List Of Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In Finland For International Students In 2023

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In Finland, are you looking for fully funded scholarships? The application period for the Scholarships in Finland 2023 is currently open. International candidates are welcome from wherever in the globe. The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for funding the scholarships. Finland offers scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees.


The most significant part is that the top-ranked Finish Universities are open to applicants without IELTS and provide scholarships and admission. The scholarship program does not charge an application fee. Students from more than 180 different countries are eligible for the Scholarship. We urge you to apply for the International Student Scholarships in Finland 2023. We provide you with all the information regarding the application procedure, universities that don’t need IELTS, and a list of scholarships in this post.


Key Takeaways

  • How to apply for the fully funded scholarships in Finland
  • List of fully funded Universities For undergraduate scholarships in Finland
  • Requirements for the scholarships in Finland
  • Benefits of the Scholarship in Finland
Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In Finland For International Students

How To Apply For The Fully Funded Scholarships In Finland

Logging in using the website is possible for any student interested in applying for the Scholarship. The website includes essential information to advise candidates and to assist students in having a safer entering experience with their applications. Depending on the program, there are a variety of different application periods.

For example, registration for a bachelor’s degree program begins in January. Still, registration for postgraduate degrees occurs between November and early December, as well as the middle and end of January. In some circumstances, in addition to the actual registration day, there may be additional applications for students to fill out.

List Of Fully Funded  Universities For Undergraduate Scholarships In Finland

In Finland, are you seeking a scholarship? For international students, there are undergraduate and graduate scholarships available. In Finland, English is the primary language of instruction for more than 400 bachelors and graduate degrees. Thus, students of Anglophone descent may think about moving here to further their studies.

Protein Science Master’s Scholarship At The University Of Oulu

Students from other countries who are exceptionally gifted and want to get their master’s degrees in protein science and biotechnology from the University of Oulu are eligible to receive the Scholarship.

The grant is given to fifteen deserving students enrolled in the protein and biotechnology program or the protein science international program, whichever is applicable. Due to the nature of the Scholarship, the institution will not assess any tuition costs for the program, and a stipend of 4,000 Euros will be provided to cover living expenses.

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Maid Sailors Big dreams Scholarship

The Maid Sailors Company provides Scholarships to deserving students so they may continue their education after graduating from high school and enrolling in either college or university.

A stipend of $1,500 is included in the Scholarship, and the top applicant will also receive an additional prize of $3,000 in cash. All students working for a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree are included in this category.

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University Of Helsinki Scholarships For International Students

The scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to outstanding students from countries outside the EU/EEA area who are enrolled in master’s degree programs.

The Scholarship will be awarded to you for two years; however, after the first year, the award amount will be determined by how well you are academic. A 10,000 euro study award is also provided in addition to the tuition cost coverage provided by the Scholarship, which ranges from 13,000 to 18,000 Euros.

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The University Of Tampere Scholarships For International Students:

This grant is available to international students who are enrolled in master’s degree programs that are provided in English. There are two different types of scholarships available: one pays either the entire or half of the tuition costs, and the other is a worldwide student award that covers the total tuition fees as well as provides a grant of 7,000 EUR to help cover the student’s living expenses during their time at school.

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Finland Government Scholarships For International Students:

The money for the scholarship program is awarded on an application-only basis, and it is open to young researchers anywhere in the globe. The research and study program can range from three months to a maximum of nine months.

The Scholarship provides a monthly stipend of 1,500 EUR. However, the beneficiaries are responsible for covering additional costs incurred while traveling into and out of Finland.

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United Nations University – WIDER Internships For International Students

As part of their thesis study, foreign doctoral students may get hands-on experience with the facilities and resources available at UNU-WIDER via the internship program.

This Scholarship will provide you with a monthly salary of 1,600 Euros, travel costs to and from the university that awarded you your Ph.D., and medical insurance while participating in an internship. In most cases, the term consists of three uninterrupted months at UNU-WIDER.

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University Of Oulu Masters Scholarships

A student from another country enrolled in a master’s degree program is eligible for the Scholarship. Before the start of the current academic year, students must have completed a minimum of 55 ECTS. The Scholarship is granted to ten out of forty candidates who meet the requirements. The scholarship award is intended to pay the entire tuition expenses and will only be given for one year.

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 Aalto University Scholarships

Based on the applicants’ achievements, the scholarships are given to international students from countries outside of the EU and EEA who are enrolled in master’s degree programs that are taught in English. The scholarships are typically awarded for two academic years and cover tuition fees of either 16000 EUR (or 8000 EUR each academic year) or half of the total tuition, which is 8000 EUR for the whole degree.

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 CIMO Doctoral Fellowship For International Students:

Students pursuing a Ph.D. from any country, particularly Russia, China, India, Chile, Brazil, and the United States of America, are eligible to receive the grant. The scholarship award is in the sum of 1500 EUR, in addition to assistance with some of the living costs associated with residing in Finland (single person).

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Requirements For The Scholarships In Finland

Any student leaving their home country to get a scholarship in Finland must have their high school diploma to be eligible to enroll in one of Finland’s universities.

Undergraduate bachelor’s degrees are required for those looking for postgraduate coursework. It could be comparable to a bachelor’s degree in Finland. In some instances, students may take an admission exam or be interviewed to gauge their aptitude for a particular field of study.

The TOEFL and IELTS are the most popular language examinations to evaluate students’ language skills. Knowing the language exam that the university usually administers can help you prepare effectively.

Benefits Of The Scholarship In Finland

For international students, Finland is an excellent destination to study. For students who decide to study here, the nation provides a lot of advantages, including:

  1. An excellent education. Finland is known for having top-notch educational institutions, and there are scholarships available to aid with the expense of attending.
  2. Reasonable living expenses. Finland is inexpensive compared to other European nations, allowing you to study here on a tighter budget.
  3. Numerous chances to obtain professional experience. To increase their employability after graduation, many international students in Finland take advantage of the chance to work while studying.
  4. A society that is kind and accepting. International students may quickly settle in and feel at home in Finland since Finns are often quite hospitable and pleasant.
  5. The opportunity to pick up a new tongue. You will have the chance to study two new languages while you’re here since Finland is legally bilingual (Finnish and Swedish), which is ideal if you’re trying to add a new language to your repertoire.

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For international students, Finland offers many undergraduate scholarships that are entirely sponsored. The most well-liked ones consist of the following:

The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool: Open to students from around the globe, this Scholarship pays for all tuition, a monthly stipend, and travel expenses.

International students who are accepted into one of the degree programs offered by the University of Helsinki may apply for one of the University of Helsinki Scholarships. The total cost of school and a monthly stipend are covered.

International students admitted into a degree program at Aalto University may apply for one of the scholarships offered by the university. The total cost of school and a monthly stipend are covered.

There is no reason not to apply for a fully financed undergraduate scholarship in Finland when so many fantastic possibilities are available!

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