7 Best Certified Pool Operator Courses Online

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If you are looking for the best certified courses online and still confused about your choice, this article is for you. However, before we get started, it is good you understand the concept of a pool operator.


Pool maintenance involves more than vacuuming and removing insects. There is more to it, and to ensure a safe and clean pool, the services of a certified pool operator are required.

This certification will assure pool and aquatic facility owners that they are working with trained professionals with advanced knowledge of the maintenance and management of pools/spas.

This article will walk you through what you need to know about a certified pool operator, the benefits of becoming a certified pool operator, how to become a certified pool operator, how to prepare for CPO exams, and the 7 best certified pool operator courses online.

Certified Pool Operator Courses Online

Who is a pool operator?

A pool operator is an owner of a pool or an individual assigned to perform public pool operation and maintenance, while Certified Pool/Spa Operator is an individual who has concluded a specific course of instruction approved by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA).

Benefits of becoming a certified pool operator

A pool operator certification will help boost your ability and confidence in performing your duties. It helps you know more about the proper management and maintenance of swimming pools/spas. This certification complies with the state and local regulatory requirements; also, the knowledge you gain means better business decisions and reduced risk and liability while ensuring swimmers’ safety.


How to become a certified pool operator 

To become a certified pool operator, choose a course that suits you and complete the course at your own pace. After successful completion of the course, you will take a certification exam. You would receive your pool operator certification if you passed the exam.

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The 7 best-certified pool operator courses online

We have compiled the best-certified pool operator courses online that you can take from the comfort of your home and still achieve the same desired result. They include;


#1. Aquatic facility operator certification course

The aquatic facility operator certification program is designed to meet the needs of those in charge of operating safe and clean aquatic facilities, especially those working in public and semi-public recreation pools. It covers water testing and treatment, facility and risk management, filtration, design consideration, disinfection, and much more.

#2. Certified pool & spa service technician course

This self-paced online course is interactive and engaging. It enables an individual to become a knowledgeable and experienced pool service technician. It entails an efficient understanding of pool circulation, hydraulics, filtration, water chemistry, balancing, pool finishes repair, and facility maintenance.

#3. Certified pool operator course

This certification program provides individuals with the knowledge and skill for proper pool operations. This program can include risk reduction in and around the water, water balance maintenance, chemical hazard prevention, water problem management, troubleshooting skills, and many more. Upon completing this program, the individual will receive a 5-year CPO certification.

#4. Pool and spa maintenance specialist course

A certified pool and spa specialist course is made for those working the path of pool maintenance. This program will equip you with a strong knowledge of safety, water quality, pool maintenance, filtration, and circulation. It will also cover topics like pool structures and finishes, customer service, electrical systems, etc. Those new to the pool industry can also take this course.

#5. Professional swimming pool operator course

This self-study program teaches the basics of swimming pool water chemistry, filtration and circulation, and disinfection. This course gives an in-depth understanding of the duties of the pool manager and the facilities caretaker.

#6. Hot Tub Technician certification course

This program covers the basics of servicing portable hot tubs that are installed permanently and tools repair and replacement. Students who take this course gain a broad knowledge of the basics of circulation and filtration, servicing and troubleshooting portable hot tubs, electrical systems, and the essentials of interior surface repairs.

#7. Pool inspection certification course

This training program encompasses pool and spa inspections, recognition of the elements of spa and aquatic play features, understanding the pool design standards and their effect on public health, evaluation of facility for VGB act compliance, and many more. You can Enroll here to get started.

When it comes to safety and success, intensive training is essential. Pool operator certification will help you grow professionally and boost your business.

How to prepare for CPO exams

Preparing for a CPO exam is no different from preparing for other exams. You must study the exam content and go through the course content you have taken online. You can also take additional courses if it’s best for you.

The courses we have put together will help you make a good decision on which path to follow, and you will find out that having a pool operator certification is worth it.


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