The 10 Flight Booking Websites in Australia in 2023

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This article will overview the 10 best websites for booking flights in Australia in 2023 and explain why each is a top choice. We’ll equally state the features that make each website unique and provide helpful tips for getting the most out of your flight booking experience.


Therefore, if you are an experienced traveler or a newbie, this article is sure to assist you in getting the best deals online. 

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Flight Booking Websites in Australia

The 10 Flight Booking Websites in Australia in 2023

Below are the 10 Flight Booking Websites in Australia in 2023


#1. Skyscanner


Skyscanner is back on top best this year, jumping from #3 to becoming the hands-down top player on price. It was the only service on the list never to trip beneath average on any price—and when it was average, it was often just $10 to $15 advanced or higher than the low-priced rate. It is considered the best or near-best fare 13 times out of 28. It is recommended never to book a ticket without checking Skyscanner first.


Pros: It is a champion for the lowest fares

Cons: It doesn’t include luggage fees up front, though it maintains a page of links to each airline’s fees page; it mixes sponsored results with organic ones, though it marks them visibly and clearly


#2. Kiwi


Kiwi, the decade-old Czech site, tells you approximately several modern travel hacks to make a powerful booking engine: self-transfer amid non-partnered airlines, totalling trains and buses to the mix, and those veiled cities “skip lag” prices (it labels those as “no-checked-bag itinerary”). Kiwi’s Nomad option is like an essential travel agent.

You choose a departure airport, date array, trip distance (which equally could be a range), and any number of visioned destinations, and it will make the best journey to save time and money. It equally provides sample air itineraries (customizable) by landmass.


Pros: Nearly the best at getting the lowest prices; can include train and bus options, powerful filters, and outstanding options for flexible itineraries.

Cons: Often cited for poor client service; a pop-up page of hotels is pre-chosen

#3. Hopper


The travel app Hopper has been in place since 2015, and it lastly demonstrated it has the goods. Its high position is because of finding the best or close-best price thirteen times, which was on par with the top 2 sites.

It can effortlessly have snared a higher position in store for a few flubs on last-minute long-haul flights—not the poorest, but beneath average.

Pros: Steadily reasonable fares; exceptional breakdown of flight services; price alerts; advice on if to purchase now or wait according to price trends

Cons: Restricted filters; many pop-up pitches; no website sort

4. Kayak


Kayak is the most well-known fare aggregator, but its results were typically middle-of-the-road. On the optimistic side, it has the most packed set of filters, plus obscure ones like landing times, stopover cities, alliances, in-flight services, and aircraft type. Kayak is one of only 3 sites to include a filter that lets you factor in any number of checked and cabin bags. Outside that, it falters. 

Pros: Fare red alert; outstanding filters; can analyze fares with luggage fees; Given advice, if to purchase now or later based on past price trends

Cons: Hardly the best on price; lost some of the countless features that once made it different

#5. Tripadvisor


Tripadvisor is not just a podium to vent about travel disasters any longer. Tripadvisor, the granddaddy of crowdsource sites, is fighting to become a one-stop shop for all your travel requirements, and its efforts in the airfare search sector have become inspiring. It outdid the top four to get the best fare for six weeks. 

Pros: Fare alerts; a decent variety of filters; can be asked to include close airports

Cons: Fails obvious likely connections; does not include luggage fees; mechanically opens search windows for added sites except you reject or deselect the function.

#6. Momondo

Aggregator / OTA

Momondo has also transitioned from a pure aggregator to an OTA as well, providing direct booking on its site. It is admirably clear about this: When you click on the menu for any transaction or deal, it shows its price first, but it equally includes fares from other sites, even if they’re affordable. 

Its filters are at the fullest in the business, and its results screen is still one of the fullest—even though it would be nice to add actual baggage fees rather than broad notes like “baggage fees may apply.” 

Pros: Great results generally; fare calendar chart displays average rates for a wide range of dates; provides when to purchase advice; 

Cons: Outcomes were just average 57 percent of the time; no luggage fee details; you are required to check for consumer criticisms or complaints before buying from some of the unfamiliar third-party sellers it finds

#7. Skiplagged


Skiplagged, a newcomer in the industry that first showed up in 2013, speedily outgrew its travel hacker origins to claim the top spot in 2019. 

More pointedly, it has slid to being just average in price. Skiplagged did get the best rates a few times on last-minute fares, but it batted below average on long-haul fares.

Pros: It’s attractively fast; has that “hidden city” characteristics

Cons: Mediocre filters; no supple dates choice or possibilities (even though it does have a chart showing prices over 30 days)



Google’s purchase of the IATA Software flight engine some time ago didn’t shoot into the game-changer as many projected. But, the online search giant has a joint database with its algorithmic magic to create some brilliant features.

Google Flights shows a tremendous “Explore map” feature that lets you select any two major city pairs and see the lowermost fare for your dates in addition to price trends for the month close to them.

Pros: Accessibly the fastest; healthier than most at canvassing low-cost carters, but with gaps; valuable calendar and chart of prices; complete filters; ability to add or exclude airlines or available seat outlets, entertainment, and Wi-Fi.

Cons: Achieved only average on price—not ever the best, and at times the worst

#9. FlightNetwork


FlightNetwork, a Canadian online travel agency, makes the top 10 for the first time—but the results were everywhere. Yes, it found amongst the lowest last-minute fares for Miami–Rio and Philly–Rome; however, it actually let fall the ball on L.A.–Tokyo. By far the high-priced when it came to last-minute fares.

Not only that it discloses baggage fees, but it also won’t allow you to package them into the fare. It just shows a notice that you will “be able to include luggage during check-in at the airport.

Pros: At times turns up a gem of a low fare

Cons: Uninspiring customer service; slight filters; prices are in Canadian dollars (currency)



Yes, that The one well-known for hotels. It also added airfare searches sometime back. is a business sister of Kayak, yet their record was always different. The two varied so much that both made separate places. 

Pros: Dead fast interface; quick results

Cons: Hardly does better than middling on price; does not display baggage fees


The 10 Flight Booking Websites in Australia in 2023 provide a varied range of options for travelers. From good deals to luxury packages, these websites offer the most suitable way to book flights and make travel preparations.


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