20 Evergreen Niches For Print on Demand (Most Searched)

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Evergreen Niches For Print on Demand
Evergreen Niches For Print on Demand

If your intention is to make passive income from POD, then these evergreen niches for print on demand lists will help you achieve that.

Actually, print-on-demand is a very profitable business that allows you to add your design to products you love and then make money.

But the challenge most sellers face is getting a print-on-demand niche that sells all year round and brings in that passive income everyone desire.

Since the print-on-demand business is all about trends, it is sometimes difficult to actually know which niche is evergreen.

Well, this article will help you with the list of evergreen niches for print on demand that will help you achieve that passive income dream.

Below is a long list of 20 evergreen niches for print on demand. This article also answers the question of Redbubble evergreen niches, Etsy evergreen niches, evergreen t-shirt niches, etc.


1. Nurses 

Making a print on demand designs that are appealing to nurses has been in demand for a long time, but since after the pandemic, there’s a very high demand for the purchase of this niche.

Selling designs that appreciate the work that the nurse has done in society is a way to tap into this niche and many nurses and their family members would like to buy them.

This is one of the best profitable niches on print-on-demand. Nurses are well-loved and cherished across the medical industry, mainly because they are seen as caretakers of patients. 

If you’re into print-on-demand and want to make the most money from this niche, you need to design something incredible for nurses and sell it to them. 

Another benefit of choosing the nurse niche among the other types of professionals is that nurses can be represented with many things at a time, fun to be with, charming, lovable, caring, and so on. 

As someone in the print-on-demand market, you need to create designs, like an inscription saying, “Nurses are the best gift to humanity.” 

With an inscription such as this, you just need to put this inscription on customized clothing that you can sell to nurses under your label. 

2. Pet and Animal Lovers

Pet and Animal niche
Pet and Animal niche

What makes pet-related dropshipping products evergreen is the fact that people will always love pets, even when their current pet is gone, they will get a new one and still love it.

Almost every human being on earth has a pet to which they are attached. Some love dogs, some love cats, and some loves bird. This makes the pet niche one of the best evergreen niches for print-on-demand. 

All you need to do is to add a pet-related design to the product you intend to sell with a phrase that catches all kinds of pet lovers.  

You can as well micro-niche this evergreen niche by targeting only dog lovers or cat lovers. What better way to make a passive income than this evergreen niche for print on demand? 

3. Funny quotes 

Funny quotes  niche
Funny quotes  niche

If you know how to make funny quotes, you can make it big in the print-on-demand industry with this niche.

However, if you are not funny, but want to venture into this niche, Twitter is a nice place to get inspiration on quotes to write on your designs.

There are a lot of funny quotes on Twitter you can use in your design and this is actually one of the evergreen t-shirt niches

For you to make money from this evergreen niche on print-on-demand, you need to focus more on quotes about couples. You can make the designs in pairs; one for the lady and the other for the guy.

Quotes such as “I prayed for a man like him” for the lady, then on the man’s shirt you write “I’m the man she prayed for”

4. Birthdays 

This is one of the most profitable evergreen niches for print-on-demand, this is because people celebrate birthdays almost every day.

So making a design that is appealing to all ages who celebrate birthdays will be a nice move.

You may also break it down to a certain age group, gender, profession, or lifestyle. Whatever drives your inspiration in this niche will surely make you a lot of money on a regular basis.

You should have the ideal message to send to them. It could be a special phrase, a heart-shaped birthday logo, a birthday cake with their age, or whatever it is that will make them feel special.

5. Memorial 

This is one of the best evergreen niches on print-on-demand. People love to remember their loved ones, memories that mean so much to them.

What will make you connect more with your targeted customers in this niche is the message in your design. People will only buy your products if the message speaks directly to them, and gives the proper comfort to your audience. 

All you need to do is to look for a memorable event that happened in your city, state, or country that is worth remembering and then make a design with a message that reflects such an event.

