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How To Dropship On Mercari (6 Easy Steps)



how to dropship on Mercari
How to dropship on Mercari
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If you’re looking for how to dropship on Mercari, you are on the right webpage.

In this article, we will be revealing to you everything you need to know about the Mercari drop shipping policy and the step-by-step process you can drop ship from Mercari, the Dos and Don’ts of Mercari.

How to dropship on Mercari is easy if you follow the steps outlined below. Stay tuned, this article will be the best article you’ve read on drop shipping on Mercari. 

What Is Mercari? 

We can not effectively understand this article if we don’t first understand the basics. You must have heard of Mercari, maybe it’s your first time and you’re wondering what Mercari drop shipping policies are. 

Mercari is an online platform where individuals are at the liberty of selling used products or new ones, Mercari allows merchants to list their products and make sales, just like other e-commerce websites, Mercari is more like eBay, where you list and sell products.

Mercari drop shipping policies are unique compared to other e-commerce stores, firstly, Mercari only allows local drop shipping, meaning as a merchant you are not allowed to dropship outside your country which is Japan, this makes it pretty difficult for different merchants on the platform. But like we said, we will show you how you can comfortably dropship on Mercari and bypass the software security system.

Mercari came into existence in 2013 and was first launched in Japan, due to its success rate, it was simultaneously launched in the United States and the United Kingdom. Having understood what Mercari is, we must discuss extensively what dropshipping is before we talk about how to drop ship on Mercari. 

What is Dropshipping? 

We have discussed a little about what Mercari is and when it was started in Japan, you may not be conversant with the word dropshipping, so we must explain to you what drop shipping is.

Dropshipping is simply the act of exporting goods and products from one country to another, it can also be in the same country. 

This term has been in existence for a very long time, dropshipping is allowed in most e-commerce industries, on Amazon, eBay, and on Chinese e-commerce sites, and the very few people who understand how dropshipping works have been able to make a substantial amount of money from it. For you to drop ship on Mercari, there are 4 things you must have in mind.

4 Things To Have In Mind When Dropshipping On Mercari

  • Officially Mercari doesn’t allow drop shipping, but there’s a way to do it. 
  • You need to be able to bypass the security system which we will show you how. 
  • You need to follow Mercari Dropshipping policies. 
  • You need to be able to list your products in two days or don’t list them at all. 

These four things are what you must have in mind when you want to venture into dropshipping on Mercari, there are equally benefits of Dropshipping on Mercari which is unique to Mercari and can’t be found on other platforms. 

Is Dropshipping Allowed On Mercari?

Generally speaking, one cannot drop ship on Mercari. Mercari is a unique platform, it is only limited to those in Japan and the United States.

 The Mercari policy does not allow drop shipping on Mercari, especially to other countries that are different from Japan and the United States. 

For those who want to dropship from Mercari, there are strategic ways to dropship from Mercari without getting caught, and we have explained the process in this article. 

Stay tuned and pay close attention because we’ve arrived at the most interesting part of this article.

How To Drop Ship From Mercari 

For you to be able to dropship effectively from Mercari without violating any Mercari drop shipping policy you need to have a computer or a cell phone with a strong internet connection.

This aids you in making your listing and receiving orders, poor internet connection can cost you a lot in your journey to becoming a dropshipper on Mercari. 

Like every other e-commerce platform, Mercari is not an exception. For you to dropship on Mercari you need to have a registered Mercari account. This gives you access to the e-commerce sites and allows you to dropship effectively. 

Another and most important requirement of all is that your area of jurisdiction must be in the same area where Mercari is registered as a place. 

There are only two places where Mercari is registered and operational, those places are the United States and Japan. 

This means that if you are not living in any of these places, you cannot be a drop shipper on Mercari. 

Having said all these, let’s discuss how you can drop ship on Mercari. You must read this part of this article again, to know and understand the requirements for you to be a drop shipper on Mercari. 

There are step-by-step processes on how to dropship on Mercari, they are;

Step 1

  • Be prepared, which includes;
  • Choosing a good niche. 
  • Identifying a good dropship supplier. 
  • Find good images for your products. 

Step 2

  • Register an account

Step 3

  • Start the product listing process

Step 4

  • Provide the details of your products 

Step 5

  • Enter your product shipping process

Step 6

  • Set your price

Having noted these steps, we are going to explain them one after the other, so that you can comfortably dropship on your own without any stress. Stay with me, this is the most important part of this article. 

Choosing a niche

For you to make money on Mercari using drop shipping the first thing you have to do is to choose a good niche, you have to choose a niche that is profitable for you.

In choosing a niche you must also make sure that the niche you choose does not violate Mercari’s drop shipping policy. 

Most of the niches that pull in the most revenue are the fashion and clothing niche, technology and gadget niches, and software niches. 

Mercari is a very good platform for drop shipping, before you choose a niche on Mercari you must make sure that you have an audience that will buy the products from you, it’s either you have an audience already who is willing to buy from you or you have an order already which you are required to dropship too. 

The benefit of having an already existing audience before venturing into this business model is that it makes it very much easier for you to sell the products you’ve dropship from the Mercari platform.

 Make quality research before choosing a niche, research allows you to identify your audience, and audience identification is the first step to success on the Mercari platform. Do not make the mistakes many people make, they first dropship a product then they start looking for buyers for these products.

 If you venture into dropshipping this way, you will not make anything from it. Choosing a niche is a very crucial part of dropshipping.

Identifying A Good Dropship Supplier

After choosing a profitable niche on Mercari, the next important step to take is identifying a good dropship supplier and this is where most people get it wrong. Dropship suppliers are very important in any and every e-commerce marketing platform. 

