CDL Drivers Job Hiring With No Experience Near Washoe County School District, NV (Apply Now)

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There are diverse driving job opportunities that one can equitably explore and apply for now. In this article, we will discuss CDL Drivers Jobs Hiring with no experience near Washoe County School District.

CDL Drivers Job Hiring With No Experience Near Washoe County School District

Package Handler – Switcher CDL PT

Package handler is a driving job opportunity made available by FedEx Ground. The position is mainly a part-time job with a payment structure of $23 per hour. One would be fully responsible for the movement of trailers while loading and unloading various items.

Benefits For Employees

FedEx Ground offers many benefits to its employees working for them. Some of the benefits for employees working with FedEx Ground include the following;

• Employees are open to tuition reimbursement offered by the delivery agency.


• Employees have access to obtaining health insurance benefits after working for up to 1,000 hours.

• Employees can choose medical, dental, and vision benefits.


• Employees are allowed flexible scheduling to help balance work and personal life.


Not many qualifications are required for an individual to occupy this position. Below are some of the capabilities attributed to this position that an individual must exhibit.


• An individual would be required to have six months of experience as a package handler or switching/CDL operator experience.

• An individual must have a strong sense of communication and personal skills; one must further maintain an ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

• An individual must have the ability to utilize various tools and equipment in carrying out daily activities.



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An individual is expected to fulfill some criteria to be deemed qualified for the package handler position.

• An individual must have a valid driver’s license and maintain a Department of Transportation (D.O.T) file.

• An individual must possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL-CLASS A) to operate in Interstate Commerce completely.

• An individual must have the ability to understand and follow instructions concerning working activities and safety methods.

• An individual must be able to organize numbers and information to sort packages completely.

• An individual must be ready to work according to the rules and regulations as provided by the company.

Job Description

FedEx Ground is a subsidiary of the FedEx Corporation and mainly specializes in deliveries to diverse locations while providing quality services. The company delivers packages between 150 Ibs and lesser to commercial or business addresses from Monday to Friday.

Package Handler – Switcher CDL PT

A package handler is responsible for the movement of trailers to and from the respective location, unloading/load doors, and throughout the yard. The specific individual can also be expected to participate in the physical loading, unloading, and sorting of packages through lighting, pushing, pulling, and placing safely and efficiently.


There are some responsibilities attributed to this position that an individual would need to fulfill. They include;

• An individual would be responsible for performing trailer switches; they must move a parked trailer from the yard to a load/unload door.

• An individual would need to document trailer moves to utilize the Yard Management Service or Switcher Cards.

• An individual must be willing to understand and demonstrate effective yard switching safety processes and procedures.

• An individual must load and unload packages onto or from delivery vehicles, conveyor system carts, and trailers.

• An individual would be responsible for determining the appropriate conveyor system by scanning packages, reading the labels and charts, verifying numbers and memorizing information, and sorting packages accordingly.

• An individual would need to perform pre and post-trip inspections on switcher equipment.

• An individual must utilize “Hand-to-Surface” methods for all package handling.

How To Apply

Contact number: 1.800.463.3339

An individual can consider applying for this job opportunity made available by FedEx Grounds. The link above can be used to apply for the package handler position with this company. We hope this article provides enough information on CDL drivers job hiring without experience. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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