Daycare Jobs Hiring Near Boston, MA (Apply Now)

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There are numerous job opportunities in Boston that an individual can consider and suitably apply for now. Daycare jobs are on the rise, given the business schedules of couples with many children. In this article, we will discuss daycare jobs hiring near Boston, MA.

Daycare Jobs Hiring Near Boston, MA (Apply Now)

Childcare Provider

A childcare provider is a role offered by in Boston, MA, USA. It’s a part-time job that provides an individual with up to 8 hours working shift. The salary structure for this position is estimated to be between $20.00 to $22.00 per hour.

Benefit For Employees

A childcare provider is entitled to some benefits as regards offering services. Below are some of the benefits for employees.

  • An employee is open to obtaining a health insurance policy covered by the company.
  • An employee is accorded the flexibility of deciding their schedule, which would be based on one’s availability.
  • An employee for is allowed to enjoy up to 8-hour working shifts.
  • Employees are entitled to an hourly pay of between $20 to $22.

Qualifications has some qualifications that an individual must possess to be eligible for the “Childcare Provider” position.

  • An individual must have received or be willing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine (14 days before the date of hire to be considered).
  • An individual must be at least 18 years or older to be eligible for the childcare provider position.
  • An individual must possess 1 year of experience in offering in-house childcare services.
  • An individual must have a dependable means of transportation to reach the homes of various families.
  • An individual must have obtained an Adult, Infant, and Pediatric CPR/First Aid Certificate (There’s a reimbursement for the certification).
  • An individual must have a minimum of 2 professional childcare references.
  • An individual must be authorized to work in the United States.


There are some requirements associated with occupying this specific job. Below are some of the requirements that an individual must fulfils.

  • An individual must be willing to nurture, engage and prioritize the safety and security of children in their care while ensuring a fun-filled and interactive experience.
  • An individual would need to perform less stressful household duties regarding tidying and clearing up.
  • An individual must be fully committed to caring for children in their respective homes for at least 8 hours daily.
  • An individual must be ready to abide and adhere to the rules set by parents.

Job Description is a technology company focusing on solving various human challenges; they intend to find great caring solutions for loved ones. The company has a backup childcare provider, Care@Work, that provides efficient services.


Childcare Provider

A childcare provider’s primary role is to care for children of different families. One would be required to create a suitable environment while nurturing the number of children under their guidance. It’s an excellent opportunity for those individuals committed to working with children.


Below are the responsibilities that are expected of a childcare provider on

  • An individual must be ready to create a secure, fun-filled, and convenient environment for children under their care.
  • An individual must be committed to providing the best of services and value the safety of the children in their care while providing them with a memorable experience.
  • An individual must be willing to engage in household duties, including cleaning and arrangement of the house after kids playing activities.
  • An individual would be required to provide childcare services to children in the comfort of their respective homes.
  • An individual would need to work daily for 8 hours between Mondays to Fridays.

How To Apply

An individual can conveniently apply for a childcare-providing job through the link below. Firstly, one would need to create a profile on and then apply for childcare-providing jobs directly from families.

Contact number: 1-877-227-3115



Childcare provider job opportunities are numerous, and one can consider this offer by We hope this article provides detailed information on daycare jobs hiring near Boston, MA. Kindly visit our comment section for your questions and further clarifications.


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