How To Get Courage To Grow Scholarship In 2023

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Courage to Grow Scholarship provides an opportunity for upcoming students. The courage To Grow Scholarship is a national scholarship created to help students pay for their education. It is open to all high school students who will be attending college in 2023.

This post will go through the 2023 Courage to Grow Award qualifications and the Scholarship itself.


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Key Takeaways

  • About The Courage to Grow Scholarship?
  • Requirements For Eligibility
  • The Courage to Grow Scholarship application procedure?
  • The Courage to Grow Scholarship: How to Increase Your Chances
How To Get Courage To Grow Scholarship

About The Courage To Grow Scholarship?

Get the “Courage to Grow Scholarship” to support your pursuit of higher education. The Courage to Grow Scholarship has a straightforward application procedure and a lower prize.

It offers you several opportunities to earn a sizeable quantity of money that might assist you in paying for your college education. One recipient receives $500 monthly from this program, making it one of the most approachable scholarships available. For this Scholarship, a brief application and a 250-word essay are needed.


Only American citizens are eligible for the OCD scholarships. They created the Scholarship to help students fulfill their educational objectives.

For those with the confidence to succeed in today’s market, the Scholarship will assist in easing some of the financial constraints, making it easier for them to pursue a college degree.


To apply, candidates must visit this page. In addition to their first and last names, birthdate, phone number, email address, and brief essays, students must also complete a simple application form.

Students must answer the article’s question, which invites them to explain why they should be awarded the scholarship. Students must also agree to the app’s privacy statement, which is available here.


All candidates must submit a completed application by the deadline of October 31 to be taken into consideration.

A brand-new $500 scholarship is offered each month. Any high school junior or senior is eligible for this Award. The Award, established to aid students in developing, also considers current students. Only a few additional criteria must be met to qualify for the prize.

On average, this Scholarship’s finalists are selected twelve times every year. About a week following each application deadline, a finalist is selected.


The scholarship money won’t be given to the applicant’s school until verification of their grade point average and proof of their ongoing attendance in college are secured.

Each recipient will also get a certificate, and the Scholarship will only be valued up to $500. Students should go to the website if they are hoping to apply for the Courage to Grow Award. Under the “Award Recipients” category, students may read programs selected as winning submissions.

Requirements For Eligibility

In contrast to other youth development programs, the Courage to Grow Initiative has a modest admission hurdle. The following conditions must be satisfied by applicants:

  •  It would help if you were a lawful permanent resident of the US or a US citizen
  • Sign up for a college course lasting either two or four years
  • Keep your GPA over a 2.5.

The entry

You may apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship at any time of the year since it has a rolling deadline. There are just two stages in the application procedure, making it easy. The first phase asks for some fundamentally personal data:

  • Initials and last name
  • Birthdate
  • Call-in number
  • Inbox address

You must provide a 250-word essay in this area outlining why you ought to receive the Courage to Grow Scholarship. After doing that, you’ll be sent to the essay’s second portion. It may be typed there or copied and pasted from another word processor.

Click submit after you’re done, and your application will be reviewed. Additionally, you need to check a couple of boxes stating that you agree with the privacy statement and want to get follow-up emails.

The Courage To Grow Scholarship Application Procedure

Every college student searching for some free money for study is eligible for the Courage to Grow Scholarship program, as was previously indicated. The application form is short, and the qualifying conditions aren’t unduly strict.

Eligible Citizenship

Only students in the United States pursuing a college degree are eligible for the Scholarship. Here’s your opportunity in school for African-Americans, Latinxs, Hispanics, and Filipinos.

Host Country Nationality:

Based in the United States, the Courage to Grow Award is offered at all authorized universities nationwide.

Scholarly Value

One of the most expensive scholarships in the country, the Courage to Grow Grant recipient, will earn a $500 monthly scholarship.


The significant factors utilized to assess your application are the quality of your essay and how effectively you explain why you deserve the scholarship money. Each month, the Courage to Grow committee chooses a new winner.

If you’ve been selected as a winner, they’ll get in touch with you within seven days of receiving your application.

The Courage To Grow Scholarship: How To Increase Your Chances

The CGS application is one of the most user-friendly essay-based scholarship forms. However, many others will compete with you if you go this route. If you want to increase your odds of winning, use these strategies:

1. Put It To Use Monthly.

Always keep in mind that this Scholarship is granted every month. Set a monthly alarm to remind yourself to apply and revise your essay.

2. If, At First, You Don’t Succeed, Try Again With A Better Essay.

Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean your essay wasn’t fantastic. It only means that someone else had a stronger argument. You won’t have to start from scratch every time since the essay question won’t be different. Make the necessary changes and improvements, and resubmit your work.

3. Explain Each Of Your Main Points.

The essay is just 250 words long, but you should still plan your thoughts. Because of this, you won’t waste time babbling about random things but can make your point swiftly instead. After that, you’ll be able to develop your thoughts and write a solid essay to get a scholarship.

4. Don’t Fake It

Since this essay is supposed to reflect who you are, be as genuine as possible. Being specific comes off as more genuine since you can never predict the reader’s reaction! Even if it doesn’t seem relevant, you should explain why you should be awarded the Scholarship.

5. Before Submitting, Double-Check That You’ve Met All Of The Application’s Requirements.

Before submitting your application, please double-check that you’ve met all the requirements. Verify that the information you provided is correct, including your name, date of birth, and contact information, and that you meet the requirements.

6. Look For Typos And Hire A Proofreader If Necessary

Wait a day after completing your essay before checking it to allow your mind and eyes a break. It helps to read out loud to get the rhythm, tone, and grammar right. You should be able to proofread the 250 words quickly. Have a trusted third party, such as a friend or parent, look it over for you. An outsider’s perspective might help you see problems and errors you might have overlooked.


The Courage to Grow Scholarship is not the biggest one available, but it has a short application process, is simple to understand, and is provided monthly.

This indicates that you will have many opportunities to win the $500 reward. In this same line, it is never a terrible idea to attempt new techniques to attain the objectives you have set for yourself in college.


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