Fully Funded Masters Scholarships In Finland For International Students 2023

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In Finland, are you looking for scholarships that pay for everything? Scholarships in Finland 2023 are currently accepting applications. Candidates from all over the world are welcome to apply. The Ministry of Education and Culture pays for the scholarships. Finland gives scholarships to people who want to get a bachelor’s, Master’s, or doctoral degree.


Find a course of study at a university before applying for admission if you wish to apply for the Finland scholarship. You may apply for the Scholarship after being accepted. 13 institutions and 22 universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Finland offer more than 500-degree programs taught in English.


The most critical component is that top-ranked Finnish universities provide grants and admission to non-IELTS candidates. Scholarship applications are free. The Scholarship is open to 180+ nations. Apply for Finland International Student Scholarships 2023. This page details the application process, universities without IELTS, and scholarships.

Key Takeaways

  • How to apply for the fully funded masters scholarships in Finland
  • List of Universities that offer fully funded masters scholarships in Finland
  • Requirements for the fully funded masters scholarships in Finland
  • Benefits of the fully funded masters scholarships in Finland
Fully Funded Masters Scholarships In Finland For International Students

How To Apply For The Fully Funded Masters Scholarships In Finland

To apply for the fully financed Master’s scholarships in Finland, you must complete a few steps. Finding the Scholarship you want to apply for is the first step. You may get this information online or by contacting the Finnish embassy in your area. After you have located the Scholarship, you must apply. Make sure you include the necessary data and supporting documentation.

A committee will examine your application once you’ve submitted it. You will be informed and need to provide further information if you are chosen as a beneficiary. You can start your studies in Finland once everything is finished!

List Of  Universities That Offer Fully Funded Masters Scholarships In Finland

searching for international students seeking masters or doctoral scholarships in Finland? You just discovered it. Over 400 English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are now available in Finnish universities.

There are alternatives for doctoral study and research as well. Universities of applied sciences (UAS) typically provide most English-taught bachelor’s degree programs, while universities typically offer most English-taught Master’s degree programs.

Aalto University Scholarship

All nationalities may choose from a variety of Aalto University provides several Master’s degree programs with instruction conducted solely in English. Several non-European Union/European Economic Area students may get complete tuition waivers to attend these programs at Aalto University (foreign)nationals. Following merit, the scholarships will be awarded.

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UNU-WIDER Visiting Ph.D. Fellowship For International Researchers

Registered doctorate students may use UNU-resources WIDERs and facilities for their dissertation or thesis research and collaborate with scholars in fields of interest to both parties via the UNU-WIDER Visiting Ph.D. Fellowship Program. Typically, visiting Ph.D. fellows spend three months at UNU-WIDER before returning to their home university. One or more research publications are written and presented by fellows in Helsinki.

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United Nations University – WIDER Ph.D. Internships

Through the UNU-WIDER Ph.D. Internship-registered doctoral candidates have access to UNU-WIDER facilities and resources for conducting research toward their dissertations or theses.

They also have the opportunity to collaborate with UNU-WIDER researchers on projects of mutual interest. Interns working for their doctorates produce one or more research articles in Helsinki and deliver a session on their results. The WIDER Working Paper Series may allow Ph.D. interns to publish their work.

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Finland Government Scholarships

The Finland Government Scholarship Pool program is open to young researchers from any field. You can’t utilize the scholarship money to get your Master’s degree or do research beyond that point. No research or academic positions are available for applicants to the Finnish Government Scholarship Pool program. Essentially, it’s a call for financial support.

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CIMO Doctoral Fellowship For International Students

Doctoral-level students pursuing their doctorate (or double doctorate) in a Finnish university are the program’s primary target audience. All candidates from across are welcome to apply to participate in the program from anywhere in the globe.

To be considered for a scholarship, an applicant must be from a non-Western country; however, those from North America, Chile, Brazil, China, India, and Russia are given preference.

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EDUFI Fellowships Program For Young Doctoral Students

Young doctoral students and researchers from various nations and academic disciplines are eligible for the EDUFI Fellowships program. The program does not fund post-doctoral study or research at the Master’s level.