There are two types of drop ship suppliers, for you to make the most out of Mercari, We believe you should know what these two types of drop ship suppliers are. 

  • Dropship vendors
  • Dropship wholesalers

These are the two types of drop ship suppliers we have in Mercari and across other industries.

 The dropship vendors are those that sell in small quantities but with higher costs, while dropship wholesalers are those that sell in large quantities with low cost, if you are new to Dropshipping on Mercari, you should choose dropship wholesalers to be able to make the most out of Mercari drop shipping process. 

Steps To Find A Dropship Supplier On Mercari

  • Research
  • Contact suppliers
  • Check the supplier technology
  • Order samples from the supposed supplier
  • Order from the competition
  • Compare and choose


For you to be able to find a good Dropshipping supplier on Mercari you need to research the platform. After you’ve chosen a good and profitable niche, the next thing is to research good suppliers in that niche you have chosen, when you’ve found a supplier, the next thing you have to do is

Contact The Supplier

Contacting the supplier is very important, this is where relationships are built, building a good relationship with your supplier is one of the prerequisites for success on Mercari. It is in contact with the supplier that you will have the chance to ask questions, and find out what type of supplier he or she is and how best he or she can serve you better. 

Check The Supplier Technology

Most Dropshipping suppliers have outdated websites. For you to make the most out of the Mercari dropshipping platform you need to pay close attention to the technological aspect of your dropshipper.

 Few dropshippers have added features to their website which allow their customers to enjoy a smooth ride when ordering a product. Some of these features are searchable order history, data feeds that are customizable, and a detailed product catalog which makes things convenient for online buyers.

 Few of the suppliers go the extra mile to install systems that allow you to place your orders through emails. These are a few of the benefits you will get when you find a good dropship supplier on Mercari.

Order Samples From The Supplier 

Now that you’ve found a good supplier on Mercari, the next thing you need to do before drawing your conclusion is to order samples from the supplier. 

Ordering samples from the suppliers and checking through the ordered samples clear out doubts and makes you know and understand the integrity of the type of supplier you’re about to do business with. 

Order From His Competition

You shouldn’t make your decision just because you’ve received the order samples you requested from your supposed drop shipper. To make important and intelligent decisions, you have to order from his competition.

 Ordering from his competition allows you to check the prices, and the quality of the product and helps you make better decisions on which Dropshipping supplier to use his or her services. 

Finding a good supplier can be a little difficult, but when you follow through with these simple steps outlined in this section of this article, it will be a walk in the park for you. 

Finding A Good Image For Your Products

The next important step you need to take on how to dropship from Mercari is to find a good image for your products. 

When finding images for your products, you should have in mind that your products are the first thing someone sees when he or she views your listing on Mercari, you should always go for a clear and good image for your products which will help you boost sales in the long run.

 To make more sales on Mercari, you must choose multiple images of a product, that way you give your audience and customers something to pick or select from, remember, the image of your product is almost as important as the product description itself, this is why choosing a good image for your product is very important.

Register Your Account


To register your account on Mercari, you have to visit their website and fill in the registration form. After the registration process, you need to verify your account immediately to prevent it from getting flagged. To verify your account, follow these simple steps

  • Login to your Mercari account
  • Click on user profile
  • Click on the view profile icon
  • Provide the requested details and click on verify. 

Start The Product Listing Process 

To start the product listing process, you are required to log in to your account, click on your profile and click on “list an item” from here it will direct you to where you will fill in the product listing details. 

Provide The Details Of The Product

The Mercari platform requires you to provide the following details for your product listing on the platform

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product category
  • Brand and condition of the products. 

This is where it gets very tricky, and this is where many people who intend to dropship on Mercari make mistakes. From these lists up here, the first is the product title, it has to be brief and to the point, a type of title that when read will automatically tell your buyers what the product is. 

The next on the line is the product description, this is very important, the product description to a large extent will determine if the buyers will order the product or not.

 In writing your product description, make sure the benefits are clear to your audience and change the product features to benefits.

 The next step is to add your product to a category, these categories make it easier for your buyers to access.

Enter Drop Shipping details 

Mercari requires you to provide an address in the shipping section of where your product will be shipped from. In providing this detail, you are to ensure that the address provided matches the address used in the registration and verification of your account. In doing this, you comply with Mercari drop shipping policy. 

After you have entered the Dropshipping details, you are to pay for the shipping and set prices for your products. In setting prices for your products you must study your competitors to be able to set fair prices that will attract a lot of merchants to you 

Benefits of Dropshipping on Mercari

Below are the few benefits of dropshipping on Mercari:

Easy shipping

Mercari offers well-defined shipping options, there are no hidden charges on Mercari. One of the shipping options allows you to handle your shipping orders instead of shipping through Mercari, which makes it possible for you to dropship undetected.

Affordable Fees

Fees that are required for you to pay on Mercari are affordable, which makes it easier for you to navigate and use the platform more effectively. These affordable Fees equally help to make Mercari a popular platform in Japan. 

User friendly

From the interface to the site itself, the Mercari marketing platform is well optimized to make it easy for users to navigate through. With a little nudge in the right direction, anyone and everyone can drop ship on Mercari because of its user-friendly properties.


The above article is about how to dropship on Mercari and we hope after reading this article, you will understand how to dropship on Mercari.

 There are two parts of this article you should take out time to revisit, they are the part We explained how to dropship on Mercari, you should read that part again to understand the importance of research in this dropshipping business. 

Secondly is the part where we explained how to find a good supplier. Finding a good supplier will make your work much easier. 

Thank you for having the time to read this article about how to dropship on Mercari till the end. We believe this article has been of help to you, feel free to check out more of our eccormmerc-related articles 

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