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How To Get Your Gym Crush To Notice You: 5 Easy Tips


How To Get Your Gym Crush To Notice You
How To Get Your Gym Crush To Notice You
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Do you have a crush in your gym and you are looking for how to get your gym crush to notice you, don’t worry because after reading these tips, you will eventually plan your first date with your gym crush.

Trying to get the attention of your crush at the gym can be somehow difficult because the gym is not a place to easily socialize with one another. Everybody in the gym hall came for a specific reason, to work out.

That is why a lot of people keep asking “How do I get the attention of my crush at the gym?” Since the gym is not the most common place to flirt, it’s not going to be easy as it would be at the bar on Friday nights.

In this article, you are going to read the easy and most effective ways on how to get your gym crush to notice you. If you combine all of these tips written in this article, research shows that you will surely get your gym crush to notice you.

If you are ready to let your crush realize you are the best thing that could ever happen to him or her, then keep reading.

1. Smell attractive and irresistible

Based on the natural sense of attraction, if you want to know how to get your gym crush to notice you, then you have to understand the kind of body smell that does the magic.

Science has proven over and over again that certain scents or smells can influence a person’s attractiveness either for better or for worse. This means that your smell can play a big role in capturing the attention of your gym crush.

We all know that a good smell is really important when you are trying to meet someone new, especially someone you have a crush on and really want to date. It will help accelerate the possibilities of the person being attracted to you and eventually dating you.

Nobody wants to be around someone that has a bad smell, and having a pleasant smell does not do the magic. This means that you need to smell smart, sexy, and irresistible.

True Pheromones are the best solutions for you when it comes to smelling smart, sexy, and irresistible to attract your gym crush. With Pheromones, you have a secret weapon of attraction that makes you stand out whenever he/she perceives your smell while working out.

Pheromones do not only make you attractive, but it also influences the sexual behavior of another individual. This means that if you are a lady, there are Pheromones for women you can wear that have a fragrance that can cause sexual arousal in a guy you are crushing on.

The same thing goes with the guys, there are also Pheromones for men that a guy can wear, and the smell will cause sexual arousal in a girl, lady, or woman you are crushing on.

Keep a small bottle of your pheromones in your gym bag so that you can spray some after you finish your workout in case you manage to get a date with your gym crush.

So getting pheromones to smell nice, sexy, and attractive is the first thing to consider when looking for how to get your gym crush to notice you.

2. Wear bright color gym outfits

Another step on how to get your gym crush to notice you is by wearing bright color gym outfits, especially if you both usually work out in different sections of the gym hall.

Wearing a bright color outfit will make you stand out and eventually draw the attention of your gym crush but don’t do it too much. Don’t wear bright color clothes that are too bright or childish. You should look for a mature bright color gym outfit that suits the style and shape of your body.

There are a lot of matured bright color gym outfits out there that will do the magic for you without looking childish. Check your wardrobe or go to your local market to get one.

If red is your color, then look for a red color gym outfit that will make you stand out. Studies show that both males and females are naturally more attracted to people when they wear red color outfits.

In fact naturally, wearing a bright color outfit is how to get your gym crush to notice you.

Also remember to put yourself on your crush’s radar so that when your crush glances, the bright color outfit will draw his/her attention.

3. Make eye contact and smile

After drawing your gym crush’s attention by wearing bright color clothes and smelling attractive and irresistible, the next step is to get your gym crush to be more comfortable and friendly with you.

How to get your gym crush to notice you more and make him/her comfortable with you is by having eye contact and smiling. Glance to your gym crush and initiate eye contact with him/her and then smile more invitingly.

Basically, the goal is to make you approachable and your gym crush comfortable. It also shows your gym crush that you are friendly and happy to start a conversation with him/her.

4. Ask your gym crush to help you or offer help to your crush

After you have gotten your gym crush’s attention through your smell, bright color outfit, eye contact, and smile, another step is to initiate a conversation.

How to get your gym crush to notice you as a lady is by asking your gym crush how to do certain workouts especially the ones you have seen him do.

If you have a gym instructor, it will be wild to bypass your gym instructor to ask your gym crush to teach you, so you have to wait for the day your gym instructor will not be around.

If he agrees to help you, always say thank you even when you come to the gym the next day, thank him for helping you out the other day, this will make him get familiar with you and is also the starting point for him to ask you out if he’s the type that is afraid to make the first approach.

If your gym crush performs a minor act of service for you, this likely means he has unconsciously associated feelings of approval and positivity with you.

As a guy, how to get your gym crush to notice you is by offering help to your gym crush. You can achieve this by helping her to put down heavyweights or correct her in certain workouts she is not doing right.

By asking your gym crush for help and saying thank you, or offering help to your gym crush, you are establishing a natural connection, that will lead to conversations, exchange of contacts, and then to a relationship if you applied the number one tips perfectly.

5. Don’t drag the conversation on

At this point, you have successfully made your gym crush notice you and have started a conversation with your crush, so you are no longer a total stranger.

Another rule of thumb is to avoid dragging the conversation on, especially in the beginning. Always make it brief so that your gym crush will not feel disturbed or distracted from the main purpose of coming to the gym.

Statements like “I have got to get back to my workout in a second, but…” will do the magic for you and also let your gym crush know that you are still focused on your workout and it’s not all about him/her.

At this point, your gym crush is trying to know you better as well as your personality. So don’t let the excitement of getting your gym crush throw you off.

Although It’s natural to feel excited when in the presence of a crush, but giving in to the nervous vibe will most likely take you away from your real personality and leave you acting weird.

If things progress, you will get a feel of where the conversation is leading to, then you can start having a long conversation with your gym crush, or you guys may decide to take it outside the gym.


The above tips are how to get your gym crush to notice you and we know if you follow these tips perfectly, it will surely help you make your gym crush notice you and start a date with you.

Always avoid trying too hard to impress your gym crush. Most people (both male and female) are attracted to that natural self-confidence that comes from not trying too hard. Just relax, show those pearly whites, and act as you normally would, and don’t go too extra.

So If there’s a gym crush in your life, with who you cross paths regularly in the gym, it’s important not to waste any time. Whether your gym crush is that CrossFit hottie or the shy type, these tips on how to get your gym crush to notice you will always guide you.

If you are not sure if your gym crush likes you, we have an article about the signs your gym crush likes you, it will help you understand how your gym crush feels about you.

Thank you very much for having time to read this article about how to get your gym crush to notice you. Make sure to drop your questions or opinion on this topic in the comment.

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