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How To Start A Blog About Your Life


how to start a blog about your life
how to start a blog about your life
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One of the questions aspiring personal bloggers ask is “how to start a blog about my life?”

If you want to learn how to start a blog about your life, then follow this article till the end for an easy guide on how to successfully start your own blog.

Actually, creating a blog is a good platform that will help you as a storyteller to create content around your life by expressing your life experiences and perspectives.

In this kind of blog, you are the center of the content, and without you, there is no content. The format of your blog post usually comes as a story about what you’ve been through to achieve a particular goal.

You do not have to live a flamboyant lifestyle to be able to blog about yourself. All you need is to be a good storyteller who can be able to cover the good, the bad, and the ugly part of your life in a more engaging manner.

People care about what you have to say about your life and if they can relate to you, they will continue to come back to your blog. So the only quality you have to possess in order to succeed is personality and honesty.

If this is what you really want for your blog, the step-by-step procedure in this article will guide you on how to start a blog about your life.

1. Decide the part of your life to share in your blog

The first step on how to start a blog about your life is to decide the part of your life you want to share in your blog.

Do you want to blog about how you make money? how you make meals, how you work out to get your body shape, how you travel around the world and shop, how you live with your family (spouse & children), or your experience as a student.

There are a lot of things to blog about your life, but deciding a particular part of your life will help your readers to know what to expect and also filter a group of people who can relate to your life experiences.

For instance, would you read a blog that is about how you make money, and the next day, you post about how you make delicious brownies? The answer is No because it doesn’t sound cool.

It is probably difficult to decide what to write about yourself or the type of content to put on your blog. Don’t worry, we will cover some different options to give you a good idea of how to make a nice decision.

We recommend you search through your hobbies. If your hobby is about fashion, then blogging about how you shop and dress up for different events will be suitable for you, if it is about cooking then writing about how you make meals is the right niche for your blog.

Just go through your hobbies and pick the one that you are more passionate about.

2. Decide what name you want your blog to bear

After concluding on what to blog about your life, the next step on how to start a blog about your life is to decide what name you want your blog to bear.

Your blog name is also your domain name which means a name people will use to access your blog. For instance, the name of this very blog is “Legit Method” and the domain name is legitmethod.com

Generally, people who blog about their life usually use their full name as the name of their blog. For example JohnLinda.com, AndrewLeo.com, AnnaWilliam.com, etc.

If your aim is to establish yourself as a brand, it is advisable to use your full name as your domain name.

But if you found out that your full name has been taken already, you can add what your blog is going to be about at the end of your first name such as JohnsPet.com, LindasMeal.com, MiasFashion.com, NoahsMarriage.com.

Alternatively, if you don’t know what to do with your blog yet, you can add a general word to your first name that signifies it’s a personal blog such as Lindasblog.com, JohnsLifstyle.com, KeepingUpWithAnn.com, etc.

You need to make your blog name to be easy to pronounce, type, and spell so that your blog will be memorable for all types of people around the world that relate to your content.

3. Get your blog online by hosting it on the web

After deciding what name you want your blog to bear, the next step on how to start a blog about your life is to get a hosting plan that will ensure your blog is visible online.

A blog without a hosting plan is like a person that is all dressed up without nowhere to go. You have to choose a reliable web hosting plan that will make your new blog visible to your potential audience online.

Since there are lots of web hosting companies out there, each one of them provides a diverse and attractive feature which makes it kind of difficult for you to choose the hosting company that fits your blog the best.

Well, since you are looking for how to start a blog about your life, we recommend you go for Bluehost for some reasons which are:

  • Affordable Hosting Plan ($2.99 per month)
  •  Free Domain registration & SSL
  • Your blog will experience Less Downtime
  • Your blog will have a fast loading speed
  • Top-Notch Web Security that protects your blog from hackers
  • Experienced 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee  in case you changed your mind

Now, the best part with Bluehost is that they will automatically install WordPress software for you. In just a few clicks, you will get your blog up and running with no coding or web development experience.

Just click on this link  how to start a blog in 2022 and then follow the number three (3) step to easily host your blog with Bluehost in just a few clicks.

If you complete the process to the very end of the number three (3)  step, you will also discover that you have installed WordPress on your new bog.

4. Choose a personal blog theme

After getting your blog online through web hosting, the next step on how to start a blog about your life is to choose the best theme for your blogging template.

Ready-made and professionally-designed themes are a great way to express design.

In your WordPress dashboard, there are a lot of carefully tailored themes created for a specific blog niche or topic in mind.

To change the theme of your blog, you will have to click on the “appearance” tab on your WordPress dashboard and then click on “theme” just like in the image below.

Change theme
Change theme

After the page is loaded, you can click on the “Add new” tab above the already installed themes or click on the plus icon below the installed themes to add a new theme.

