List of Grants for Single Moms to Buy a House in the United States

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If you are a single mom looking for extra cash for housing in the united states, this is for you!


Housing grants are preferable to loans because people don’t have to pay them back. They are getting a grant for housing people and their children with the stability and security they need.

This article will analyze how to get immediate housing if people are homeless or if they are threatened with eviction. Then the article will further explain how people can get help to pay for rental accommodation and further explain how single moms can get a housing grant to bring their dream home to reality.

Grants for Single Moms to Buy a House in the United States

What is a Housing Grant?

A housing grant is a cash given to a single mom to help her with housing costs. This assistance (grants) can be a lifeline for a single mom struggling to make ends meet. Grants are provided by a nonprofit organization or the government and do not have to be repaid.


A housing grant is designed to help people pay for permanent or transitional housing. The grants can help you buy them their own home or cover subsidized housing services.

A loan is a money that has to be paid back, and although it can be helpful to people, it is better to focus first on the help they can get for free. This article analyzes how to get money for housing that people don’t have to pay back.


The article covers federal, state, and local government aid, charities, and organizations that offer housing assistance to single moms.

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List of financial assistance programs for single mothers in the United States

Below is a list of financial assistance programs in the United States for single mom

Being a single mom is hard enough; sometimes, it can feel impossible when they don’t have a roof over their head. If people are in this situation, they should know that they are not alone and help is available. Here are some organizations/programs that can assist single mothers with finding housing as soon as possible.

#1. Emergency Solutions Grants(ESG)

Emergency Solutions Grants(ESG) is an organization that helps families and individuals regain stability through permanent housing. People who have experienced homelessness can quickly get help with the program.


The program offers grants across the United States in rural areas and cities. It gives a wide range of options to access the services easily, and the program helps to:

               • Help families and individuals on the streets.

               • Operate and offers emergency shelters.

               • Prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless

#2. Emergency Food and Shelter Program(EFSP)

The United Way offers homeless people EFSP (Emergency Food and Shelter Programs). The program assists people without food all over the United States.

 Note that the program provides temporary assistance with rent, utility bills, food, and shelter. Single mothers are given priority in this program.

#3. The National Coalition for the Homeless         

This organization is a “nonprofit advocacy organization working to end and prevent homelessness.” The organization offers a variety of resources for single moms, including a list of state-by-state resources for assistance with housing.

The organization also provides educational materials on the mother’s rights as a homeless individual and what to do if they face eviction.

#4. Bridge of Hope Housing Assistance

This organization is a national church group. The organization offers housing assistance to single moms who need help fast. In addition, they assist low-income and homeless single moms struggling to provide for their households.

Bridge of Hope trains churches, Bible study groups, and other Christian groups to help homeless mothers 

in their communities in practical ways.

#5. Rental Housing Grants for Single Moms in the United States

If individuals are in housing but are behind in their mortgage or rent and fearing eviction, they need a different type of help.

It is easy and quick for single moms to stay caught up on bills when they have a lot of responsibilities. The following resources can help single mothers with housing grants, rental assistance, and subsidized housing services.

Some of the resources listed above also help with housing grants for single moms.

The program will help to seek permanent housing after the moms have been helped with their crisis. In addition, the program offer resources for permanent or transitional housing.

If single mothers need housing assistance, several programs and organizations can help. Here’s a list of some of the most popular options.

#6. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The program is federally funded. The program provides financial assistance to low-income families for utilities and rent.

While the program is not a cash grant, it will give people money for housing.

If individuals qualify, they will receive a voucher that can be used to rent a house or an approved apartment. People will need to meet income guidelines and have a good rental history for them to qualify.

#7. TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

The TANF program is a program that helps low-income single moms in many ways, including cash grants that are used for rent or other bills. The program can also help people find housing and teach them skills that help them keep their homes.

Each state manages this federal program, so people should get in touch with their local department of Human Services.

#8. CoAbode Single Mothers House Sharing

CoAbode program connects single moms who share interests. As a result of the organization, the mothers share a home and raise their children together to reduce bills.

CoAbode is a national organization with members all over the states. So, people can visit their website and search for other single mothers they can unite with to save costs.

#9. Grants to Buy Your Own Home as a Single Mother

As single moms, the dream is to own their own homes. And there are many resources available to help make that happen.

Some of the grants are offered by the federal government, while local and state governments provide others. Some private organizations offer grants to single moms who want to buy a home.

Housing grants available for single moms can be used to cover closing costs or as a down payment.

#10. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Rental Assistance Programs

The HUD program offers several rental assistance programs for low-income families, including the Section 8 program mentioned above. Other programs offered include the Public Housing program, which provides low-income single moms with affordable housing.

The Section 8 Housing program and HUD’s rental assistance programs are 2 of the most popular options for single moms.

#11. The US Department of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Grants for Single Mothers

The HUD program provides housing assistance to single moms when they are low-income. The HUD categories include townhouses, cheap apartments, and single-family houses.

The state and federal governments own the HUD properties. So people can easily apply in their state.

#12. The Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME)

The HOME program (Home Investment Partnership Program) is a program that offers appealing grants to single moms. It is the United States federal assistance to local govt. The United States Department of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) oversees it.

The federal government aims to use this program to provide affordable homes for low-income families. In addition, they focus on helping single mothers.

The HOME program is the largest federal block grant available in all states. As such, people will have an easy time contacting their local office.

#13. Habitat for Humanity Program

The program builds cheap and appealing homes for single moms. The program has helped millions of individuals find a place they can call home.

It is the leading global nonprofit organization (program) in more than 70 countries. The habitat for Humanity program works with supporters, donors, and volunteers. The organization ensures low-income families get permanent homes.

#14. Housing and Community Facilities Program(HCFP)

HCFP program (Housing and Community Facilities Program) is another great program for single moms. It offers financial assistance to home renters, buyers, and landlords.

The program tends to supply housing in rural areas, and as single mothers, the HCFp program will give them grants.

The program can provide single mothers with loan guarantees and direct loans. Since the HCFP program is an agency of the USDA, it provides the following grants to any eligible person:

               • Rural housing direct loans

               • Housing application packaging grants

               • Self-help loans

               • Water and wastewater grants

               • Rural housing guaranteed loan.

               • Rural housing rehabilitation and repair grants and loans

#15. The Operation of Hope Buyers Program

The program helps low-income home buyers to acquire a home easily and quickly. People benefit from down payment assistance, FDIC-approved loans, and first-time buyer help.

Operation of Hope program has created housing and financial assistance. The organization has helped communities and individuals since 1992. The program partners with individuals from all over the globe. It is to get money to ensure that low-income individuals get better lives.

#16. National Association of Realtors(NAR)

The NAR organization offers loans. Luckily, the organization is focused on low-income single mothers. So, if, as a single mom, you dream of your own home, contact NAR. 

The organization offers loans that are suited for single-income households. And the purpose of the program is to buy a permanent home. Single moms can benefit from this program. And apart from the loans, they also get grants. The Grants help cover their down payments and closing costs.

Their down payments vary depending on the loan type. Because down payments are more challenging to pay, they can quickly and easily get assistance with NAR.

The National Association of Realtors is proud of its 2000 down payment programs nationwide. The organization helps single moms own homes easily.


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