How To Get Views On OpenSea: 10 Easy Methods

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How To Get Views On OpenSea
How To Get Views On OpenSea

Are you looking for how to get views on OpenSea? then read this article carefully as we are going to teach you methods that will let you get more views on Opensea.

Every new NFT owner who’s ever hosted an NFT collection on Openseas has experienced the frustration of trying to gain Opensea views.

Unfortunately, OpenSea does not support on-site advertising that will help you get views on Opensea. Then the question many NFT beginners ask is how to get views on OpenSea?

To get more views on Opensea, you need to use other platforms or social media sites to bring people to your NFT collection and it takes some work to get this done.

In this article, you will not only learn how to get views on OpenSea, but you will also learn how to get more views on Opensea and how to turn those views into sales.

So without wasting much of your time, let’s get started with how to get views on OpenSea.

1. Make use of online forums

If you are looking for how to get views on OpenSea, then you should not underestimate the power of online forums

Joining online forums or communities will help you interact, contribute, and bring value to a niche group of people who are interested in the kind of NFT collection you have on Opensea.

Being part of online forums also helps creators to share their knowledge about NFT, which can help establish their expertise in a field and in return share your NFT collection there get more views on Opensea.

It’s very easy to find niche forums that are about NFT, especially in some of the biggest online communities like Quora, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and the rest of them.

But if you want the easiest route, how to get views on OpenSea via forums is by using internet resources like FindAForum to quickly discover forum sites that match your NFT niche by just entering your niche name in the search bar to get a list of forums.

While trying to get Opensea views, you should not spam other forum users with your Opensea link. The best approach is to naturally insert your link during discussion.

The following suggestions will guide you on how to get views on OpenSea via online forums:

  • Participate: To grow trust amongst other forum users and make them more willing to click on your NFT link, you need to contribute something valuable to the forum regularly. You can achieve this by answering questions, providing quality responses, and then linking to your NFT
  • Start a thread: Another approach to proving you are a valuable member of the forum is to create your own threads. Start by making a smaller and different version of your NFT content and use it to begin a new thread.
  • Create a signature: Most online forums allow users to create a signature (which is a text that appears below a post or thread). Use that as an opportunity to make a call to action that will bring traffic to your NFT collection.

2. Share your NFT on social media

How to get views on OpenSea quickly and efficiently is by sharing your NFT collection on social sites.

All Social media sites are not set up the same. Pinterest as an example is typically used in targeting more female audiences. So try to concentrate on the most relevant social networks that can get Opensea views to your NFT collection.

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are major ones to start with, and you can expand to other social media apps later on.

Sharing your Opensea link on different social networks is how to get views on OpenSea and also how to reach a wider audience. Additionally, if your NFT is nice, other social media users might share it further and recommend it to others.

Be actively involved on social media to maintain your social media audience and don’t just reappear whenever you have an NFT collection you want to promote.

Below are guidelines on how to get views on OpenSea using social media:

  • Add NFT link to the bio: Your bio is the first thing a social media user will see on your account. So you have to link your NFT URL on your bio in order to generate Opensea views to your NFT.
  • Post regularly: Regularly share engaging content on social media and don’t spam. The number of times you post on social media will make it less likely to turn it into spam. For instance, it is recommended to post on Twitter at least once per day.
  • Use hashtags: How to get more views on Opensea via social media is by utilizing hashtags. Making use of social media hashtags is nice to reach a wider audience to your NFT link, connecting it to a particular topic, conversation, or event.
  • Join social groups: Social media groups (Especially Facebook and LinkedIn groups) can help you increase the viewership of your Opensea NFT, resulting in more Opensea views.
  • Optimal timing: Knowing the right time to post on your chosen social media platform is the best strategy to get more views on Opensea.  Share your Opensea links when most of your social media friends or followers are online, which is usually in the evening hours.

3. Use online paid advertising

If you have any money that you are not using, spend it on paid advertising and this is how to get views on OpenSea.

This method simply means a marketing strategy where you pay a company for ad space to attract Opensea views.

