10 Free Online Beauty Courses With Certificates to Build Your Career 

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If you want to be successful as a beauty expert, you should think about learning how the human body functions. You can fulfil your dream of becoming a beautician with the aid of these free online beauty courses with certificates outlined in this article.


The need for licensed cosmetologists is at an all-time high as a result of the current boom in the beauty industry. Therefore, we advise that you obtain a cosmetology license right once if you have an interest in makeup, skincare, or beauty.

There are many companies that now provide online beauty classes via the Internet. However, it is important that you select online beauty and cosmetology courses that will allow you to not only learn but also certify your knowledge.

Free Online Beauty Courses With Certificates

What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the art and science of enhancing the appearance of one’s hair, nails, and skin.


Who is a Cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist is a professional in the application of cosmetic operations, therapies, and treatments to improve one’s outer appearance, as well as the application of cosmetic treatments to people’s hair, skin, and nails.

Hairstyling (haircutting and coloring), esthetics (skincare), makeup application, nail care (manicures and pedicures), and other aesthetic treatments are all part of cosmetology.


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How do Online Beauty Courses work?

Cosmetology courses can be taken online by students who don’t have the time or opportunity to attend local colleges or universities to take them. While many of these programs offer the flexibility of online learning, they also provide the same education that you would receive in person.


The majority of them do enroll in free online beauty courses that grant them certificates once they have finished their studies.

You might not be allowed to take all of your pre-license courses online, though, depending on your state. If you’re considering enrolling in an online program, you should keep a few things in mind.

If your state permits online cosmetology education, you can enroll in one of the numerous available certified programs. Expect to study the same fundamental subjects as you would in a conventional brick-and-mortar institution.


Some programs could also need you to participate in the online class for a set number of hours each day. However, many systems allow you to work at your own pace, allowing you to complete the task however you see fit. Numerous students are attracted to the program because of its flexibility.

Reading, lessons, and tests will be managed and carried out online, albeit the tests will require some type of monitoring. You will also need to register for in-person training for sections of courses that cannot be offered online. For technical abilities, you might need to attend on-campus training.

How Long Does It Take to take an online Beauty Course?

In terms of time required, each cosmetology school is significantly different, although the BLS reports that most full-time online programs take nine months or more to complete.

10 free online beauty courses with certificates to build your career 

Here is a list of our 10 listed Free Online Beauty Courses with Certificates in 2023 and they include the following:

#1. Makeup Application Training

This makeup application training course is meant to provide students with practical skills, information, and understanding of makeup application through a “hands-on” approach to learning.

A makeup artist can work as a makeup artist for cinema, television, or theater. It is a satisfying profession. Other job prospects include working as a makeup consultant for a makeup brand, doing wedding or event makeup on your own, and doing makeup for fashion events or photoshoots.

#2. Body Massage Course Online

One of the most well-liked body massage styles in the industry, Swedish massage methods, will be taught in this online body massage course. You will gain knowledge of different body massage techniques, how to combine them to give a soothing and therapeutic full-body massage, and the safety precautions needed to deliver these treatments in compliance with industry standards.

Learn how to give a professional body massage that encourages relaxation, boosts circulation, and preserves the flexibility of muscular tissue by utilizing a variety of fundamental and advanced massage techniques.

The massage will also include acupressure areas to aid in the treatment of numerous common conditions like exhaustion, tension, and muscle aches, as well as to promote the body’s natural healing processes.

#3. Diploma in Makeup Artistry

The topics covered in this free online course for a diploma in makeup artistry include tools, brushwork, eye, face, and beauty makeup, as well as managing your own business.

You’ll receive a thorough introduction to the cosmetics industry, as well as advice on how to pick the best tools and makeup formulas to give yourself a competitive edge through interactive topics with photographs and evaluation questions.

This training is beneficial for both those seeking employment in the cosmetics industry and makeup consumers looking to advance their personal application skills.

#4. Online Acrylic Nail Extensions Course

The online acrylic nail extensions course will teach you the method of applying for acrylic nail extensions, the extension procedure, mixing techniques, and maintenance procedures, as well as follow-up guidance.

An expert course teacher will be available by email to assist you, and you will be able to study from the comfort and convenience of your home. This course is ideal for those who want to study nail treatments for personal reasons.

To practice with and utilize on your first clients, you can purchase an optional beginning kit. This will assist you in making the most of this professional course.

