How To Create Winning Christian Business Model And Plan

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Christian business model and Christian business plan
Christian business model and Christian business plan

If you’re looking for how to create a winning Christian business model and Christian business plan, then this is the best article you’d ever read on this topic. 

We will take you on a journey where you will learn everything you need about business plans and models and how to create them. Stay tuned.

A good business plan allows you to see the feasibility of your success, it will enable you to make plans, not just plans, but one based on quality and tested research. 

With a good business model and framework, you don’t need to base your sales and revenue assumptions. You will know what to do and how to do it to get the result you want. 

Companies and individuals who understand the importance of this have utilized it to their advantage to increase sales and pour in revenue, and this is why you need it too. 

Christian Business Model vs. Christain Business Plan

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. In this section of this article, we will discuss in-depth differences between the two and how they help to grow your business. 

The Christian business model is the established process by which your Christian business generates its profit, while the business plan is a document presenting the company’s strategy to generate its profit.

As you can see, the Christian business model is at the center of the Christian business plan and they both work hand to hand for the proper functioning of the business, that is why most people use these two terms interchangeably≥

1. Christian Business Model meaning

A business model is a framework for how companies and individuals create values and how they solve people’s problems in order to generate profits.

The goal of a business model is to answer some of the essential questions about the problems your company or product will solve. 

It consists of the framework on how you or your company intend to solve this problem and how large the market is.

No matter the market you are into, it doesn’t really matter if you’re just getting started with your Christian business. It doesn’t matter if you want to expand your business. 

You need a good business model and framework that will act as a guide toward the success and growth of your company or business. 

The foundation for your company and product is a business model. The goal of a business model is to capture the main points of your business and how it will generate sales and revenue for you. 

Below are some examples of  Christian business models:

  • Licensing
  • Commission
  • Subscription
  • Freemium
  • Accessories

2. Christain Business Plan meaning

A business plan, on the other hand, goes into more detail. This explains how you intend to make the business model work. 

A business plan will include almost all the facts about your company or organization, the company’s vision and mission, and how you intend to grow the company’s sales and revenue. 

Furthermore, a business plan will not only contain these but will contain the resources, methods, and how much you intend to invest in it to make sure it’s a success. 

You must add a timeline for achieving any of your company’s goals. The reason for adding a timeline is to create urgency, which will help you and your company to get the job done faster.

  • production
  • advertising
  • Financial plan
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Pricing and Revenue

Reasons you need Christian business model and plan

  • They serve as a road map and guide for your Christian business
  • A Christian business plan is intended to keep you focused, and while a Christian business model provides clarity on the most essential part of your Christian business
  • They both help in avoiding mistakes and loss of interest when starting a Christian business
  • They enable you to lay out your goals for your Christian business, and also keep you accountable
  • Christian business model acts like a rough sketch of what you intend to do to grow your business. While the Christian business plan is the actual blueprint, the step-by-step process of how you intend to make your company’s vision a reality.
  • Your Christian business plan and Christian business model equally describe the value of your product, that is, the perceived value of your product in the eyes of your customers, and how you intend to deliver this product and value to your customers.

How To Create A New Christain Business Model And Plan 

To create a new Christian business model and Christian business plan, there are a few things you must have in mind when doing so, and we will explain them in detail. They are:

1. Vision 

One of the first requirements for you to create a new Christian business plan is vision. Vision is what you have in your heart, where you see your company or business in the nearest future and it must be in accordance with Christian teachings.

You can’t create a good Christian business plan or Christian model without vision. Every good company out there has a company vision, where they see themselves in the nearest future. 

Vision gives you direction, when you have a vision of where you and your company are headed, it will help you make better decisions, and it will help you to say no to many things.

If you’re running a company, it is advisable to write down your company’s vision so that everyone can see it, and let it serve as a reminder of what your company stands for. 

The vision of your company must be the end point of where you want your company to be, it must be a dream bigger than your company or business. 

If you don’t have a very strong vision you will hardly do well in your business or company. 

Aside from the direction it gives your business, vision gives your business a reason vision, and a strong reason gives you the consistency to do whatever it will take to make sure your business reaches its destination.

So to create a new Christian business model or plan, the first requirement is vision. 

2. Objectives 

Another important requirement for creating a Christian business model or Christian business plan is your objectives. Your objectives refer to how you intend to make the vision of your company or business become a reality. 

What you want to test run and how you want to test run it, the benefit of objectives is that it helps you not to base your decisions on assumption. 

A good business owner knows that to base his or her decision on an assumption that is suicidal, you have to test-run every decision and every plan. It will help you filter out what works from what doesn’t. 

However, to make this effective, make sure you write down all your objectives and the step-by-step processes of how you intend to make the vision of your company or business a reality.

Then start testing them one by one and record your observation, your findings, and feedback from your customers. 

Objectives are very important in creating your Christian business plan or Christian model, it is vital you take this aspect of this article seriously, it will largely determine how you will run your business or company. 

3. Customer Challenges and Research 

This is the most important thing you will do when creating your Christain business plan or Christian business model. This will determine how many sales you can pull in and how much revenue you can make a year.

