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How To Boost Redbubble Sales: 13 Easy Steps


How to boost Redbubble sales
How to boost Redbubble sales
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How to boost Redbubble sales is one of the most important tips about Redbubble that will help you grow as an artist.

If you are an artist or into artwork designs like making stickers and wallpaper designs, you should consider signing up on Redbubble to sell your designs, and to do this, you need to learn how to boost a Redbubble sale.

Selling your artwork and design on Redbubble is the easiest online art sale process you can find on any E-Commerce platform and you don’t need to be a certified artist before you make a sale on Redbubble. It only requires skills and the ability to make a design that a buyer would like and purchase.

Redbubble is a friendly platform for artists all over the world who would want to make a few bucks down to thousands of dollars and to achieve that, you don’t need money to push your sales as every process used in selling a design on Redbubble is free. 

You can sell different designs that can be printed on bags, phone cases, cards, and gift items on Redbubble and it’s very stress-free as Redbubble gets the dirty work of marketing and selling to buyers off your hands. 

 Redbubble artists and designers do not pay money to open a Redbubble account, they simply upload their creative designs and receive money from design sales. It is completely free and open to everyone as long as you have basic digital skills. 

As an artist who intends to sell his artwork online, you should be interested in using the  Redbubble platform and how to boost Redbubble sales. 

However, If you don’t know how to boost Redbubble sales, you’ve come to the right blog as we would be explaining the process involved in making a Redbubble sale and how to boost Redbubble sales.

This article is well researched and aims to show artists and sellers on the Redbubble platform how to boost Redbubble sales. It also has a conclusion suggesting how legit Redbubble is.  

Before you get to know how to boost a Redbubble sale. You should know how to make a Redbubble sale and the platform Redbubble is all about. 

 What is Redbubble

Redbubble is referred to as a print-on-demand company that acts as a marketplace for selling artworks and designs by artists.  They not only serve as an E-Commerce platform for artists but handle the distribution processes of the designs. 

In simple terms, an artist makes the design which is termed the original masterpiece and Redbubble handles the printing, marketing, selling, and mailing of the products to buyers while the artist/seller receives profits.

It is free and easy to use as all you have to do is create digital artwork, upload your designs on the platform, and put it for sale. Redbubble simply ensures your designs get to the buyer. 

Redbubble is an Australian-based company founded by the Redbubble groups (RB groups) in 2006 and gained popularity and more traffic (visits by buyers) in 2015.

With the help of Shopify, it grew from being a small platform where Art apparel used for printing was sold, to be a major stakeholder in art marketing in Australia.

Redbubble has large traffic on its website. It is one of the most searched websites and ranks high on Google. This is because they have lots of customers using the platform to buy design prints or artworks. 

More than 800,000 independent artists currently use Redbubble to market their designs. Some of these Artists have earned more than $100 million through sales since the creation of Redbubble. 

With Redbubble, anybody can sell artwork as there are no applications or processes designed to detect your qualification as an artist. Hence, it’s a great place for newbies and anyone who wants to try making stickers and designing for sales. 

How does Redbubble work and how sales are made 

Before we talk about how to boost sales on Redbubble  we need to know how sales are made and how it works

Redbubble’s products come from different independent artists who upload their designs on the Redbubble website, and an artist’s primary purpose in using Redbubble is to sell his artwork for money. Once an artist uploads his designs on the platform it doesn’t mean the artist is selling his design to Redbubble. 

 It works more like this: An artist puts up his designs and if a prospective buyer likes the design and wants it printed on a paper, cup, or shirt. The platform handles the printing, mailing, and other processes. 

For instance, if a prospective buyer likes an Artwork and wants to have it printed on a jug, bed sheet, or a shirt, Redbubble handles the printing of the design on an item as well as the shipping, such a product is referred to as a Redbubble product.

Redbubble uses a base list which 

contains the price of the item, printing, packaging, shipping, and the Redbubble fees which are then added to the artist’s profit margin and this makes up the price of a Redbubble product. 

 An artist is allowed to have 30-40% of the sale price and allowed to have any profit margin of their choice. When an artist’s sales profit reaches $20, Redbubble will send your money monthly using a PayPal account. 


Quick summary of how Redbubble works. 

