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How Do I Know If My Husband Is On Ashley Madison? Easy Steps


How Do I Know If My Husband Is On Ashley Madison
How Do I Know If My Husband Is On Ashley Madison
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The question that pops on every woman suspecting their husband to be on Ashley Madison is how do I know if my husband is on Ashley madison?

If you are looking for how to know if your husband is on Ashley Madison, then you have come to the right place because after reading this article, you will surely know if your husband is on Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison is not just the normal social media platform, but rather an exclusive app to hook up with married folks who want to have extramarital affairs.

Over 37 million cheaters are using this dating site, mainly in the U.S, UK, and Canada.

The dating site became highly popular among married people quickly during the pandemic. But before then, the site first gained public awareness for a data breach in 2015.

Since the dating site claims discretion and anonymity to its users, I know your question is “how do I know if my husband is on Ashley madison?”

Well, before you start looking for how to find out if your husband is on Ashley madison, there should be signs that will raise the suspicion that your husband may be cheating on you via Ashley Madison.

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We will first talk about those signs and if you see any of these signs, you can then start to hunt him on Ashley Madison.

If you think your husband is having an affair, then below are the signs to watch out for:

  • Does your husband guard his mobile device with his life and constantly check his messages, especially from apps on his phone? If your husband doesn’t share with you who has texted or emailed him and everything on his phone is now password-protected, then this could also be a sign that he is on Ashley Madison.
  • Is your husband no longer interested in having sex with you as usual? This change can happen either gradually or all of a sudden. You may want to take immediate action, especially if the sex life with your husband has always been good. If the bedroom affection has slowed down, then it could be that your husband is showing someone else some special affection.
  • Has your husband always tried to look good and sexy, bought some new clothes, and joined a gym without your knowledge? When men suddenly start changing their appearance just to look more attractive, it’s always a red flag that they are cheating.
  • If your husband enjoys spending too much time away from home and it seems he can’t stand to be in the same room with you, then this means he is seeing someone else on Ashley Madison or somewhere else.
  • If your husband has stopped making romantic eye contact with you during a conversation, this is usually the sign of guilt eating at him.
  • Do you see mystery charges on his credit card or on your credit card for gifts that you didn’t receive, trips you didn’t take or hotel bills you know nothing about?. These are signs that your husband is cheating on you on Ashley Madison or somewhere else.

Sometimes, it is hard to answer the mind-boggling question like “how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison?” you should always go with your gut instinct. If you feel something isn’t right investigate it before concluding.

So in this article, we are going to answer your question and show you how to find out if your husband is on Ashley Madison. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to the main topic of discussion.

How to know if your husband is on Ashley Madison

If you are asking questions like how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison? then there is only one way to do that.

The best approach is to install the Ashley Madison app and then create an account on Ashley Madison.

After creating an account on Ashley Madison, the next step is to search for your husband’s real name, nickname, or any possible names you think he may use on Ashley Madison.

If your husband appears during all these searches, then it means he is using Ashley Madison and he is cheating on you, but if he doesn’t appear, it means he is not cheating on you on Ashley Madison.

What If My Husband Is Using A Name I Don’t know

After searching for the names your husband might possibly use on Ashley Madison without finding him, and you still have this feeling that your husband is on Ashley Madison, how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison?

Well, there are a few things you should do and it requires invading your husband’s privacy.

While it is wrong to spy on your husband and be sneaking on his phone, if the situation is so serious that it doesn’t let you sleep well at night, the best thing is to check his phone to have peace of mind.

Your Husband phone
Your Husband phone

To answer the question “how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison?” and have peace of mind, you have to take your husband’s phone without his knowledge and perform the following investigations:

1. Look for the app on his phone

If your husband uses an iPhone, you can easily locate the Ashley Madison app anywhere on the device by just conducting a Spotlight Search.

You can do this by touching the middle of his iPhone screen and then swiping down.

If he uses an Android phone, you will need to open the menu in the app drawer and select “Show all apps” to see all the apps in his android device both hidden and unhidden apps.

Although there are many ways to hide apps on iOS and Android. So if your husband is a tech-savvy dude, it might be possible he has hidden the Ashley Madison app on his phone.

This means the question “how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison?” still remains unanswered and that takes you to the next step.

2. Look at his browser history

If you didn’t see the Ashley Madison app on his phone, this could be because he is using the web version of Ashley Madison.

In order to confirm this, you need to check your husband’s browser history by going through every browser on his phone.

Most online cheaters, especially the tech-savvy ones use their browser’s incognito mode, which means their phone browser deletes their browser history and erases all their cookies after visiting personal sites.

However not all do, and most times the tech-savvy ones forget to erase their tracks. So you need to check his browser history to see if he frequently visits the Ashley Madison site or other online dating sites.

If this still doesn’t answer the question “how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison?” then check out the next step.

3. Look for his credit card statement

For you to successfully get a hookup on the Ashley Madison app, you have to opt for the paid service.

So if you feel your husband is using Ashley Madison App, then there is a bunch of evidence hiding in his financial records.

While you are still with his phone, check his email and text messages to see messages sent to him through his bank or the Ashley Madison app for successfully making a subscription.

Since the app uses discretion and anonymity as its slogan, Ashley Madison changes its billing ID frequently. So you need to look for any account statement that says “$19 recurring monthly charges or $49 message access fees.”

Also bear in mind that many people including your husband may choose to purchase Ashley Madison subscriptions through iTunes in-app purchase.

So also keep an eye on iTunes charge notifications.

Ashley Madison’s in-app purchases can range from $19.99 to $99.99. It is also possible to view past purchases in the iTunes Store, but some details may be locked behind your partner’s Apple ID, even when Family Sharing is enabled.

If this fails to answer the question “how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison?”, then know that your husband is really not on Ashley Madison.


The above article answers your question “how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison?” and we hope it helps you know if your partner is on Ashley Madison.

If you finally discover that your husband has an Ashley Madison account, just know you’re not alone, because more than 30 million people were registered on this particular dating site and more on other sites.

Thoroughly think about each and every step you are going to take, what the outcome would be, the negative and the positive impact it would make in your life and the life of your children if you have one.

Remember to always talk to someone you trust, someone that can help you get over the situation. This could be your parents, your sibling, or a professional, most preferable a marriage counselor.

Thank you for having time to read this article on “how do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison”, and remember to drop your opinion in the comment section.

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