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10 Best Christian Business Networking Groups


Christian business networking groups
Christian business networking groups
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There are many Christian business networking groups across the world, and as a Christian entrepreneur, you may not have heard of these groups.

Christian business network is essential in building faith in your business venture. The major purpose of these Christian business network groups is almost the same, which is to bring together Christians in the business world as one. 

Being a Christian entrepreneur is a good venture that pays a lot of money. In addition to being a Christian entrepreneur, joining different international Christian business networks will help you build more profitable relationships, get to know more people in different parts of the world, and spur you up to healthy competition. 

Joining some of these Christian business networking groups is a great way to learn different strategies for business, both in marketing and in creating awareness and you will also get the opportunity to meet a list of reputable Christian business coaches.

There are so many Christian business networking groups, you may not have to join them all, you can join at least 2 or 3, that way you will be up to date with the daily happenings in the group. In this article.

 We will list some Christian business networking groups you can join today and make the most out of it, stay tuned.


Top 10 Christain Business Networking Groups

Below are the Christian business networking group you can join today as a Christian entrepreneur:

1. Convene  

This international Christian business network was established in 1966 by Brain Thatcher and other top five CEOs and business owners.

This group of people was moved to establish this Christian business networking group by the passion to see Christian businesses transformed. 

To help entrepreneurs become better at business, to help build the needed support and foster unity among business owners and most especially they help business owners integrate their faith with their works to make a kingdom and global impact,

This was the vision and passion that led to the formation of this Christian business networking group. 

Most of the Christians who can’t find their businesses were helped by this association, leadership classes were offered and most especially everyone in this Christian business network was allowed to grow at his or her own pace, which helps to solidify relationships in the group and healthy competition. 

Due to the group of masterminds in this Christian business networking group, different captains of industries, the members of this group recorded over 96% all round transformation, from monthly income to leadership activities.

This group is committed to helping Christian members to attain a level of success while maintaining their faith for kingdom impact across the nations.

2. C12 Business Group 

This International Christian business group was established in 1992, this group has been known to support Christian entrepreneurs and CEOs through different advisory groups across different countries like the US, Brazil, and Asia. 

The group has total members of 3,300 who are being served and helped by over 150 full-time successful business owners. These Christian business groups help business owners and entrepreneurs translate faith intentions into results using the business world as a platform. 

Driven by the passion to see life and businesses transformed, this business group has helped lots of faith-driven business owners to scale up, make more profit and generate revenues while maintaining their faith in God and doing more for the kingdom. 

They equally help business owners and entrepreneurs make more informed decisions and learn new marketing strategies to reach out to their audience in a good and better way while maintaining relationships and doing much for the kingdom.

This Christian business group was established with a vision and a burden to prove to men and the world that one can truly be a successful entrepreneur while maintaining his faith in God, since 1992, they have helped many business owners attain their dream level of financial freedom and happiness.

3. Truth At Work Business Group

This Christian business owners’ network is one of the fastest-growing Christian business networking groups in America. Established in 1998, this business group not only helps members, but they have created products and services that have served thousands of Christians across the globe. 

This business group houses some of the best business minds across America and beyond, they organize a monthly meeting called the round table, which is a special kind of meeting where 10 to 15 business owners come together to be taught by a professional business mind with a proven track record, to help them increase their sales and revenues and answer some or all the questions they might have concerning scaling a business, managerial and leadership duties of a business owner. 

The most fascinating part of this business group is that they base its teachings on biblical principles for business success, this makes them different from most other Christian business groups across the United States and the fastest-growing one too.

This group of Christian business networks houses all types of business owners, from sole proprietors to multimillion-dollar companies, and even presidents of different countries. 

Over the years, they have taught business owners biblical principles that have helped them scale their businesses and generate more revenues than they had done in the past. 

4. Fellowship Of Companies For Christ International Business Group

There are many people across the world with different business acumen, Christians who long to do more for the kingdom, and scale their businesses while upholding their faith at the same time. 

This Christian business group does not serve as a community for business owners only, they give you the tools you need for business success, and they give you the required training in different areas of business, from leadership to financial management to managerial duties.

When you join this Christian business forum you are regarded as a member for life. Their training has been proven so effective due to the high success rate in the business of its members.

They equally hold monthly meetings, where they converge and have business talks, answer individual questions, and apply biblical principles of business growth and success. 

They have members from all walks of life in business, from sole proprietors to managers, to CEOs up to the level of presidents of countries. When you belong to a community with such influence, your business will take a new shape and you will inevitably record more sales and revenues within a short period.

5. Pinnacle Forum For Christain Business Owners 

This is a very unique Christain business networking group, it was founded by Dr. Bill Bright, who was also the founder of campus crusade for Christ international. 

This man had a very unique vision, he saw the rate at which most Christians were poor, and he sought a way to change the narrative, to do this, he challenged some leaders in Phoenix, Arizona.

With this great burden in mind and vision in sight to see Christian business owners do well in business and reduce the rate of poverty among Christians.

The founder networked with high-ranking business owners who in turn taught the business Christians how to make money using a different marketing strategy, and leadership skills and increased their sales and revenue within a short period. This group went down in history as one of the best Christian business networking groups across the nation.

6. Faith Tech For Christians

This is a Christian organization that is aimed at helping Christians in the tech world. Tech is also a business, this is why I must include it in this article on Christian business networking groups. 

