Delivery Jobs With Own Car Near Massachusetts [Apply Now]

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Numerous job opportunities are available for interested job seekers in Massachusetts to apply for now. In this article, we will discuss delivery jobs with own car near Massachusetts.

Delivery Jobs With Own Car Near Massachusetts

Vehicle Delivery Driver

A vehicle delivery driver is a position offered by CarMax to interested job seekers capable of filling this position. This full-time job opportunity has a payment structure of between $17 to $20 per working hour.

Benefits For Employees

Benefits are attached to employees working for CarMax; these benefits are offered to ensure workers are comfortable. They include;

• Employees are open to enjoying a paid vacation sponsored by CarMax.


• Employees have full access to health and welfare benefits which include medical, vision, dental, and EAP.

• Employees get to register and schedule 401k retirement savings plans through the company.


• Employees are allocated car purchase discounts for those individuals looking to purchase a car.

• In addition to these, there are other enjoyable benefits that employees can also gain from working with CarMax.




There are some qualifications that an individual looking to fill this position would be required to possess.

• An individual must have a commercial driver’s license (in most states, a Class A, B or C is required).


• An individual must be at least 21 years or above to qualify for this position.

• An individual must have a driving record with no more than six penalty points within the last three years.

• An individual must possess one year of Customer Service experience to be eligible.

• An individual must be willing to work outdoors in diverse weather conditions.

• An individual must possess D.O.T Medical Card or must be able to pass D.O.T Certified Medical Exam to obtain the D.O.T Medical Card in 28 days.

• An individual must be able to lift heavy objects and winch transported vehicles during the loading process.


There are not many requirements for this job position that an individual must fulfill. One mainly needs to have one year of Customer Service experience, a valid state-issued driver’s license, and good communication and teamwork skills.

Job Description

CarMax is a used vehicle retailer mainly located in the United States. The car specialist has been a significant force in the auto industry while delivering a transparent and quality experience to customers. CarMax assists individuals with the best car to complement their needs while backing it up with 24-hour test drives and 30-day money-back returns.

Vehicle Delivery Driver

A vehicle delivery driver is responsible for supporting individuals looking to purchase vehicles. The individual would act as a link between the customer’s online experience of buying their home delivery, offering a great car-buying experience. As a vehicle delivery driver, you would be responsible for loading and unloading a customer’s vehicle, providing necessary paperwork for signing, and handing over the keys to the customers.


Below are the responsibilities of an individual looking to fill in this position. They include;

• An individual would act as a link between the customer’s online purchase experience to the delivery of the vehicle completing an incredible car-purchase experience.

• An individual would be responsible for operating a two-car hauler for custom vehicle deliveries.

• An individual must be ready to interact with customers, other associates, and team members to offer excellent internal and external customer service.

• An individual must carry out daily equipment inspections to ensure smooth and safe transport operation.

• An individual would be responsible for maintaining all necessary logs and documentation as demanded by the company.

• An individual would be in charge of loading and unloading a customer’s vehicle, presenting paperwork for signature, and finally, the car keys to the customers.

How To Apply

Below is the information an individual can utilize to apply for this job opportunity with CarMax.

Email address:

Contact number: (800) 519-1511

An individual can consider applying for this job opportunity directly from CarMax, a top car dealer. The link provided would be helpful for their intending to apply for this job. We hope this article provides enough information on delivery jobs with own cars newr Massachusetts. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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