How to Obtain a High Score in TOEFL iBT in Just 10 Days

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Immediately you decide to take a TOEFL test or set a goal towards a thing, you set a particular time limit which you vow to keep up with. Eventually, days pass and turn into weeks when you haven’t even begun doing something about your plan.


This is a general disease because we all procrastinate at least once.

The good news here is that there is an easy solution! Time management and preparation or planning techniques are brilliant tools. It is just the same with exam preparation. It is possible to do it in just 10 days! This article gives you a study plan to help you prepare for TOEFL fast.

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Obtain a High Score in TOEFL iBT

How to Obtain a High Score in TOEFL iBT in Just 10 Days

Below are the preparations needed to get a high score in TOEFL IBT in just 10 days

Day 1 TOEFL Preparation: Choose Your TOEFL Format

The first thing you are expected to do is choose how you want to take the exam.


There are two means available: iBT and paper-delivered.

  • TOEFL iBT This is an Internet-based test, and it is prepared or organized online, but you still have to be present in particular or specified test center.
  • TOEFL revised paper-delivered is different from formerly administered paper-based. This format exists where the first one does not.

The core difference between the two is that the paper-delivered test doesn’t involve the speaking part because of the specific recording technology requirements. Other than that, the two formats are seen as equal.


Those differences equally affect the time for examining and sending back the results. For iBT, it typically takes one week before the scores are presented online. Paper-delivered test results may take about one month to be sent through the mail.

The internet-based exam appears faster and more suitable if you have a chance to take it. So, you have to consider which format suits your goals better. Typically, it’s just a matter of obtainability.

TOEFL Test Structure


Here is a structure of a TOEFL iBT. You’ll find detailed descriptions of all of the test sections below.

Day 2 TOEFL Preparation: Rate Your Level

You have to know your starting point. The TOEFL format might be new even if you are sure about your level. The most excellent means to know how prepared you are for this test is to take a practice test. There are hundreds of various options; some of the options are even paid.

You can quickly go to the official TOEFL website and take a practice test there. During the practice test, try to imitate the real-life settings of the exam. The test takes about 4 hours, so eliminate whatever distracts your attention.

Such an exercise is needed to check how real it is for you to get prepared for TOEFL in the short term. After taking a practice test, check your score and relate it to the desirable one. Typically, colleges take scores over 80. Some top universities might require a score as high as 100 or higher. It is always a great idea to check the requirements earlier to know what a good TOEFL score is for you personally.

Day 3 TOEFL Preparation: Choose Your Path

This day is for planning. You have to decide how you will be getting prepared for TOEFL. It depends on your budget.

  1. You can get a tutor. Having private sessions is an excellent means to work through your weak points. This depends on your budget and goals.
  2. If you don’t have additional money to spend and you are sure of your determination, then self-preparation is a good option:
  • A prep course (for free) is available on the official website.
  • They also provide paid courses with various worth-pack options, which start at $30.

Day 4 TOEFL Preparation: This is Reading Section

Here the reading section of the TOEFL exam is mainly designed and planned to weigh your ability to comprehend written English. The responsibilities are based on authentic academic texts from university-level study books. Furthermore, those passages are altered to some extent, allowing more accuracy in testing your reading skills.

Though those texts typically refer to various topics, you don’t have to be a professional. All the details you may need to answer the questions are provided within the context.

  • There are 3 to 4 passages and 10 questions to answer for every one of them.
  • There are three types of questions available.
  • You will have 54 to 72 mins to complete the section.
  • Some questions are multiple-choice with only one correct answer.
  • Some tasks will require you to find where the sentence fits in the text.
  • Be prepared to face multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions, which purpose is to check how well you get the appropriate answer from the passages.

You can practice for the exam with the available sources, plus practice materials from the official TOEFL website

Day 5 TOEFL Preparation: The Listening Section

The listening section checks your listening skills or abilities in a particular setting. You must demonstrate the ability to comprehend spoken academic English to obtain high scores. The recordings used for this part are according to some lectures and conversations.

