13 Christian Tech Companies

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Christian Tech Companies
Christian Tech Companies

If you think there are few Christian tech companies out there, It will shock you to discover that there are so many Christian technology companies around the world through this article. 

Most people in this age believe that technology and religion don’t mix. 

Any company that seems to be very religious is usually not socially accepted by the public. In this article, we will be listing different types of Christian tech companies and what they stand for. 

According to statistics, it has been proven that churches that embrace change, especially the use of technology in their services are more likely to grow, thrive and expand. 

This is the reason why the world of Christian tech companies is expanding. In this article, we will be discussing different church tech companies, Catholic tech companies, and Christian tech companies in general.

1. True Life 

This is one of the Christian tech companies that are aimed at modernizing the way people consume the gospel.

True Life is a company that makes and helps churches to use online videos and other media to bring individuals to faith in Christ. 

As you know, life is full of difficult questions that most times are not equipped to answer effectively and to present our message to the world. This gap is the gap this Christian company is out to help and equip so many Christian churches out there. 

Not only Christian churches, most Christian business coaches also use the products and services of this Christian tech company to communicate to their fans from afar

2. Sharefaith

Our world is increasingly becoming more digital, this Christian company organization works to ensure that churches are equipped too.

According to statistics, this company has partnered with over 100 to 200,000 churches globally to help expand its ministry outreach. 

This company has greatly helped churches reach out to more people, they’re able to do this with cutting-edge media and technological resources, which include websites, well-designed websites, mobile apps, online giving, graphics, and a yearly Sunday school curriculum. 

Through the use of different types of mind-blowing technology, share faith aimed at magnifying the name of Jesus and taking his word, works, and needs to the world on a global scale. 

This makes this Christian tech company one of the best Christian tech companies in the world. Their passion to see the gospel of Christ reach every corner of the world is something fascinating.

3. BoxCast

With an increase in the number of churches and an increase in the activities that go on in churches, we cannot always be physically present at all of them because of our busy schedules. 

This great tech Christian company does its part to help different churches share their ministries beyond their walls, by offering a better, good, cost-effective, and reliable live video streaming solution that has been made accessible to everyone at any point in time. 

A church under this company can post their video at any time, either live or archived, they can post it on their websites, YouTube pages, and other handles to make more people hear the gospel and reach out to more people in different parts of the world. 

With such a beautiful type of technology, you don’t have to be a tech guru to use it or observe how this great Christian tech company is helping shape the world by taking the gospel through technology to where people cannot go. 

There are so many Christian tech companies around the world, this is one of the most effective in ensuring that the gospel and activities of the church are magnified to reach out to a larger audience. 

4. The church App

The church app is one of the best Christian software companies that produce apps for Christian use.

The church app is a very unique type of app that is designed specifically for churches spring the world. This company is operated by Subsplas, a premier software company. 

This app is designed specifically for helping churches build apps, with a lot of beautiful well-designed features to help churches engage their members more effectively. 

This company made this app one of the most affordable apps on the market, as the world is increasingly becoming mobile and this company will help take churches and extend their hand to Christian communities around the world. 

Not many Christian software companies have designed apps for churches, this company is one of the pioneers in this and they have greatly helped churches and other Christian bodies become more effective, in designing church fliers or other church activities that are needed to make the gospel of Christ effective. 

5. Logos 

This is one of the best Christian tech companies that offer different types of technological tools to complement your faith which includes the most important part of Christianity. 

That is the Bible study part, this company is one of the Christian software companies that help to make available Bible study software to so many Christians around the world.

This online advanced Bible community connects Christians from around the world and so much more.

This company called LOGOs offers thousands of commentaries on scripture to help you understand and deepen your knowledge of Christ and make them far more meaningful and exciting. 

6. Church Community Builder 

This is one of the biggest Christian software companies, this company is proud of its innovative, beautiful, way to use church management software.

But this company admits that their passion, the reason, and the vision of their company lie not in the innovative software they have developed. But their passion lies in helping different ministries and churches across the world to become more effective.

Church community builders understand that one of the things most pastors and members of different churches find difficult is the ability to communicate with their members effectively. 

Moreover, some members are apathetic, and putting up a meaningful conversation with them without hurting their emotions can be a little challenging, this is the problem this great company is out to solve. 

In order to solve this problem, these Christian tech companies have created a way to help churches stay organized.

They have even gone as far as offering a coaching program and system to help you align with your people, processes, and software to help you run your church more effectively, making them one of the best Christian software companies on this list. 

7. Church Motion Graphics 

This is one of the leading Christian tech companies when it comes to motion pictures. As the world is fast becoming a global village, churches, and men of God are constantly adding new technology that will help them amplify their message to a larger audience. 

This company has grown to become one of the best Christian tech companies, they are wildly needed and are committed to transforming churches for the better-using motion pictures, like moving backgrounds, announcement motions, and different countdown timers. 

This company has a deep understanding of the role of graphics within the church and knows how effective it can help the church grow, in congregation, beauty, and style. 