  • You upload your design on the platform without paying any tax or levy.
  • A buyer selects your designs through the Redbubble platform and items he wants it to be printed on
  • Redbubble prints the design,  and ships it to the customer. 
  • An artist gets his profit or royalties 
  • A Redbubble product sells for the base price plus the artist’s margin
  • For a sale to occur there is no need for a seller-buyer relationship
  • Redbubble is a free platform for artists to sell their designs. 

How to boost Redbubble sale

If you want to make money from the Redbubble platform then you should know how to boost your Redbubble sale. 

We are going to look at some techniques on how to boost Redbubble sales in your Redbubble store.

To boost Redbubble sales on your Redbubble store/shop you should do the following:

  1. Make your account look professional
  2. Run a Research
  3. Finding your niche
  4. Follow trends
  5. Designing according to season
  6. SEO
  7. Enable all products 
  8. Price reduction
  9. Social media marketing 
  10. Quality designs
  11. Tags
  12. Consistency

1. Make your account look professional 

The first step in making Redbubble sales is making your account look professional. This can be done by visiting your settings space on your Redbubble store to set your avatar.

A lot of buyers like to get original designs from artists as a method of supporting the artist’s brand, when they see an empty avatar they get discouraged. 

Therefore, Setting up your avatar allows people to keep an eye on you and your brand, and in doing so people come back and buy your designs especially when they are of good quality.

Another importance of making your account look professional is to gain Redbubble’s trust and make it easy for buyers to locate your store. There are thousands of stores on the platform so you need to be unique to get more sales.

How to make your account look professional on the Redbubble store

  • Simply log into the Redbubble website and sign up as a designer. 
  • Go to the settings on your Redbubble store where you would see the options to add an avatar, cover photo, and profile.
  • Upload a picture as an avatar more preferably a headshot of you or an eye-catching design.
  • Add a cover photo and fill in your profile with only professional details. 
  • You may want to add your qualifications to gain more visibility.

2. Run a Research

If you are reading this you are already doing research and on your way to boosting sales. However, before making a design you need to find out why and what the buyers would buy. 

You don’t start making designs for sales without proper research, you might end up making few sales because that’s just not what buyers are willing to purchase. Therefore, to sell your designs you need to make what people would like to purchase.

For example girls like flowery patterns, making a flowery design might boost your sales at the moment because you found out what girls liked through research and this would draw more ladies to your Redbubble store.

Running comprehensive research is one of the easy ways of boosting your sales.

4. Finding your niche

A niche is an area of specialization or a field/aspect you prefer to focus on. It’s important to have only one niche that would make you more experienced in certain fields. Some people break the “one niche” rule and have at most three and they are doing pretty well in creating designs in those fields.   

As an artist, you need to know how to find your Redbubble niche as this allows you to reach out to a targeted audience. If your designs are centered on clothes or phone case prints, you should keep creating more of such quality designs as you aim at getting buyers interested in phone or cloth prints.

Why? Because you are advertising your brand and more people get to buy from your shop as you become quick access to their design preferences.  If you have a niche it makes it very easy to be identified.

You need a niche that is in high demand but not a competitive one to connect to buyers quickly. 

If you don’t have a niche it is quite fine, you can always sell your products at random before finding a niche. But, having a niche attracts more buyers and spreads your visibility.

5. Follow trends.

The next step in boosting your sales is to follow trends as they come, especially when you do not have a particular niche. Trends are the selling baits of any product and people love to have the same trending designs.

You can find trends by researching what is in demand and quite popular. That’s why Redbubble is also known as a print-on-demand platform. 

There are several ways of getting trends to follow and one of them is through social media and making a list of designs buyers love to print and buy. 

Another way of keeping up with trends on Redbubble is using “trending searches” This is a feature on the platform that helps buyers find popular products. You can type in words to get specified trends and the algorithm would show you popular trends.   

Redbubble products are used by a lot of people and they publish facts on most sold items and designs and the knowledge of this helps you to create impressive artwork for sale.

6. Designing according to the season

Buyers’ preferences vary from season to season and as such a buyer would want to purchase an item with a design that matches the season especially if there is a festival or celebration.

Capitalizing on this point and making designs in line with the seasons help you make more sales.

