10 Best Essay Checker and Correctors for an Essay Editor

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It can sometimes be difficult to choose the best free grammar checker tool. You cannot possibly manually review emails, lengthy blog entries, social media postings, documents, and other items while also looking for grammatical errors in each one at the same time if you have a heavy job.


Budget constraints make it nearly hard to employ a professional team to edit small grammatical errors and make your text error-free if you are starting out in the writing business or are a beginning blogger.

We have gathered the best English grammar checkers so you can get the best free solutions to automate your grammar check.

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 Essay Checker and Correctors for an Essay Editor

Best Essay Checker and Corrector for Essay Editor

Here are some excellent tools to help you write better English. All the tools are free, but if you ever require more sophisticated features, some also have premium versions.

#1. Grammarly

One of the best free tools for checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other problems are Grammarly.


You can check up to 100,000 characters at once. Simply copy and paste the text into the Grammarly editor to get it checked for things like clarity, engagement, and delivery. You may quickly format text using a text editor-like interface, including bold, italic, header tags, etc.

Using a free Chrome or Firefox browser plugin, you may use it directly in your WordPress website or emails, and it will highlight the problems by underlining them in red.


#2. Scribens

You can quickly and easily check hundreds of typos, grammar, spelling, and style mistakes with Scribens, a free grammar-checking application.

The software asserts that it performs better than Microsoft Word and is supported by sophisticated algorithms. You can switch the settings to use American or British English vocabulary.

Choose whether you want to use autocorrect or manually correct unknown proper nouns. You can also choose the font size for the document, saving you from having to change it again while editing.


Overall, it’s excellent for manually editing and proofreading blog articles, but because it lacks features like plagiarism detection or reporting, you cannot use it for more sophisticated editing.

The following are the Scribens colour codes:

  • Red – Grammar
  • Green – Verbs
  • Yellow – Suggestion
  • Blue – Grammar and Punctuation

#3. Ginger

Ginger is the next item in our top free grammar checkers list. A spell checker and online proofreading tool are all available from Ginger. The first one focuses more on grammar and spelling checks.

The contextual spell checker chooses a fix that matches the original sentence’s meaning closely. Your writing skills will improve, and your productivity will increase.

Ginger is available as a browser extension, an iOS/Android, Windows, or MS Word/Outlook integration, and directly from their website.

It best detects irregular verbs and adverbs, unclear wording, typos, and standard English grammar.

#4. Zoho Writer

An excellent online tool for testing spelling, punctuation, and style concerns is Zoho Writer. There are a ton of fantastic features in this free grammar checker.

You will notice intelligent suggestions supported by machine learning, such as context-aware suggestions (such as effect/affect), subject-verb agreement, redundancy, and highlighting punctuation errors.

The intelligent writing helper in Zoho Writer keeps track of your use of adverbs, clichés, and passive language. Making flawless papers and files for your business is easy with the sophisticated word processor Zoho Writer.

#5. JetPack

Jetpack is one of the most famous WordPress plugins, well-known for its site security features, performance enhancements, and other strong utilities (one of which is the Jetpack proofreading module).

The spelling, style, and grammar check features may be enabled by going to Jetpack > Settings > Writing. Once enabled, your errors will be immediately marked on the WordPress editor in the following colours:

  • Red – misplaced words and typos
  • Green – grammatical errors
  • Blue: suggested styles

#6. Writer

The writer is one of the top online grammar checkers, receiving 4.7/5 from users on sites like SiteJabber.

The AI-based tool is the best choice when editing everything from emails to Google Docs.

The extensive range of integrations, including HubSpot, WordPress, Twitter, Slack, and many more, as well as the sophisticated AI algorithms for editing, distinguish this writing tool from others.

#7. Virtual Writing Tutor

You may create a cover letter, have essays reviewed, practice for IELTS tests, and more with the free online tool Virtual Writing Tutor.

Numerous editing choices are available when using it as a grammar checker (even though the design looks pretty basic).

To check your grammar, punctuation, spelling, paraphrasing, and vocabulary, utilize the Virtual Writing Tutor. If you have recently started a blog, you will enjoy the built-in word count checker and target structure analyzer.

#8. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a great tool for writers who want to make their writing more clear, concise, and easy to read. The Hemingway Editor highlights long, complex sentences and common errors so that you can make your writing more effective.

#9. Language Tool 

Language Tool is a great tool for proofreading and editing your writing. It can be used for essays, papers, and other documents. It can also be used for checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

#10. Slick Write

Slick Write is a great tool for improving your writing. It can help you check your grammar, find typos, and improve your style.

Slick Write is free to use, and it’s available online. You can use it from any computer, and you don’t need to install anything.

To get started, go to slickwrite and paste your text into the box. Then click “Analyze.”

Why Should You Use an Essay Checker?

Although it is important, using proper grammar is difficult. Countless hours have already been spent on your essay’s research. You don’t need to spend a lot of time fixing it.

Other reasons include the following:

  • Your grammar use depends on whether you receive a passing or a good mark. Impress your lecturer with your writing’s clarity, flow, and grammatical correctness.
  • It takes effort to become great at essay writing, which is a specific ability. You can see your common errors and suggestions for correction after each run of any essay corrector.
  • It can take a lot of time and effort to write an essay. The essay checker from essay tools saves you trouble by serving as the first line of defense against annoying grammar mistakes.

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