List of the Cheapest South American Countries to Visit in 2023

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South America has fantastic wildlife, irresistible charm, and rich and diverse cultures. Whether you want to dance salsa at the beach in Cartagena or trek in the jungle of the Amazon Rainforest, there is an abundance of adventure in South America waiting for you to take on.


And the most fantastic thing about South America is that you can do everything on a budget. This post will give you a list of the cheapest South American countries to visit in 2023.

Cheapest South American Countries to Visit

List of the Cheapest South American Countries to Visit in 2023

List of the cheapest South American countries to visit in 2023;

#1. Bolivia

This is one of the cheapest in South America. Plus, there are plenty of amazing things to see and do here in this country.


This country is the destination of some of the most dramatic landscapes on the continent and is also known as a home to the famous Salt Flats.

You can easily take public transport to Uyuni and book a day tour to visit the Salt Flats once you arrive, or book this popular day trip online.  


Bolivia is known to have the lowest cost of living in South America, so you are sure to manage your savings here more than anywhere else.

The impressive Laguna Colorada is found here, where you see the flamingos, and you can also check out the turquoise waters of Laguna Verde if you wish to.


How much will it cost to travel around Bolivia?    

The recommended daily budget is about $25-30 USD

  • The Currency: is Bolivian Boliviano, and its exchange rate: is 1 USD = 6.80 BOB.
  • To get a bed in a dorm room: $7-$11. You can check prices and availability on and HostelWorld.
  •  To get a private room in a hostel or guesthouse: is about $15-$25.
  • Street food costs about $1
  •   To have lunch in a budget restaurant will cost about  $4-$6
  • For beer in a bar: $1-$2
  • Transport: with Bus from La Paz to Sucre: 12 hours / $25 per person, Bus from Sucre to Uyuni: 8 hours / $12 per person. You can reserve your tickets on Omio.
  • To stay connected when you get there, Buy an eSIM for Bolivia and get connected the minute you arrive. View eSIM Data Packs available for Bolivia.

#2. Colombia 

Colombia is the people’s favorite county in South America, with its stunning towns, Fresh coffee, perfect beaches, and delicious food. Colombia has everything and anything; it is so easy on the budget. 

The nightlife here is phenomenal, too; therefore, for anyone traveling on a budget and looking for some fun, dancing, and music, Colombia will be the place to get that.

Whether you visit Bogota, Medellin Cartagena, or all three places, you will have fun. So much culture, spectacular scenery to enjoy, and incredible cuisine. One of my favorite places is the small town of San Augustin in the Andes mountains. And nearby the town, there is an archaeological park with a large group of megalithic sculptures and religious monuments in South America. And if you wish to visit a stunning region of Colombia, go to Salento.


And if you love good food, there will be a helpful blog for what to eat in Colombia – 11 Amazing dishes you must try.

How much it costs to travel around Colombia?

Recommended daily budget is between $25-30 USD

Currency: Colombian Peso /  Exchange rate: 1 USD = 4,850 COP

  •  Bed in a dorm room: $7-$15 (Check Prices & Availability on and HostelWorld).
  •  Private room in hostel or guesthouse: $17-$25.
  • Street food: $1
  • Lunch in a budget restaurant: $3-$6
  •  Beer in a bar: $1-$2

Transport: Bus from Medellin to Cali $18 (8 Hours), Cali to Papayan $7 (3,5 hours), and Cartagena to Santa Marta $12 (5 hours). Reserve your tickets on Omio 

Stay can stay connected when you get to the country by buying an eSIM for Colombia and get connected the minute you arrive. View eSIM Data Packs available for Colombia

#3. Ecuador

Mainland Ecuador is another cheap place to travel to, although visiting the Galapagos islands might cost you a lot, so you may want to leave that place for another time.

Traveling to Ecuador is easy and affordable from the neighboring countries of Peru or Colombia, so the best bet is traveling overland. The town of Banos has become every traveler’s favorite place over the years. This country has Unesco-listed historic towns such as the adventures in the Amazon rainforest, the capital Quito and Cuenca, and near the Cotopaxi Volcano.

Stay here for a week and chase waterfalls, enjoy the local baths join adventure sports, or choose any fantastic things to do in Banos.

How much will it cost to travel around Ecuador?

Recommended backpacker daily budget: $30 USD

  • Their Currency is USD
  • Bed in a dorm room costs $7-$12, and you can check prices and availability on and HostelWorld.
  •  A private room in a hostel or guesthouse is between  $20-$28.
  •  Street food costs $1
  • Lunch in a budget restaurant is between $4-$6
  • Beer in a bar costs $2
  • Transport: The bus from Quito to Banos takes about 3.5 hours, and it costs $4 
  •  Book your tickets on Omio
  • You can stay connected by buying an eSIM for Ecuador and get connected the very minute you arrive. View eSIM Data Packs available for Ecuador

#4. Argentina 

Argentina feels different from the rest of the South American countries as you can eat steak and drink wine on a backpacker’s budget.

Firstly, the Argentian Peso can be exchanged at a black market rate instead of in the bank, and you will get more for it, which will make your stay more affordable.

Secondly, the steak and wine here are very cheap, and there are the two main products that Argentina is known for. It is the only place you can see shoestring travelers in hostels preparing steak dinners with one bottle of wine.

The country is one of the cheapest in South America, and you can spend months traveling because of its vast size.

Most travelers find it easy to visit cities like SaltaMendoza, Cordoba, and also the highlight, Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires has many gourmet restaurants to splash out, beautiful parks, fantastic museums, and crazy nightlife. 

You can find some great little apartments for affordable prices on too. 

What is the cost of traveling around Argentina?

 Recommended daily budget is between $30-35 USD

  • The Currency is the Argentinian Peso, and the Exchange rate: is 1 USD = 180 ARS.
  •  Bed in a dorm room can be rented at $20-$30; please check prices & availability on and HostelWorld.
  •  Private room in hostel or guesthouse: $20-$28.
  • Street food is $1
  •  Lunch in a budget restaurant: $4-$6
  • Beer in a bar: $1
  • Transport: Bus Mendoza to Buenos Aires takes about 12 hours and will cost $25, Bus Cordoba to Mendoza2 will take about 11 hours at $24. Book your tickets on Omio 
  •  Stay Connected when you get into the country by buying an eSIM for Argentina and get connected the very minute you arrive there. View eSIM Data Packs available for Argentina.

#5. Peru

Peru is one of the most popular and cheapest countries destinations to visit in South America. 

There are many fantastic hiking routes here, and they have the best food and nightlife in the capital Lima; for something else, like ancient geoglyphs, check out the Nazca lines.

Cuzco, the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America, serves as the getaway to the villages and cities of the Incas, including Machu Picchu.

Lake Titicaca is another place you should take advantage of. Straddling the border between Bolivia and Peru in the Andes Mountains, you should travel around here for a month to try and see it all.


Overall, South America is among the cheapest continents to visit in the world. And, of course, if you stay away from the more expensive countries like Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil, which have high prices that are comparable to those in the 

North America and Europe. The countries listed in the above article sure are the very cheapest in South America and have amazing things and places that you will enjoy. 


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