and religion don’t mix.  Any company that seems to be very religious is usually not socially …

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Christian business networking groups

10 Best Christian Business Networking Groups

There are many Christian business networking groups across the world, and as a Christian entrepreneur, you may not have heard of these groups. Christian business network is essential in building faith in your business venture. The major purpose of these Christian business network groups is almost the same, which is to bring together Christians in …

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Blessing Ceremony For New Business

Blessing Ceremony For New Business: Step By Step Guide

In order for a new business to be blessed, dedicated, and launched, most entrepreneurs do a blessing ceremony for new business, most especially for entrepreneurs who believe in God. This shows a sign of a good beginning for their new business. Just take new business blessing as the way newborn babies are blessed, dedicated, and …

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Christian Business Funding

10 Christian Business Funding

Having a billion-dollar idea for your business is nice for Christian entrepreneurs, but have you considered the ideas to help in your Christian business funding? This is why the most frequent question new Christian entrepreneurs ask is how to finance their Christian Businesses. Most Christian businesses and Christian entrepreneurs need at least a little bit …

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