Customer research is a very vital aspect of business, most people don’t know this, this is why their business crumbles in just a few years because they don’t understand who their product is meant for.

Not everyone is your ideal customer, this is the first thing you must have in mind, not everyone will buy your goods and services, and the best way to sell better in any product or service is to find out where your customers are gathered and give them massive value.

Customer research will save you from lots of troubles and stress, most times when you’ve created a new product or service, you will usually think in your mind that this is a masterpiece. 

But no product or service is a masterpiece until it has been tested in the real world by your customers. This is why customer research is very important. It helps you know where your ideal customers are and how best to reach out to them.

The best marketing platform to utilize to get to them more effectively, and how much you have to budget for marketing. Every company or business that has ever stood the test of time, took this aspect very seriously.

When you do this effectively, you’ve already solved 80% of your problem. Each of your customers has a challenge they’re facing. Your job as a business owner is to find out what this challenge is, and how best you can present your product or services as a solution to this challenge they’re facing. 

4. Solution 

After you have taken your time to identify your customer and the challenges they’re facing, the next thing to do when creating your Christian business plan is to give them the solution to their problems using your services. 

This is where many people make mistakes, you don’t just put up your product or services out there for them to purchase, you need to make them want to buy.

Moreover, in today’s world, people don’t like to be sold, they love being in charge of the transaction process, making your customers feel in charge, and watching how they will keep coming back to you and be loyal to your brand.

Before you offer your product as a way out of their problems, it is important for you as a business owner to magnify their problem as much as possible, the reason for doing this is for them to see your product as the only way out.

When people or your customers perceive your products as the only way out, they will buy faster and immediately, the benefit of magnifying their problems is that it closes the gap of comparison.

There are probably many people out there who offer similar services. When you give your customers a reason to compare the two products, you will likely lose sales. So don’t give them a reason to do so in the first place. 

5. Values 

Choose some Christian values you will apply in your business. There’s a biblical recommendation for doing business, and that’s what you should embrace as a Christian business owner.

How can you sell your product or services to a stranger? When creating your Christian business plan, you need to consider this, it will help you make more sales. 

There’s a step-by-step process of turning a stranger into a loyal customer, and this step-by-step process, when done well, will help you to make more sales. The most effective way to turn a stranger into a customer is by giving out value. 

When a customer finds out that you are after his or her money alone, he or she will run from you, this is why your Christian business plan must capture the Christian values to create trust between you and your customers.

Some examples of Christian values you will apply in your business include:

  • Being honest
  • Being accountable and responsible
  • Treating your customers with love
  • A commitment to being a faithful steward

People don’t just buy from you, people buy from who they Know, Like, and Trust, if you’re a newbie in business or your company just started newly, you should focus more effectively on applying Christian values to your customers.

Create articles around your product or services that will help your customers solve some of their problems, the reason for doing this is to create trust in business, and your customers will perceive you know what you are talking about. 

You can equally lead them through a path called a sales to funnel, a step-by-step process that turns a stranger into a customer. Send out a good copy, that is captivating that will make them click on it.

Lead them down the path of discovery, the truth is that most of your customers don’t even know they need your products. When you lead them through the path of discovery they will discover that they need your product and they need it urgently. 

When you have given enough value to your customers, you’ve created the needed trust, the next thing to do is to sell them. If you’ve done this well, you will find it very easy to sell to them. 

6. Pricing 

This is another important aspect of your Christian business model, pricing is very important, to an extent it determines how much sales you will make in your business.

To price effectively, you need to research your competitors and know how much they are pricing. This will help you to know how much you will price your product. Your business plan has to capture all this to make it effective and realistic. 

If you intend to price higher than your competition, then you have to give more value than they do, you have to give your customers reasons to believe that your product or services are superior to your competitors.

When your customers see you offer better services, and a better customer support system, they will buy from you again and again no matter how costly your goods are. So make sure in your business plan you capture all the processes that are necessary for you to turn a stranger into a loyal customer.

Then offer them enough values that will make them not compare your services to others and buy from you faster. When you do this effectively, you don’t have to worry about sales anymore. 

7. Select your foundational scriptures

As a Christian business owner, the Bible should be the foundation for everything you do in your business. With this, it is advisable to think of some Bible verses you want to anchor your Christian business on, coupled with powerful payers for business owners.

The work of these Bible verses is to serve as a reminder whenever you need to know why you’re in this particular Christian business, and also whenever you are going through hard times.

Your foundational scriptures can be some of your favorite Bible verses, promises from the Bible, or anything that you choose. There are no rules.

Below is an example of some foundational scriptures for your Christian business:

“You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.” (Deuteronomy 8:18)

“Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” (Proverbs 22:29)

For every beast of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.” (Psalm 50:10)

“In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.” (Proverbs 14:23)


The above article will help you understand and create both your Christian business model and Christian business plan in accordance with the scriptures.

By now it is expected that you have known how to create your Christian business plan and model, the difference between a business model and a business plan.

As you launch your new business, never forget to let God start your new business by launching it with a Blessing Ceremony for new Business.

Thanks for having the time to read this article about the Christian business model and the Christian business plan to the end. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and comment in the comment section. 

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