Add new theme
Add new theme

On the new page, you may choose recommended themes by hovering over to different tabs ranging from featured, popular, latest, favorite, and featured favorite or you may search for your desired theme in the search box on the upper right-hand side (personal is the keyword to search for theme templates about yourself)

pick theme
pick theme

Once you have seen the theme you like, hover on it and then click on the blue “install” tab to install the theme. Also, click on the “activate” tab to make the theme active on your blog.

Install theme
Install theme
Activate theme
Activate theme

Using a fully customizable theme gives you the foundation to really express your design to create a strong online presence and meet your audience’s interests.

First of all, your blog theme has to be about what you feel, and then it should be easy for your blog users to read your blog content, as well as offer a friendly and organized navigation layout.

You will need to consider the following when choosing a theme for your blog.

  • Define your blog’s goal: What you intend to blog about yourself will help you take the necessary steps to ensure that you get the right theme that your target audience will resonate with. For instance, if your blog is about how you cook food, add a culinary vibe to your blog, like a background that looks like a dining cloth will make your audience relate to it.
  • Decide on a layout: The layout of your blog theme also influences the presentation of your blog to your audience. You need to choose a theme with a layout that will prioritize certain blog content over others.

5. Develop your brand by customizing your blog

After choosing the best theme for your blog, the next step on how to start a blog about your life is to customize your blog which defines who you really are.

In order to make your blog truly about your life, you have to design it in a way that represents you, your values, your experience, or your goals.

This is very important if your intention is to build your own brand through your blog and eventually make money blogging.

Customizing your blog to be about you will give you an edge over other blogs, making it easier for you to stand out. The design also has a role in assisting the message of your content.

To start customizing your blog, just click on the “appearance” button in your WordPress dashboard and then click on the “Customize” tab like in the image below.


When this loads to the next page, you will see there are several elements you need to change when it comes to customizing your blog. Below are the most important ones:

  • Blog Logo & icon: Make your blog logo and icon, then upload them to be the face of your brand which makes your blog recognizable. Your blog logo and icon increase your brand recognition and strengthens your online presence. You can create your logo yourself or hire someone on Fiverr to do a professional Logo and icon for you at a low price of $5.

  • Your blog header: This is the head of your blog that people see in the first seconds of loading your page, it is located above the fold of the homepage. It contains important web elements, such as your logo, call-to-action button, navigation menu, and any relevant text or image. Your header should be about your style, provide basic information and tell users exactly what your blog is about.

  • Your blog color: The colors of your blog tell who you are and it can also inspire certain moods or bring up important associations for viewers. While choosing the perfect color for your blog, think about what tone you want to convey.

  • Your blog sidebar: This is the widget that displays different elements in your blog sidebar and it is usually at the right-hand side of your blog. The sidebar contains important elements such as popular posts, new posts, adverts, adverts, and adverts.

6. Write your first blog post

Once you are done customizing your new blog, the next step on how to start a blog about your life is to write your first blog post about your life.

Now it is up to you to decide what you want to write as your first post.

After you have decided what to write,  go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the “posts” tab, then select the “add new” option and it will bring you to a page like this:

Post Editor

The “Add title” section is where you can set a title for your post, and then the big section is where you will write whatever content you want, and then add images and other media through the “add media” button.

You may save your work as a draft in order not to lose it if anything should go wrong with your device or network connection. Click on the blue “publish” button to make your post live to your blog users.

How to write nice content about your life

Since you have created a blog about yourself, you may be curious about the things you can and cannot write about yourself.

Actually, nothing is off the table, but you should not write more of your private life stories on your blog.

With that being said, original content is the center of every successful blog out there. This means that you should try as much as possible to publish original contents that can’t be found elsewhere.

Since the main focus of your blog is to write about your life,  personal blogs like this are vessels of quality writing, after all, you are the expert of telling your own story and your story has no duplicate.

Another thing you have to bear in mind is to increase exposure to your blog. For you to achieve this and drive a tone of traffic to your blog, you need to study search engine optimization also known as SEO.

The more your blog ranks on search engines, the more likely you are to get thousands of visitors.

How to make money blogging about your life

After doing the hard work of writing amazing content and getting enough traffic to your blog, the next step on how to start a blog about your life is to monetize your blog and make money.

Actually, there are different ways to make money with your blog and most of them are already familiar to you.

Below are ways you can monetize a blog about your life and make a ton of money:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertorials and sponsored content
  • Sell digital products
  • Launch online course
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Run campaign for brands

The list of how to make money with your blog is so broad that we can’t explain it all in this article, you can read this article (how to monetize your blog) to know more about monetizing your new blog.


The above article is the step-by-step guide of how to start a blog about your life and we hope it helps you get your personal blog up and running.

Bear in mind that the road to making money with your blog may be long but with hard work and dedication, you will finally start making thousands of dollars with your blog.

Thank you for having time to read this article about how to start a blog about your life and please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep you updated anytime we drop articles like this one.

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