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How To Deal With Unfriendly Neighbors: 10 Smart & Legal Ways


How to deal with unfriendly neighbors
How to deal with unfriendly neighbors
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How to deal with unfriendly neighbors can be difficult, especially dealing with unfriendly neighbors who appear to be friends but have bad intentions for you.

Situations like these are pretty tough and the funniest part is that if you don’t handle these unfriendly neighbors the smart way, you may end up being the bad one who is accusing his/her neighbors unjustly.

Aside from that, dealing with unfriendly neighbors can make the most beautiful home in the most serene neighborhood be hell if you live next door to the wrong kind of neighbors.

Mean and rude neighbors are the worst thing to happen to you in your neighborhood and it can drive the most peaceful person crazy.

I’ve had my fair share of unfriendly neighbors in my life, and I’m sure many have. Some neighbors may not even be aware of their unfriendly behavior while some nasty ones are aware and just don’t care.

Either way, how to deal with unfriendly neighbors properly and effectively can be the equivalent of trying to push a cart sideways. And sometimes, it is also how to make your neighbors move.

So if you see yourself in this situation, we have listed a few smart and legal ways of how to deal with unfriendly neighbors. If you apply these tips properly and effectively, it will yield good results.

1. Politely confront your neighbor

The first step on how to deal with unfriendly neighbors is by politely confronting them and getting to know them.

Most times, your neighbor might not be aware that they are unfriendly to you. The reasons might be that they are hard of hearing, they don’t speak the same language as you, or they never learned manners.

Nawa days, most people are simply not taught social graces, especially the younger adults. They might know when someone says hello to them, but they weren’t taught how rude it is not to return a friendly greeting.

So the best way to deal with unfriendly neighbors and as well as to know their true intention is by confronting them. If you can understand why someone is doing something, it becomes easier to get the solution and it also becomes a lot less annoying and even become not annoying.

While talking to them, do not lay accusations, let them know how the problem bothers you, and make suggestions on the best ways to solve it together with your neighbors.

If you do this the right way, it’s the first step to take when talking about how to deal with unfriendly neighbors.

2. Break them with kindness

Naturally, some people need acts of kindness to be kind and friendly. So another way to deal with unfriendly neighbors is to break them with kindness.

See being friends with your unfriendly neighbor as a challenge you need to win by all means.

When you come across a neighbor who is unfriendly, how to deal with unfriendly neighbors is to keep saying “hi’ to them every day. You should keep this up until it breaks them to respond in a friendly manner.

Eventually, they may come around and start saying “hi” back to you and this may end up leading to a friendly conversation between you and your unfriendly neighbor.

As difficult as it may seem, another attempt is to do your very best to get on their good side. Using the reverse psychology method, trying to make them think you are on their side is a nice step in dealing with unfriendly neighbors.

Being neighborly should be your best strategy and once you have won them over as friends from a distance, they will like and trust you. This will also persuade the unfriendly neighbors to give up a gun permanently and be friends with you.

If that doesn’t work, go to the next number of how to deal with unfriendly neighbors.

3. Never gossip about it

Since you have confronted them and have known the reasons behind their unfriendliness, how to deal with unfriendly neighbors is not to gossip about it.

It’s quite ok to talk to your family members or friends outside the neighborhood about how unfriendly your neighbors are, but it is best not to tell other neighbors in the neighborhood about it.

Give your unfriendly neighbors a chance to correct it, and don’t just gossip about it in the neighborhood.

Because if you do, it may fall on the ears of your unfriendly neighbors and this will escalate the situation from something minor to more serious drama.

Then, how to deal with unfriendly neighbors will be more difficult for you at this point.

4. Ignore them as much as possible

If you tried the first two methods of how to deal with unfriendly neighbors and it didn’t yield any positive result, the best approach is to ignore them as much as possible.

This is because rudeness comes in many forms. When you have neighbors who are rude and unfriendly for no clearly visible or understandable reasons, they are just trying to push you into the miserable world that they live in, so don’t take the bait.

Just IGNORE the unfriendly neighbors and also minimize conversation, because the less mince you put in the grinder in terms of words spoken, the fewer rudeness sausages they can get out of the other end.

Unfriendly neighbors who are truly toxic thrive off the drama and they look for any opportunity to have it, so how to deal with unfriendly neighbors is to try not to give them any reason for needing to confront you, because this only leads to bad things.

Always bear in mind that misery loves company. So whenever they approach you, always stay calm and happy. Pretend they aren’t rude and excuse yourself from their presence.

Psychologically some people disrespect easy-going people and try to mess with them. Even when your unfriendly neighbors try to talk to you, also ignore them. When you stop talking with them, they will then realize your value and may try to be friends with you

Also, when you remain unknown quantity to your neighbors, they might assume that you are a gun nut living on the edge of violent acting-out, and this will make them leave you alone or appear all friendly to be on your good side.