The option of taking notes is available to you throughout the whole listening part of the exam.

  • You will listen to 3 to 4 recorded lectures and 2 to 3 conversations.
  • There are 28 to 39 questions in the section.
  • You will be given 41 to 57 minutes.
  • Two types of questions are available.
  • You may find some traditional multiple-choice questions with four options and just a correct answer.
  • There are equally multiple-choice and multiple-answer tasks, with two out of four correct options.

You can always practice this section using the sets available online on the official website. But, it would be better to listen to some added materials, irrespective of their format. Whatsoever is more suitable for you, practicing more benefits you.

Day 6 TOEFL Preparation: The Speaking Section

In this section, you will need to go through speaking. It is shaped to test and check your skills to produce standard English.

The four tasks are collected in the way that they reproduce different environments. You may be asked to do as if you were in the classroom or anywhere outside. There will be headphones with a microphone available to record your answers.

  • The 1st task is known as “independent” since you will be needed to generate an answer based on your view or thoughts.
  • The rest of the questions integrate your other English skills and abilities, like listening and reading.
  • Practicing time for every question is around 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Depending on the type of task, your answer should be either 45 or 60 seconds long.
  • Seventeen minutes total is given to round up the speaking section.

There are some excellent sources for preparing for this exam section that you can find on the TOEFL website. And, try to use any opportunity to use your English. For instance, if you have friends from overseas, chat with them.

Day 7 TOEFL Preparation: The Writing Section

The concluding section of the TOEFL exam is writing, and its goal is to test your skill in English writing. Using academic English for writing may be complicated, but practicing is the key. Your opinions stated in the tasks should be intelligible and clear.

  • Here there are two tasks.
  • You will get 50 minutes to get all done in this section.
  • The first task has a 20-minute time limit and involves listening and reading, and you will require to write something in answer to the given materials.
  • You will receive a prompt with a particular topic you need to address in an essay providing your view or knowledge. The time limitation is thirty minutes.
  • You will use the keyboard in the essay.
  • A high score is conceivable, even with some grammatical mistakes or errors, since the essay task is considered a first draft.
  • Equally, you don’t have to be a professional in specific topics as the writing part of the TOEFL goal is to rate your English skill.

The official website is the most relevant and current source for this section’s practicing materials. You’ll get plenty of tasks to exercise.

Day 8 TOEFL Preparation: Your Weak Point

This is the day for additional practice. Remember the mock test you took on the second day. It’s time to go and recheck your results.

What is the section that you had the lowest score on? Please get back to it and check deeply. Try to include as many practical exercises as possible to improve that skill.

Day 9 TOEFL Preparation: Practice

Input more practice. You already got by knowing that the more exercise you have, the higher your opportunities are to get the anticipated score.

So, spending a day exclusively on mock exams is good. They are not difficult to find online or in the library, though you might choose a more peaceful means and get many of them off the official website.

You can get a value pack that suits your needs in no time. When speaking, get a friend who will be glad to assist you. Have chats on different topics together; later, you can ask for feedback.

Day 10 TOEFL Preparation: Relax

We know how tense and stressful the day before the exam is. But don’t fall for the tricks of your thought, which will always tell you to study more. It is counterproductive to drain yourself. Try to relax and go for a walk or sightseeing. You can even let yourself watch a movie (preferably in English) which will be a good distraction.

The Test Day

Spend some minutes studying what to expect from the exam. It’s not just all about knowing how long the TOEFL test is. Getting acquainted with the process and general rules can assist in avoiding unnecessary worries and hassle.

Take Note:

  • Try to be at the center on time, preferably 30 minutes be for the actual time of the test.
  • Ask questions when the need arises.
  • Ensure you abide by the rules and regulations guiding the test to avoid tension


Remember about balance in all. Do not take too much on yourself if you observe that 10 days can’t be enough. Have plenty of rest since an exhausted person equals less efficiency. This article takes you through the essential steps in your TOEFL preparation if you decide to go ahead with this plan or give yourself more time. Our team wishes you good luck with the exam.


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