For this to be evergreen, it depends on how evergreen the event is, some events are trendy, and making designs around this kind of niche with not drive your that passive income as an evergreen event.

6. Relationships

Relationship Niche
Relationship Niche

The relationship is one of the evergreen niches for print-on-demand. This is because people will always want to have products that represent who they love the most.

If you can make a design that has an emotional connection to people’s love life, you can actually make passive income from this.

Therefore, you have to capitalize on this niche to make a design of a product a father can buy for his son or daughter as a gift, a child can buy for his/her parents as a gift and a husband can buy for his wife as a gift and vice versa.

A higher number of print-on-demand sales in this niche always come as gifts.

7. Patriotic 

Patriotic niche
Patriotic niche

Many people love their country. This is a very profitable niche on print-on-demand. For instance, making patriotic designs for United state citizens.

The citizen love the country so much, to the point each time the president finishes a speech, he always ends with “God bless America.” 

You can leverage this niche by creating different designs with another inscription that prompts patriotism, get a customized T-shirt, imprint the design, promote it and make lots of money in return.

8. Reading

This is the niche that is more appealing to students, making it one of the evergreen niches for print-on-demand because reading is an everyday art, and not just for students only but everybody in general.

To profit from this niche, you have to be able to make designs that motivate students in reading and study.

This niche has sales potential because when the students miss buying the products, their parents will buy them on their behalf because they want their kids to be motivated in reading.

You can leverage this niche by creating designs, inscriptions, and words that promote the reading culture of people. When you imprint those words on customized shirts, people who read them will find them fascinating and buy from you. 

9. Truck Drivers 

Truck Drivers Niche
Truck Drivers Niche

Most times, what you think of as nothing turns out to be something incredible. Most people will overlook this niche because they believe that not everyone would fancy it.

However, this is one of the evergreen t-shirt niches that has low competition.

Truck drivers are mostly lonely because they ply the road almost all the time alone. If you want to make money in this niche, you need a little knowledge of psychology. 

You need to come up with a design that will elevate their pride and make them feel among the society, a design that is easily recognizable among their counterpart in the same truck driving business.

You can come up with excellent, inspiring words, like “we own the highways” terms such as this will inspire a sense of belonging in them and let them know that despite their plying the road alone at odd hours, they’re still recognized as part and parcel of their communities. 

The truck drivers’ niche remains one of the evergreen niches for print-on-demand that is less competitive

10. Memes 

This is probably the most significant print-on-demand niche, but you shouldn’t be scared by the size of this niche. There are lots of memes, more than enough for everyone. 

Some memes appeal better to a particular set of people, professions, interests, and goals. Over time some die off or lose their quality to instill happiness in people, but still, there are memes that are evergreen. 

So you have to be careful in the kind of meme you want to use as your print-on-demand design, and then ask yourself if it going to withstand to last the test of time.

11. Vegans

This is one of the most profitable niches on print-on-demand. This group of people is those who love animals and believe they shouldn’t be eaten. 

They are nature lovers and try as much as they can to preserve nature. You can leverage this niche and make the most out of it. 

Create a design with powerful intriguing words that command what this group stands in, which this group of people can and will resonate with, and words that will make them feel belong to the community.

There are a lot of them out there, just make your research and create the designs with the best graphics.

12. Graffiti Art

Art has become part of our very existence, almost everyone loves art, but art is not only a piece of drawing hanging on the wall. Art could be nature and other things. 

You needn’t be a professional artist to make money from this niche. You may not need to draw anything. 

Just get a good label and logo or just go to Fiverr and order art designs from freelancers there. Then use the art to make designs for your print-on-demand products.

Also, there are many art-producing companies on ceramics, flower verse, and others. Get a customized piece of art from them, and get the right to use it

13. Gaming 

Making designs for gamers is one of the evergreen niches for print on demand, this is because every year, the number of gamers is on the increase, and gamepads are in high order as sales are on the rise. 