8. Mary Kay 

This is one of the best and biggest tech Christian companies around the world. There are so many Christian companies that are not only helping churches reach out to more people and establish themselves better.

There are other Christian tech companies out there that are out in serving the masses and this company is one of them. The major is mostly in creating cosmetics for women, to enhance their beauty and at the same time preach Christ.

This company was founded by Mary Kay Ash, she openly admitted that God has been their source and partner, this company is equally religious, they don’t take God for granted.

Moreover, for each major success or milestone the church breaks, they attribute it solely to God, this has helped this company turn so many lost souls, especially women, into God. It is one of the best Christian tech companies out there. 

9. Timberland 

In today’s world, it is not very common to see a top CEO of one of the biggest tech companies stand and confess to Christ. This company called timberland is one of the biggest companies that are into different things to serve the masses.

Timberland CEO Jess Swartz is a well-known Christian for his commitment to promoting corporate social responsibility.

He made a very important move in his business that brought him and his company to the limelight and helped them broadcast the name of God to the world.

He severed the company’s relationship with a Chinese factory where at that time human rights of workers in that area were being violated, this move took a hit on this company, yet the CEO resolved to terminate their ties with the company. 

This great CEO attributed the motivation behind his action to his own belief in the gospel. He made a very profound and heroic statement “I can’t show you the scripture that relates to the rights of a worker, but I can show you a text that insists upon treating others with dignity and respect. 

This won him worldwide admiration and in turn, this action turned many lives into Christ. This made his company one of the most profound Christian companies out there that have stood its ground on its conviction about God and the gospel. 

10. Alaska Air

This is one of the best Christian tech companies out there and one of the most unique, it is not very common to see an airport that stands and maintains its stand for God. 

The way this airline helps to preach the gospel of Christ to as many people that board their planes as possible is very fascinating. Each time an air hostess brings breakfast to the passengers, you’re very likely to get a few Bible passages along with your inflight breakfast.

The most fascinating part of this is that they didn’t start it today, it has been their culture since inception, each breakfast tray comes with a note printed with a message from the Bible. 

This simple act has helped them preach the word of God to as many as possible and at the same time gain more and more customers over the last few decades. 

However, a day came when the faith and wits of this company were tested, a passenger took issue with the note card with the Bible verse printed on it.

He petition the company and got a response that shocked him and the world at large which won the airline more customers and admiration across the United States

This made this company one of the most profound companies that have stated its stands on Christianity from the day of inception. 

11. Marriott 

This is one of the most fascinating Christian technology companies that majors in hotel establishment.

The founder of this company John Wollard is a devout Mormon who has held different leadership positions in the church, at the same time he was establishing his hotel.

However, it is not easy in the world today to see someone stand up openly to condemn what has been accepted as the norm of life. 

The founder of this hotel passed away in the year 1985, but his religious legacy has lived long after he passed away. His family practiced the act of putting the Bible alongside the book of Mormons in hotel rooms and that’s the first to do so. 

To further maintain its stand on Christianity, the company recently announced that it would no longer offer pay-per-view pornography in its hotel rooms. 

This was a bold stance that the company took, they got many critics because of this, and many people of Christian faith frequent the hotel, and always feel at home whenever they’re there.

This makes this company one of the best that has maintained its stance openly on its faith in Christianity. Which makes it one of the best Christian tech companies. 

12. Jet Blue 

This is one of the best Christian tech companies that deals majorly in airlines and home sourcing. The founder and CEO were named David Neelman, was a devout Mormon father of nine children. 

His conviction of putting his faith in the front board of his business empire came when he traveled to Brazil as a Mormon missionary.

After his experience as a missionary, he came back with a great knowledge of the gospel and went ahead to establish his business on the foundation of the scriptures.

His missionary experience helped him greatly in customer relationships, to treat others with equality irrespective of social class differences, this culture he also imbibes in his company which has grown to become one of the best Christian tech companies. 

The founder and CEO’s stand on equality was so profound that in an open interview in 2002, he openly expressed his dissatisfaction with those who think that they are better than others and treat them as such, this earned him much admiration.

13. Interstate Batteries 

This is one of the best and biggest Christian tech companies out there. Their mission is to produce batteries for different purposes and uses.

The company stands out from most other companies out there that sell the same product, to the point that the CEO of the company was recognized by Dallas Baptist University for his strong Christian leadership at interstate batteries as well as in the community at large. 

This company has also won the admiration of many people and in turn boost their sales while turning lives around by bringing them to Christ and the gospel. 

There are many Christian tech companies out there that offer the same services, but the difference was that theirs was profound, open, and written everywhere and the most fascinating part was that they lived by it. 


We have come to the end of this article on the best Christian tech companies out there and the services they offer. 

We have also seen that there are so many Christian-based companies out there that are not ashamed to proclaim the name of the Lord, in their vision statement and character.

This article is aimed at providing you with a list of the best Christian tech companies out there you can choose from, and also create the awareness that truly there are people who represent the purpose of God in different industries across the world.

We hope with the information in this article, you can be able to know most of the Christian technology companies out there. 

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