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7 Important Etsy Star Seller Benefits


Etsy Star Seller Benefits
Etsy Star Seller Benefits
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Etsy star seller benefits are what a lot of sellers on Etsy keep looking for at the mention of the newly launched Etsy star seller program.

According to Etsy, the star seller program and its badge is a way to recognize and reward sellers who provide top-notch shopping experiences to buyers on Etsy.

So for you to experience Etsy star seller benefits, there are four things you need to be good at to get the star seller badges which are:

  • High response rate
  • 95% of reviews with five-star ratings
  • Shipping and tracking number
  • Number of orders and sales

Since the Esty star seller program was launched, it seems to be getting a lot of people wounded up for various reasons, especially Etsy shop owners.

In a previous article, we discussed the Etsy star seller backlash surrounding the metrics to qualify for the badge. Irrespective of the numerous flaws, there are still Etsy Star Seller benefits.

Although the Etsy star seller benefits are not that special to sellers, they are worth considering if you want to make your Etsy shop a full-time business that brings in passive income to you.

So in this article, we will list out the Etsy Star Seller benefits. After reading these benefits, you will find more reasons to chase the star seller badge. So let’s get started.

1. Stand out from the crowd

One of the biggest Etsy Star Seller benefits is to stand out from the crowd. You may already have a ton of sales that provide you with social proof, but the Etsy star seller badge makes it known that you’re worth buying from.

The special badge at the corner of your name will let your potential buyers be assured that your shop has a proven record of offering nice customer service and experience on a consistent basis.

Getting the Etsy start seller badge comes with a lot of credibilities, which include improving the way other users perceive your Etsy shop and account in general.

2. More chances to be featured

If you are looking for more chances to be featured in Etsy buyer marketing, then this Etsy star seller benefits is for you.

Etsy promised that at the ending of this year, they will start promoting some Star sellers to more buyers, placing them in the eyes of shoppers which makes it easier for shoppers to connect with high customer service.

They also do marketing for star sellers on special marketing events which offer more opportunities for start seller shops to be featured in buyer marketing.

Registered buyers also receive frequent marketing emails from Etsy that lead directly to only Star Seller listings.  Since the star seller program is meant to show shoppers top-notch customer experience, this helps shops with the star seller badge get featured on Etsy marketing emails.

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3. Opportunity for increased sales

Since most shoppers prefer buying from businesses they know have the reputation of offering top-notch customer experience and value to their products or services, one of Etsy star seller benefits is to increase your shop’s sales.

Although the Etsy star seller badge is not a filter on the search and does not impact search relevance at this time, it does impact store traffic when they market only star sellers.

In general, with the star seller badge beside your shop name, the Etsy star seller benefits include giving you the opportunities for increased sales, if not now maybe later in the future.

4. Higher Trustworthiness

Getting an Etsy star seller badge increases your brand’s credibility, which makes it the Etsy star seller benefits every seller should admire.

Considering the fact that less than 1% of Etsy shops have the badge, having the purple badge by your Esty shop signifies your brand is both important and relevant.

Some Etsy shoppers might be cautious when they see discount offers or deals, skeptical it could be a scam. But if they see the Etsy start seller badge beside your shop name, it signals to their brain that the shop is trustworthy with a good reputation and nice customer experience.

Getting Esty star seller badges is not something that makes or breaks for Etsy sellers. But it is a great way to establish trust with Etsy buyers as it makes them consider your shop as reliable and one that consistently offers a high-quality shopping experience.

5. It gives you Authority

While some skeptical sellers will publicly denounce the value of the Etsy Star Seller program, the fact that it’s still a valuable source of authority amongst the average seller makes it one of the Etsy star seller benefits.

Once you have the star seller badge, your Esty shop becomes officially endorsed by Etsy as a trusted shop that has, high response rate, reviews with five-star ratings, trusted fast shipping, and a higher number of sales.

This kind of metric strengthens your brand’s authority across the platform and increases your customer’s confidence in making a purchase.

6. It prevents identity theft

One of the Etsy star seller benefits is that it also differentiates your shop from shops or users with a similar name and establishes legitimacy when compared to competitors who haven’t gotten their Esty star seller badge.

Impersonation on the internet can range from benign parody account to malicious phishing attempt, and it’s the latter that is ridiculous for businesses to deal with.

The problem is, most victims of online impersonation are usually people of older age and less tech-savvy shoppers of the site.

So when someone sets up a shop on Etsy with your information copied from your profile, there’s very little way for buyers to determine which one is the real shop.

But with a purple star seller badge, your customers and potential buyers will confidently determine the real shop they are looking for which prevents identity theft and this is one of the important Etsy star seller benefits.

7. It’s an honor to be a star seller

At the end of the day, the number one thing the Etsy star seller program gets you is the ability to say you have got the start seller badge.

It’s a badge of honor, an achievement, a rare accomplishment that not every seller on Etsy has. The badge puts you in an exclusive position with a mere few hundred thousand Etsy Shops.

You can also use this achievement to your advantage outside of Esty in a million different ways.


The above well-written article is the few Etsy star seller benefits that sellers get from having the star seller badge.

Note that the Esty star seller badge is not necessarily permanent. Any time you have a reduced percentage in the requirements to get the badge, you can lose it.

This is to say that Etsy expects a certain level of customer experience from shops with their star seller badge. So If you want to have the star seller badge and still keep it, you have to follow the guidelines below:

Response rate

Since the response rate only counts during the initial response to shoppers. To avoid missing a message within the stated 24-hour window to reply, you need to set up an automated response in your Esty shop for a set period of time.

Although is not possible to set up auto-replies indefinitely, you can set your Etsy auto-reply for up to 5 days only, so you will have to set it again each week you wish to use them.

Based on this technicality, it is recommended to set up an automated response over the weekend. You can achieve that by setting up your auto-replies every Friday, to go out to any buyer who messages you on Saturday and Sunday. This will help you to be relaxed during the weekends and your Etsy response rate will not be negatively affected.


While you can’t possibly ask each of your buyers for a positive review, you can offer a follow-up discount to all of your customers for any review they’d be willing to give.

Another practical way to get a 5-star review is by refunding customers that have issues with your product as soon as possible. Don’t argue with them, just be polite and apologize and most times these customers will end up giving you a 5-star review because they are surprised they got refunded immediately.


You should adhere to the shipping timeframe in your shipping profile. This means that If you put one to two days as your shipping speed to attract potential customers but then most of your orders don’t ship within that time frame, both your customers and Etsy are going to frown on that. And it’s going to hurt your shipping and process time.

Another essential criteria in getting a star seller badge are to get your tracking number. Your shipping label must be able to provide you with the tracking number for you to be qualified for the star seller program.

Orders and sales

For you to get more orders and sales, it is advisable to improve on the first three categories which are: high response rate, getting 5-star reviews, and shipping your orders on time with tracking number.

These three categories will surely improve your customer service which in turn leads to more orders and sales. This is because when customers are satisfied they are more likely to come back and purchase more of your products.

Thanks for your time in reading this article about the Etsy star seller benefits. Please don’t forget to share your opinion about this topic in the comment.

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