#5. Brow Shaping & Brow and Eyelash Tinting Course Online

For women who want to look nice and beautiful, eyelash and eyebrow treatments are becoming more and more popular. As a result, eyelash and eyebrow tint treatments define the eye area and create a polished appearance, eliminating the need for daily makeup application.

You will learn how to properly complete eyebrow shaping treatments (wax and tweezers), eyebrow and eyebrow tint, and eyebrow shaping treatments safely in this online course.

You will receive guidance while you carry out these wildly popular treatments and develop the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in accordance with industry standards.

#6. Online Anatomical & Physiological Knowledge of Body Systems Course

Professionals seeking expertise in the field of beauty treatment, whether as a therapist or a trainer of others in beauty therapy, will find the online anatomical and physiological knowledge of body systems to be excellent.

This course is perfect for people who may have already completed practical training programs that covered treatment skills in beauty therapy, are brand-new to the field and seeking instruction in advanced procedures like aesthetics or are currently employed in beauty salons but wish to deepen their knowledge in these theoretical fields, such as beauticians or teachers.

This online course can be completed at your own leisure. You will be guided through the course by thorough manuals and online multiple-choice theory exams.

#7. Diploma in Cosmetology

This fascinating online cosmetology course includes fascinating subjects, including how to do different beauty treatments, how to perform an excellent manicure, how to style hair, and how to provide clients with skincare advice.

This course includes interactive quizzes, tests, and examinations that are provided through a system that is accessible 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (12 months). Additionally, there are effective study tools and assistance services that will boost your self-assurance and ensure your qualifications.

#8. Diploma in Beauty Technician – Level 3

This course focuses on fascinating beauty issues and imparts knowledge of beauty therapy as well as practical skills for using cosmetic equipment, doing manicures, styling hair, assembling makeup kits, and doing eyelash extensions.

You will be qualified to provide clients with luxurious beauty treatments and guidance from beauty professionals once you have earned your Level 3 Beauty Technician Diploma.

This course is best and ideal for anyone who wants to launch a successful career as a beauty technician or who wants to open their own beauty therapy business.

#9. Online Hair styling Training Course

This hair styling course is specifically created for practicing therapists who want to provide their clients with more services or who simply like to learn the fundamentals of hairdressing for personal pleasure.

You will learn how to use straighteners securely, how to work with them to create loose or tight curls, and how to build basic style techniques.

The course’s comprehensive study materials and video tutorials will help you. You will also learn how to create a range of bridal hairstyles for special occasions, as well as a theoretical understanding and the safety measures involved in performing these treatments in accordance with industry standards.

If you want to gain confidence in producing a variety of hairstyles, this online course is suitable as a stand-alone course.

#10. Online Brow Lamination Course 

This online eyebrow laminating course includes extensive study materials and video lessons and is meant to teach you one of the most popular beauty treatments accessible today.

This online course will walk you through the process of laminating, tinting, and shaping your brows with tweezers, as well as all the skills and methods you’ll need to know to start earning money by delivering this popular procedure to your friends, family, and clients.

The 3 Benefits of Taking Beauty Courses Online

A profession in beauty therapy has the potential to be both fulfilling and financially lucrative. Furthermore, it is an industry of tremendous strength and stability, demonstrating exceptional resilience even during times of economic crisis. Below are some of the benefits one can get from taking beauty courses online.

  • Flexibility

Freelance beauticians have unlimited flexibility and the opportunity to set their own work schedules and patterns. It is also very feasible to establish oneself as a mobile beautician, so lowering startup expenses, complexity, and overhead.

  • Financial Rewards

The potential rewards in the beauty therapy profession are nearly limitless, particularly for those who create and run their own firms. Work alone, create a salon, or become the next industry leader with a national company – the possibilities are truly limitless.

  • Job Security

The industry is not only massive in terms of size and value, but it also continues to grow and evolve at a breakneck rate. Starting a career as a beautician actually means taking advantage of the opportunity for lifetime employment stability.


Despite the fact that some of these courses are free, you must pay a charge to process your certificate once you have finished the course.

Additionally, you’ll need a makeup kit so that you can put what you learn in the course into practice. Your beauty abilities will be promptly updated, and completing any of these free online beauty courses with credentials will set you apart from your competitors in this industry.






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