This niche is not a seasonal niche, which means you can keep making money from this niche year in and year out. 

All you need to do is to find a way to create designs that the gaming community will relate to and then use them on your print-on-demand products.

Like every other niche, the phrase you add to your designs matters a lot. The words that will be appealing to gamers across your niche and country. 

14. health and fitness

Health and fitness niche
Health and fitness niche

This evergreen niche for print-on-demand is the one that resonates with being healthy and you can make lots of money from this niche. 

People who are new in the health and Fitness sector are also a significant target when venturing into this niche.

All you need to do is to make a design that gym bodybuilders will relate to and then market it. You must also have powerful words on the design that motivate workouts

This makes your customers proud and open about the new workout they’re trying. They’ll boast about it on their social media pages, thereby sharing their progress alongside your print-and-demand products, which is another promotion on its own.

15. Marriage/Engagement

Marriage_Engagement niche
Marriage/Engagement niche

Another evergreen niche is marriage and engagement. With millions of people around the world doing engagements, pre-wedding photos, and marriages, this niche will always sell.

Selling gifts for the newly married couple are products most wedding guests will like to buy. Since different cultures buy different kinds of gifts which enables print-on-demand sellers you can target the ones that are happening in your culture.

Selling t-shirts with marriage-related phrases is a good angle to also target this niche, making marriage and engagement one of the evergreen niches for print-on-demand.

16. Mental health

If you are looking for evergreen niches for print-on-demand, then mental health designs are one of them.

This niche has been getting popular over the years, and more popular after the pandemic and the economic crisis that comes after it.

Well, this makes sense considering the fact that mental health is such a significant part of our lives we need to care for it with great importance!

This means a lot of advocates will proudly support any print-on-demand design that supports and relieves the mental health of others.

Your designs must carry a powerful word that encourages people with mental health and also people around them.

17. Music

As the saying goes “music is life” and as we live we love to buy products that inspire the kind of music we listen to, making this one of the evergreen niches for print-on-demand.

While this niche is more popular and everlasting, bear in mind that lyrics, artists, and bands are most of the time trademarked. Never use logos, faces, and iconic visuals that strongly represent the trademark owner.

You can focus on using instruments like guitars, pianos, and cellos. music genres like hip hop, afro beats, reggae or blues, etc.

18. Zombie animations

Zombie Niche
Zombie Niche

Zombie animation is a great evergreen niche for print-on-demand that is less competitive.

People tend to avoid this niche because of how trademarked some of the zombie characters are, but you don’t need to create designs on this character but rather on anything based on your passions.

You can zombie a dog animation, cats, hand signs, or other things that may inspire you to create the design of your POD products.

19. Beauty and makeup

If your targeted audience is mostly females, then this evergreen niche for print-on-demand is for you. A lot of women use makeup fancy showing off their art skills, and your POD designs can reflect that art for them.

Start creating beauty and makeup-inspired designs that have strong art that represents the makeup industry with wording that is relatable to makeup users.

20. Tech

Tech niche
Tech niche

There are a lot of people that love technology and can spend their last cents to purchase the latest tech products. This group of people is your targeted audience in this niche.

The reason this niche is one of the evergreen niches for print on demand is that people will always want tech-related products and tech enthusiasts are always ready to buy things that show them off as tech users.

There is a new slang in the tech community known as “tech bro” or “tech sis”, you can use these powerful tech phrases to create POD designs that all tech lovers around the world will love.

You can celebrate, have fun, and be educated about your designs and as long as it is tech-related, there are many people out there that will die for the products, and it is also one of the evergreen niches for print-on-demand.


The above article is a long list of evergreen niches for print on demand and we hope this article helps you find the best niche for your print-on-demand business.

Thank you for having the time to read this article about evergreen niches for print on demand to the end.  If you have any, comment on your thoughts in the comment section and share them with your friends. 

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