How To Qualify For Evans Scholarship In 2023

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The Evans Scholarship is the nation’s largest privately funded college scholarship program, and it is unique in its size, scope, and selection process. Evans Scholarship is a national program that provides full tuition and housing grants to caddies who graduate from high school and maintain a specified level of academic achievement in college.


The program is funded by the Western Golf Association, which has contributed more than $1 billion to the Scholarship since 1930.

It is also one of the most selective and prestigious scholarship programs in the country. Keep reading to learn more about the Evans Scholarship and how you can apply for it in 2023.

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How To Qualify For Evans Scholarship

About Evans Scholarship

Their collaboration with the Western Golf Association in support of the Evans Scholarship fund, which maintains homes on 15 college campuses, is one of the fundamental tenets for the functioning of N.E.W.G.A.


This scholarship program gives young people who work as caddies at N.E.W.G.A. golf courses a chance to pursue an education they would not otherwise be able to.

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on their demonstrated need for financial aid, personal history, academic excellence, and exceptional character. Evans Scholars now have a 3.2 cumulative G.P.A. and a 95% graduation rate.


There have been 10,412 men and women nationwide who have graduated as Evans Scholars since the first scholarship was awarded in 1930. These folks have become the Evans Scholarship program’s most ardent advocates and funders.

Candidates That Meet The Requirements May Apply For The Evans Scholarship.

To be considered, potential candidates need to ensure that they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Strong track record as a caddie: Applicants must have worked as caddies for a least two years, both effectively and frequently. Additionally, they must be working as caddies or in another capacity at their sponsoring club throughout the summer at the time they apply for their scholarship.
  • Candidates are expected to have finished their junior year of high school with a grade point average of B or above in college preparation classes, and they are also required to take either the A.C.T. or the S.A.T. They also need to demonstrate excellent academic achievement.
  • Applicants must make their need for financial help very obvious and demonstrate that they need it.
  • Candidates need to have great character, integrity, and leadership qualities to be considered.

Nationality of the Host

The Western Golf Association and the Evans Scholars Foundation in the United States are responsible for administering this award.


Nationality That May Apply

A candidate must either be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident to be considered for the Evans Scholarship.

An unlimited supply of funds is available for students studying abroad who come from various nations.

Worth of a Scholarship

The Evans Grant is a collegiate scholarship that covers both the caddies’ tuition and housing costs. It is awarded to caddies with exceptional academic achievement but low financial resources.

The Application Procedure Of The Evans Scholarship

The following are the stages that must be completed as part of the application procedure for the Evans Scholarship:

  • Caddying at a Western Golf Association club member (WGA) is a condition for candidates to qualify for the Evans Scholarship. Applicants must be seniors in high school to be considered for this scholarship. Additionally, they need to show that they are in financial need and have an excellent academic record.
  • Receive a nomination:

Applicants for the scholarship must obtain a nomination from the head professional or president of their respective clubs to be considered for the award.

  • Please fill out the application:

Applicants will get an application and instructions on filling it out after being nominated for the position. The applicant’s academic accomplishments, caddy record, extracurricular activities, and financial needs will be required to complete the application.

  • Interview with a local Committee for the Evans Scholarship:

After the application has been filled out and submitted, the candidate will be expected to take part in an interview with a local Committee for the Evans Scholarship.

The applicant’s academic record, caddy record, financial need, leadership qualities, character traits, and interview performance are all considered throughout the selection process. After the interviews, the local Evans Scholarship Committee will forward their recommendations to the WGA for the final selection. The WGA is responsible for making the ultimate decision

  • Attendance at a WGA Evans Scholar Orientation:

If you are awarded the WGA Evans Scholarship, you will be required to attend a WGA Evans Scholar Orientation before beginning your studies at an accredited educational institution.


Prospective candidates should begin their preparations well in advance, make an effort to complete all the criteria, and make use of all the resources available to you.


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