With the help of paid advert, your NFT page will be placed in front of a well-targeted audience who are willing to click on your link and also have the intention to buy your NFT collections.

The paid advert analytics makes it possible to see the results of your progress, the kind of people who click your ads, their age, and location.

There are different types of online paid advertising that can feature one or more digital channels, which include search engine results pages (Such as google or bing) and social media platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter.)

The process of increasing Opensea views on search engine results pages with paid advertising is usually the best approach to get a more targeted audience who have the intention to buy your NFT.

This is because search engine advertising relies heavily on keywords to target users when they are intentionally searching for an NFT to buy.

Below is an image example of how advertisements appear on Google for the keywords “NFT to buy now”:

NFT advertising
NFT advertising

(You could see the ‘Ad’ written before each URL, this signifies that they are all paid google adverts)

If you wish to get more views on Opensea with search engine advertising, then try using a popular online marketing search engine like Google Ads.

Another type of paid advertising on how to get views on OpenSea is through social media ads. This kind of method lets you target random social media users based on their locations, interests, and behaviors.

If you feel like going through this route, the best social media site to start with and get results are Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here are a few tips on How to get views on OpenSea with social media advertising:

  • optimize the ads for mobile users: Since a huge percentage of people access different social media platforms through mobile devices, ensure your NFT adverts incorporate easy-to-view visuals on the small screen.
  • Use videos: – A video ad is considered more engaging and has a better return on your ad investment than other media types. You can hire someone on Fiverr to make a professional video ad for your NFT advert for as low as $10

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4. Ask blogs to write about your NFT

Another method on how to get views on OpenSea is by reaching out to blogs that are specifically about NFT related topics to write about your NFT collection.

This is an excellent way to promote your NFT collection since it lets you expose your brand to the blogs’ loyal audiences. This method can also help you to be more established as an authority figure and leader in the NFT industry.

To find blogs that will give you this kind of opportunity, go to blog directories like AllTop, Bloglovin, and OnTopList. These websites have great tools that can help you discover blogs in the NFT niche that might accept writing about your NFT.

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Once you are on your chosen blog “Contact Us” page, ask them if they can accept to write about your NFT collection on their blogs.

Since blog owners are known as a busy set of people who don’t have the time to read long emails while sending your request you have to make it as brief and direct as possible.

If you see huge disapproval from most blogs, the next approach would be to offer them a guest post where you will put the link of your Opensea NFT collection in the post.

Most blog owners only accept guest posts from people they already know and trust. This is why you need to first connect with them and build a relationship before sending your request.

Note: the higher a blog’s domain authority (DA)is, the easier your NFT blog post can rank well in search engines, and the more it ranks, the more Opensea views you get. So you need to make sure the DA of any blog you are reaching out to is reasonable.

Another method on how to get views on OpenSea via guest posting is by taking advantage of the author’s profile.

Usually, the guest publisher is given space for their bio, which also makes space for link insertion. Take advantage of this space to add the link to your Opensea NFT collection.

5. Use email marketing

If done correctly, email marketing can be the most effective method on how to get views on OpenSea.

This kind of NFT promotion strategy helps you notify your previous fans of new NFT releases or share any good news with ease. This news includes special offers, discounts, or any of your NFTs that are getting hotter you want your favorite fans to invest in.

Mailing personalized emails to your fans can also help create meaningful relationships with them, which keep the audience hooked with high-quality NFT collections, and boost engagement on your Opensea page.

If you don’t have an email list already, the best first step on how to get views on OpenSea via email marketing is to get started in building an email list.

An email list is a collection of email addresses from your fans that are used to send promotional material back to them.

Here are a few tips to guide you on how to get views on OpenSea by building a successful email list:

  • Offer an incentive: Consider giving your NFT buyers an incentive in exchange for their email addresses. You know your fans better than we do, so you know the kind of incentives that will trigger them to drop their email address.
  • Collect emails directly from your bio: Create a signup form that will get your fan’s emails and then place the link on your Opensea bio page. Make it stand out in order to attract your potential fans’ attention with a strong and engaging call to action.

Once you have successfully created an email list, look for email marketing software like Constant Contact or MailChimp to create an email to send to your lists.

