How to Apply for Financial Aid on Coursera

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Two Stanford University professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller launched the American massive open online course (MOOC) provider Coursera in 2012. The platform collaborates with universities and other platforms to provide online credentials, degrees, and courses in various areas.


The platform’s course offerings are largely free; as a result, there won’t be any fees if you enrol in a course only to study and access the course materials. However, you will have to pay the course fees if you also need a certificate of completion from Coursera and the university/institution that is offering the course.

Financial Aid on Coursera

But Coursera offers a financial aid option for students who need a certificate of completion but cannot pay for one.

Financial Aid Eligibility for Coursera

You must submit a financial aid application to determine if you qualify for financial aid support from Coursera. Determine your eligibility for this benefit using the details provided on your application, including your educational background, job objectives, and financial situation.


Also required is your commitment to upholding its Code of Conduct and Honor Code. Candidates for Coursera financial help must demonstrate that they are on a limited budget and possess academic credentials that adhere to the organization’s standards for learning. A career that directs your professional development must be determined.

This online education firm goes much further. You can always apply for financial aid through Coursera Plus if your salary is poor. Then, you might receive a full scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.


Application Requirements

You cannot apply using the mobile app; you must do it through the website on a PC.

To submit a scholarship or financial aid application:

  • Open the course description page where you want to submit your Financial Aid application using a computer.
  • Click Learn more and apply next to the information regarding financial aid or scholarships.
  • Complete and send your application. Be sure to use more than 150 words in your application. Applications that don’t meet this requirement won’t be considered.
  • Wait for the review of your application. You can start the course immediately in audit or free mode while waiting for the admissions committee to examine your application. It could take up to 15 days to complete the review.
  • You’ll receive an email after your application is evaluated, letting you know whether it was accepted or rejected. To find out the status of your application for financial aid, you may also visit your Updates page.
  • The application screening process could take up to two weeks after you submit it. Coursera, regrettably, is unable to expedite individual applications or grant exceptions.
  • While you wait for your application to be approved, you can see course materials for free by using the audit mode.

How to Apply for Coursera Financial Aid

It’s not as difficult as it might seem to apply for Coursera’s financial aid program. You must complete the financial aid application in the manner described below to apply for financial aid:

  • Visit the course homepage for the program for which you request financial assistance.
  • Click “Learn more and apply” next to the financial aid or scholarship information.
  • Ensure you meet all the requirements, including annual income, source of income, and payment sources.
  • Examine the details of the charge waiver and the privacy policy.
  • Then press the submit button.
  • Your application will be examined, and the outcome will be communicated.

Remember that there is no restriction on the times you can get financial aid from Coursera. You are only permitted to have 11 open financial aid applications at any given moment, according to the Coursera support forum.

For citizens and permanent residents of the United States, the maximum amount of student loan support is $20,500.


This rule also holds for prestigious online degrees, such as a Master’s in Applied Data Science.

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How Do You Get Full Financial Aid On Coursera?

You must complete the financial aid application process to be eligible for full financial aid on Coursera. Students are qualified for full financial aid based on their income, course preferences, and career objectives.

One of the best features of this well-known online learning platform is Coursera’s financial help. Additionally, a lot of students inquire about Coursera financial aid.

Financial Aids that are available through Coursera

The large range of courses offered by the full-financial aid option is the first thing you should be aware of. Listed below are a few of the most well-liked choices:

  • Career Development in English (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Controlling Human Resources (University of Minnesota)
  • Scientific and technological English (University of Pennsylvania)

How Long Does It Take Coursera Financial Aid?

Please be aware that attempting to enrol in the course after applying for financial aid may result in your application being denied. Remember to please wait 15 days before approving it. Coursera will send an email to your registered email address to inform you of it.


Coursera enables individuals who cannot fund their studies on the platform to get scholarships which can help them by facilitating their studies.

Explore the Coursera financial aid option and finish the courses you wish to study and learn on the platform.



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