The EDUFI Fellowship program has no set deadline for applications each year. Applications are always taken into consideration. Application deadlines must be met, but at least five months in advance of the anticipated scholarship term. Decisions will be made approximately three months after the application has been received.

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University Of Turku Postdoctoral Research In Science and Medicine

The University of Turku is a renowned interdisciplinary research institution that provides stimulating obstacles and a distinctive perspective to national and international research and teaching. The University of Turku conducts a wide range of global research.

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thisisFINLAND Foreign Correspondents’ Programme For International Journalists

Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has run ThisisFINLAND’s Foreign Correspondents’ Programme (FCP) since 1990.

The program is intended for aspiring young journalists from abroad. The program provides an excellent chance to learn more about Finland, Finnish society, and the Finnish way of life. Briefings on different topics, encounters with Finnish experts, and trips to businesses, organizations, and places of culture are all included.

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University Of Helsinki Scholarships For International Students

The University of Helsinki is one of the Best scholarship program is designed for exceptional students from outside the EU/EEA who desire to enroll in a Master’s degree there. While submitting a master’s degree application to the University of Helsinki, applicants may also submit a grant application.

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The University Of Tampere Scholarships

Tuition-based Master’s degree students studying English at the University of Tampere will soon be eligible for a new scholarship program. Scholarships are available to the most academically promising students who pay the tuition.

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University Of Oulu Masters Scholarships

Starting this fall, the University of Tampere will provide scholarships to international students pursuing a Master’s degree in one of its programs taught in English. Students participating in the University of Oulu’s foreign Master’s programs that last two years are eligible for the Finland scholarships.

For a student to retain their Scholarship for the next academic year, they must have completed 55 ECTS by the previous academic year’s end. Any Master’s degree candidate who does not achieve this requirement must pay the total international student rate to graduate. Scholarships.

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Protein Science International Masters Scholarship

A Protein Science International Master’s Scholarship Program has also been established by the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine to offer financial aid to academically gifted international students enrolled in the University of Oulu’s international Master’s program in Protein Science and Biotechnology. International degree students who begin their studies in the fall semester do not pay tuition at the university.

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University Of Helsinki International Student Scholarship Grant

The University of Helsinki provides an international student grant program for Master’s degree scholarships. About 50 start-up funds are available from the University of Helsinki to suitable applicants who are accepted into an international master’s degree program.

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Requirements For The Fully Funded Masters Scholarships In Finland

When applying to bachelor’s degree programs, most institutions require applicants to have the equivalent of a high school diploma or GED. Even if you’ve already graduated from college, you will still need your upper secondary school credentials to apply to a Finnish higher education institution.

You must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or its equivalent to be eligible for Master’s level admission. If you are a qualified candidate, you may have to take an admission test or go through an interview

If English isn’t your first language, you may need to show how well you can communicate. IELTS and TOEFL are the most widely acknowledged alternatives; however, many colleges also provide additional possibilities. Don’t forget to confirm any potential English language proficiency exam exemption policies with the organization you are applying to.

The institution you’ve applied to will process your application and make a final admission decision when the application period and any entrance examinations are finished. You will get an official letter of acceptance from the school after you have been accepted as a student. Keep in mind to validate your research location according to the instructions provided by your university.

Benefits Of The Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in Finland

International students from various backgrounds may get fully supported Master’s scholarships in Finland. These scholarships may cover the total cost of your tuition and give a stipend for living costs. Fully funded scholarships provide more than just financial advantages; they also allow recipients to network with other students from across the globe and get valuable professional experience.

The following are some advantages of fully financed scholarships in Finland:

  • The chance to study at some of the world’s premier colleges
  • A low cost of living with a good standard of living
  • A protected and friendly setting
  • Generous financial aid packages that pay for both education and living costs
  • The chance to network with academics from across the globe and obtain relevant professional experience

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Although finding a way to pay for your study might be challenging, overseas students can apply for several fully financed Master’s scholarships in Finland.

We hope that this list gives you the facts you need to decide wisely and choose the best Scholarship for your academic endeavors. With so many choices available, it’s critical to invest time studying to choose the solution that best suits your requirements. Good fortune!

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