How to deal with unfriendly neighbors is by keeping your nose in your own business and finding solutions to deal with annoyances that do not require anyone else to do something.

5. Fight fire with fire

In most cases, just ignoring your neighbor may not be always effective in handling unfriendly neighbors.

So how to deal with unfriendly neighbors in this situation is to use the language they will understand, which is by fighting fire with fire.

Your home is a safe haven, and you should experience and enjoy that peace. Because others living around you are also entitled to that same peace, they should respect your peace of mind.

However, if they fail to respect you and your peace, you have the right to stand up for yourself and fight back, especially when you’re not doing anything to disturb theirs. Mind you, this depends on how unfriendly they are.

Rude creepy neighbors feed off of intimidation, yet they usually can’t handle receiving back what they dish out. In some cases, you need to fight fire with fire, in order to maintain peace.

Some neighbors will test you if you can tolerate abuses, the abuse continues and often gets worse if you are the type that endures abuses. This is because they have no respect for you and consider you weak for putting up with it.

At this point, don’t call the police for anything, unless your unfriendly neighbors are doing something serious, such as a crime or some type of emergency situation.

How to deal with unfriendly neighbors in this situation is to fight back, this will make the unfriendly neighbors respect their boundaries. It can also make them respect you and want to be friends with you.

But if you don’t do it the right way, It may also get a retaliation.

6. Get Support

Get Support
Get Support

After fighting back at your unfriendly neighbors and it seems there is retaliation, the first thing you need is support, be it the support of other neighbors, friends, or the neighborhood authorities.

Support is really needed and it’s how to deal with unfriendly neighbors. If not, some nasty neighbors will just shoo you away or play down the matter in a way that will make you the bad one.

If you can get other neighbors on your side, they too are probably fed up with the unfriendly neighbors. Find ways the whole neighborhood can have fun torturing them in a legal way.

It may be an inconvenience for most of the neighbors, so it takes talking to get them in. And you will get your neighborhood back.

Aside from support, trust is also important. So you have to look into the situation from the very beginning and analyze the matter as thoroughly as possible as it can help you understand how serious the situation is.

This is because how serious the situation is, determines how to deal with unfriendly neighbors.

7. Gather enough evidence

Another step on how to deal with unfriendly neighbors in this situation is to document it in the form of recordings, videos, witnesses, and so on.

Their word against yours has nothing on a solid piece of video footage from your phone. It is legal and video footage doesn’t lie.

While making these moves, try to go about it as quietly as possible and make sure that your unfriendly neighbors are not able to trace your steps.

8. Call the police

If the unfriendly neighbors are criminals who are involved in unlawful activities against you or the neighborhood, how to deal with unfriendly neighbors is to involve the police.

Now, if the unfriendly neighbors are harassing you, vandalizing your property, or stealing your things, then you have to add it to your documentation and report it to the police.

You have to show the police concrete evidence to take up the matter, if not, the whole thing may backfire on you.

This is why you need to first gather a lot of evidence in the form of video footage and human witness such as your other neighbors.

9. File a lawsuit

If you can’t reason with your neighbor and they will not let you ignore them, then the smart way of dealing with unfriendly neighbors would probably be to set up cameras around your home and then hope to capture video proof of the neighbor’s unlawful actions against you.

You must have tangible documentation and/or proof through your security camera or your phone recording any conversation or threats the unfriendly neighbors have made.

Once you have good video evidence against them, it’s your word against theirs. Talk to your lawyer and press legal charges to make the neighbor “cease and desist”, and most times it comes along with a fine that the neighbor will pay.

You can also ask your lawyer to hit them with a trespass charge and damage to your property in cases of any damages they have caused you.

The legal way is one of the smartest steps of how to deal with unfriendly neighbors, but you should also equip yourself to meet the force that is brought against you by your nasty neighbors. Because it’s important to be alive and have to explain than to be right and dead.

10. Move out of the Neighborhood

Dealing with unfriendly neighbors you don’t get along with is ugly, but if it gets to the point that it is endangering your life, the best way to handle it is to move.

Unfortunately, as hard as it seems, it is the easiest way to eliminate the issue and this is the best option especially if you have children or younger adults.

In this situation, you are not only protecting your life but also the life of your kids. It doesn’t worth it to keep fighting with a nasty neighbor that is endangering your life and the life of your family.

They will only suck more of your time needed to invest in more profitable things, take up more of your energy and eventually drive you even crazier.

If this neighbor is a longtime resident with no signs of leaving, how to deal with unfriendly neighbors in this scenario is to move. It’s a no-win situation to keep fighting with your neighbor unless they are being evicted or are close to death.


If you follow the above tips carefully, it will guide you on how to deal with unfriendly neighbors in the most legal and smartest ways.

We hope this article helps you deal with unfriendly neighbors in your neighborhood.

Thank you for having time to read this article about how to deal with unfriendly neighbors to the end, and don’t forget to share it on social media.

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