This is a unique group founded in a unique way that is different from most other groups and communities out there, this group started when tech-related individuals, wizards, and tech gurus started meeting in small numbers in Toronto and America.

They love God and want to use their tech skills for Christ, this group of young talented individuals that started as just a few people grew, words spread out and more people from different niches in the tech industries joined them.

 Soon this small group of individuals turned into a community of people with one goal and vision, to use their tech for the promotion of Christianity and to serve humanity better. 

This was how faith tech was born, their growth was exponential, within a short time they were in 5 cities in the united states, they were holding their tech meetings monthly, and in these meetings, they were sharing new ideas on tech-related issues, they engaged in a friendly competition to boost their morale, build friendship and help the community grow better. 

Faith tech continues to grow, but in 2020 something unprecedented happened, when the world was ravaged by a pandemic, there was a summit hosted by a faith tech Christian organization, and people from all walks of life on tech came, that was the year faith tech witnessed the highest growth.

Through their ever-growing community, they were able to uphold their faith and preach Christ to the world that desperately needed it. 

7. 4 Word For Women 

There are many Christian business networking groups, this one is specifically a Christian women’s business network. It is an international organization aimed at helping women in the business world. 

Their vision is to ensure Christian business women’s connection, empower women around the world who uphold the name of Christ with finances and help them scale their businesses and increase revenues and sales.

This Christian women’s entrepreneur network not only has a community but also has mentorship sessions and programs where women from different parts of the world and in different business niches are transformed into better versions of themselves. 

Leadership and managerial skills are taught in the mentorship section, and any questions any of the women may have concerning anything in business, be it marketing, be it advertising, or sales closing are tackled and answered by top business owners across the world. 

The Christian business women mentorship section serves as a help to make them better, it’s not a must to pay for the mentorship section but it’s an avenue to help yourself become better.

When you join the mentorship section, you are not just given or assigned a mentor, you are first tested to know the type of mentor that suits you, that way you will learn better, grow faster and experience God more because you will be taught on the biblical principles for business growth and life development. 

With this one mission in mind, which is to equip women for the kingdom, this Christian women’s entrepreneur network  has empowered many Christian women and given them a place in destiny, whole serving God and making an impact globally in business and life

 8. New Canaan Society For Christians 

This is a certain business organization of a group of people who meet together monthly in more than 50 cities in the United States, to encourage each other and support each other to become a better version of themselves, be it in business, in marriage, and the business world. 

This is one of the Christian business men’s groups that gather monthly to hear from one of the top speakers in business in America, where ideas are shared, and problems are discussed which pushes the community members to become better versions of themselves.

Hearing the speaker discuss his life stories which is probably the problem some Christian men are facing, they feel challenged to turn their problems into testimonies. 

They also discuss the important doctrines and principles of God which makes for keeping the home and also for excelling in business.

Twice every year aside from the monthly gathering, they converge at a venue in the United States, this is where you get to sell all the Christian members of this community, where they build relationships, strengthen past relationships, engage in friendly competition, and help each other become better versions of themselves. 

Due to the spirit of oneness and cooperation in this community, it grew to become one of the biggest communities of Christian men in America, with one vision in sight and a mission in mind which is to become better husbands, and more financially stable while upholding their faith and trust in God

9. Christian Business Men’s Connection 

There are different Christian business networking groups across the world, and each group is recognized for its vision, mission, and the type of value they offer to society. 

Christian Business Men’s Connections is a community of men with a unique vision and mission, to present man to God and to engage men in the great commission given to man by God in the New Testament. 

This Christian business men’s group is intended to use the business world and the world of influence as an avenue to preach Christ to a dying world that needs one. 

They converge once every month to discuss the latest in the business world, where they share ideas, encourage each other and most especially invite one or two top figures in the world of business to teach them the latest marketing hacks, or answer some of the questions they may have in mind. 

Within a short time, this group of men grew, as different men from all walks of life came to the awareness of what this group stands for and its passion to enthrone Christ in the heart of business and influence, they flock into the community, thereby making the community one of the biggest in the united state.

Since it was founded, its vision and mission which is solidly based on the great commission are still active, to enthrone Christ in business and the world of influence

10. Leaders Impact Christian Group 

This is not a business group, rather it’s a group of Christian leaders from all industries, in tech, in business, in government positions, and others.

 This group of men has one sole purpose in mind, to challenge other leaders on the importance of personal and spiritual development while reminding them of the society that puts them in that leadership position.

 Over time, with the interest of the masses at heart, this group of individuals grew as more and more people joined the organization.

This group is not only restricted to those in the known cooperative world, this group allows people from all walks of life, be it sports or tech, or the entertainment industry. 

They come together with a sole purpose and mission in mind, to tell people about Jesus, and to leave a legacy for the next generation. Becoming a member of this group is free, but as a member of this great community, you are expected to treat your wife as lovingly as possible. 

They teach you the doctrine of marriage so that you can become a better husband for your family, love them in a better way and be there for your kids.

When most women saw what this group stands for, they encouraged their husbands to join the organization, and that was how this community grew to become one of the biggest across America. 


Thanks for having the time to read our article about Christian business networking groups till the end, and we hope it helps you find a better Christian business network that will help promote your business.

By now we are sure you now know some of the best Christian business networking groups that are aimed at seeing Christians do exceptionally well in business while upholding their faith in God.

We believe this article has been of great help to you, share it with someone today, and don’t forget to comment in the comment section. Jesus loves you. 

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