For instance, during the Covid 19,  masks were used by a lot of people, and as it was a compulsory item a lot of people got their customized masks from Redbubble stores.

So creating designs that can be printed on masks was in high demand at that time and boosted a lot of sales on Redbubble because these artists understood fully what was in demand.

7. Enable all products

This is an option on the Redbubble app where you get to choose what products your designs should be printed on. They include varieties of clothing, books, equipment, etc. 

The enable all products button allows Redbubble to print your artwork on any item that the buyer requests.

Some artists may select only a few items because they feel their patterns are suitable for a particular print but since you don’t have a relationship with the buyer, it is advisable to enable all products to be printed with your designs. This way you don’t lose any sales due to buyer’s preferences.

8. SEO

This has more to do with how your designs rank on the Redbubble app. SEO is called search engine optimization where you use targeted keywords to rank higher on a website and this is also applicable to Redbubble stores.

Using popularly searched keywords to drive traffic to your shop would boost your Redbubble sales. For instance, Red sticker designs. This is a good keyword and is mostly used in searching for red designs to be printed on any items. The way you use such a keyword in your title or description would draw traffic to your store. 

9. Price reduction 

Reducing your profit margin as a new Redbubble artist may be a trick to getting traffic to your shop. 

Redbubble already has its base list and the cost of the whole purchase depends on your profit margin.

Do note that even if Redbubbles do all the work it’s more at your disadvantage when people don’t purchase from your store. Besides, Redbubble offers the same process to every store.

So reducing your profit margin would bring down the price of the printed item and would drive huge traffic down your store. 

Nonetheless, you determine your price margin on Redbubble. You can always increase it as soon as you have more sales on the Redbubble app. It’s like building a fanbase and once you have traffic to your shop you can increase your price margin.

Another way of doing this is to offer promotional prices for your designs, especially during the festive season and a bonus tip would definitely get people coming to your store and your Redbubble sales increase.

10. Social Media Marketing

Redbubble does all the marketing and selling but putting a little effort from your angle might just skyrocket your Redbubble sales.

Using social media to advertise Your Redbubble products would give hundreds of people access to your designs. You can also add links to your websites. 

In this case, you get to drive a seller-buyer relationship and get feedback on how to improve your designs. This helps interested buyers who may want to connect to the artist.

Although this may not be part of the terms and conditions if you love to get feedback and criticisms from your art collectors, you should try a little social media marketing from your end through your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms

11. Quality designs. 

If you want to boost your sales on the Redbubble platform, always create quality designs. A bad review might lead to a decrease in sales so you should aim at creating good quality designs to boost your sales.

Creating quality designs also attracts more traffic to your store and boosts your Redbubble sales.

12. Tags 

This is one fundamental trick to boosting Redbubble sales. You can use tags to categorize your work, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for or similar products.

Tag is one tactic used to draw traffic to your store and since it’s very effective there are a lot of tag spammers on Redbubble occupying first positions even with horrible designs.

Always enter your store names as tags so that when a customer searches for a particular item with a tag, the Redbubble algorithm pops up in your store. This way creating quality designs and tagging them appropriately would boost your Redbubble sales.

13. Consistency

Most artists’ secret to boosting sales and earning high is consistency. 

When consistent with creating designs you get to know what works out for your buyers. 

Through being consistent you find your niche, know when you jump on trends and when to create more designs. 

There are stores on the Redbubble app with 5000 designs and counting and they get up to this stage by being consistent.

Redbubble allows an artist to upload up to 60 designs per day and a good Redbubble artist would put up to 1 to 5 designs. The more consistent you become in uploading your designs the more you build up your stores. 

Plus you can never run out of designs even if it gets outdated, there is a possibility of trends coming back.


Redbubble is a legit artist platform and is still used by millions of customers to print designs on their gift items. 

Although it’s not a quick way of making money, the platform is a ticket to making stipends to pay off daily bills as well as serving as a motivating start-up for new artists.

This article is centered on how to boost Redbubble sales with tips collected from comprehensive research and advice from Redbubble artists. 

As you follow these tips on how to boost your Redbubble sales, we hope you see more improvement. Even if you are making small improvements you are definitely killing it.

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