With the help of email marketing software, it will be easier to create a nice email template, deliver emails to your list of contacts, and record analytics.

6. Get your NFT on social bookmarking sites

One of the ways of how to get views on OpenSea that are not familiar to other NFT creators is through social bookmarking sites.

A social bookmarking site is a platform where visitors read and save a specific web page or article. Once a web page is saved with a social bookmarking website, the user can access his/her bookmarks from any device at any time.

Social bookmarking sites are nice platforms to share your NFT collection get more views on Opensea and sales. When your NFT is listed on a social bookmarking site, it can lead to a massive increase in traffic back to your  Opensea page.

To start with this Opensea promotion method, you need to choose a social bookmarking website that supports NFT links.  Some of the well-known social bookmarking websites to try out are Digg, Pocket, and Flipboard.

7. Try reciprocal sharing sites

There are sites that offer reciprocal sharing services also known as ‘Share for Share’.

Reciprocal sharing sites are platforms that bring users that have common interests together to share their content on their respective social media platforms.

Sharing your NFT collections on these platforms is also how to get views on OpenSea.

With this method, you need to share other users’ content on your social media accounts and they also share yours in exchange.

One of the well-known reciprocal sharing websites is Triberr. This tool will make it easier and simple to grow your NFT audience, find great NFT collections to share with fans, and network with other NFT creators.

When using this, make sure to share NFTs that are in line with the type of NFTs you want to be known for curating, it enables credibility and exposure in a specific NFT niche.

NOTE: Make it a habit to regularly share content and respond to comments. The more consistent you are in interacting with other users, the more trustworthy you seem to be.

8. Contact influencers

When it comes to internet promotion, influencers are the first type of marketing that pops up in mind and this is also how to get views on OpenSea.

With social media influencers and marketing, you can reach a wider group of people who will click your Opensea page with the intention to buy your NFT collection.

This is because most social media influencers have loyal audiences who trust them and listen to their opinions. Contact any influencer you know that is good at promoting NFT collections to help recommend your NFT to their audience.

Be sure to give the influencer something in return as they don’t offer this kind of service for free. It could be in form of cash, payment in crypto, other currency, or reward such as a piece of your NFT art.

You can conclude on what to offer to the influencers by simply negotiating with them. If you do this method right, it’s the best way on how to get views on OpenSea

9. Ask your friends and family to help you share

A great method on how to get views on OpenSea is by asking your family members to support you.

Ask them to share your Opensea URL with their social media friend and also tell them to ask their friend to help spread the message by sharing the link as well.

If you are involved in a community of creators around your area or online, how to get views on OpenSea is by asking them to share your Opensea URL  in order to get more views on Opensea.

This kind of community is usually very supportive, and they will agree to share your NFT with their fans because they will expect you to return the same favor.

When more of your family, family’s friends, and your friends’ friends together share your Opensea URL, you will generate more Opensea views and hype to your NFTs and this is how to get views on OpenSea.

10. Take advantage of the NFT Calendar

Finally how to get views on OpenSea is by adding your NFT collection to NFT calendars.

There are different sites out there that offer NFT calendar tools. You can take advantage of these platforms to get more views on Opensea and make sales as well.

The major motive of NFT Calendars is to showcase the best NFT drops from different NFT marketplaces in one place. This tool helps NFT collectors to easily discover the greatest NFT releases without rushing from one NFT marketplace to another.

The submission is free and it only takes a few minutes to submit your collection to the NFT Calendar.

Once your NFT collection is reviewed and approved, it will then appears in the list of the greatest NFT releases and this is How to get views on OpenSea.

Also, If your collection starts getting the most engagement on the list, it may also be featured on the company’s social media accounts which means more Opensea views for your NFT.


The above article is how to get views on OpenSea and we hope it guides you on how to get more views on Opensea.

In whichever way you choose to drive Opensea views, remember to be consistent. This is because consistency guarantees massive results even when things are not adding up at the beginning.

Thank you very much for having time to read this article about how to get views on OpenSea. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep you posted anytime we drop NFT related articles.

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