How to Write an Invitation Letter for A German Visa

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Do you reside in Germany? Do you intend to invite your spouse, your family, or your friends to visit you in your home country? Are you having trouble writing the ideal invitation letter? Do you require suggestions to improve your ability to write an invitation letter for a German visa? You are at the appropriate place if this describes you.


You will learn how to write an invitation letter for a German visa in this post, and we’ll also provide you with a sample of one.

 Invitation Letter for A German Visa

What is an Invitation Letter for German Visa?

An invitation letter for a German visa can easily be described as a letter of invitation written by a person who is legally living in Germany and wants to invite family members and friends.

In the letter, you must persuade the embassy that you do not intend to remain in the country illegally if you want to improve your chances of receiving a German short-term visa. And that’s where a letter of invitation comes in.


Someone with connections to you who resides in Germany sends you an invitation letter. It affirms that you are a responsible individual who won’t stay in Germany longer than permitted. Additionally, it demonstrates your connection to the author and establishes their reliability as a source of information.

Please be aware that a letter of invitation is not the same as a “Verpflichtungserklärung,” which is a letter of commitment. If the person you intend to invite cannot afford the journey and their stay in Germany, they will also require a “Verpflichtungserklärung” in addition to the invitation letter. 


Types of Invitation Letters for German Visa 

Not every traveler visiting Germany has the same travel objectives. There are several forms of invitation letters since visitors go to Germany for a variety of reasons. Here are different types of Invitation letters for a German visa.

  • Invitation Letter for Tourism
  • Invitation Letter for Family (including spouse visit)
  • Invitation Letter for Medical Purposes
  • Invitation Letter for Business
  • Invitation Letter for Students
  • Invitation Letter for Guest Scientists/Visiting Scholars
  • Invitation Letter for Training and Internships  
  • Invitation Letter for Official Delegations
  • Invitation Letter for Trade and Fair Exhibitions

Who Writes an Invitation Letter for German Visa?

The invitation letter is written by the host. So, if you want to invite your friends, acquaintances, or business colleagues to Germany, compose the invitation and then email it to the recipient. They can submit the invitation letter when applying for a visa at the German embassy.


What Should a German Visa Invitation Letter Contain?

  • Name of Embassy
  • Address and phone number of the embassy
  • The host’s full name
  • Full address of the host
  • Phone number of the host
  • Status of Employment in Germany.
  • The visitor’s full name
  • Travel schedule of the visitor
  • The visitor’s relationship with the host
  • The duration of the visit
  • The purpose of the trip
  • Accommodation details
  • Living, transportation, and other costs
  • Support documents like the passport or official ID of the host.

How to Write an Invitation Letter for German Visa

At first glance, writing an invitation letter may appear challenging. But if you know what to add, it’s fairly simple. Here are some tips to help you.

  • · Use a formal tone 

Given that it will be sent to an official organization, the German Embassy, the letter must be written in a formal tone, with accurate grammar and spelling. To make it easier for the caseworker to read and cross-reference, make sure it is straightforward to understand and easy to read.

  • State all key information in a clear and concise manner

All important information concerning the visit, including its goal, expected length, and venue, should be included in the letter. Along with the visitor’s complete name, address, and phone number, you should also provide the visitor’s employment, signature, location, and contact information.


Keep in mind that you should only use accurate facts in your letter.

Sample of German Visa Invitation Letter

The sample invitation letter below demonstrates a typical invitation letter from a friend for a visitor or tourist visa.

  • To: Date:
  • Immigration Officer 
  • [Embassy Name]
  • [Embassy Address]
  • [Embassy Phone Number]

Re: Invitation Letter for [your visitor’s name] with Passport No. __________________

To whom it may concern,

I, [ insert your name], currently residing at [insert your current address], and a citizen/permanent resident of Germany, am writing this letter to support the visa application of my friend, [insert your friend’s name].

The reason for my friend [ insert friend’s name] is to visit me and participate in tourism in Germany. We intended to use my friend’s visit to reunite and reminisce because our time-honored friendship has weathered time and distance.

[Insert friend’s name] and I have been friends for [enter number of years or length]. We have [Describe any activities or other events you have participated in or done as a duo.] We became close due to this, and we have been in touch ever since.

[Insert friend’s name] will be here during the following dates: from [Give the start date of the visit in the following format: DD/MM/YY] to [Give the end date of the visit in the following format: DD/MM/YY].

We will travel to [ insert name of the city or place] during the above dates. Furthermore, [insert friend’s name] will stay at [Invitee’s Address or Hotel Address]. The cost of the trip will be covered by [Include a method of payment].

Attached to this letter are documents to support this letter. Please consider [insert friend’s name ] visa application. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at [Insert your phone number] or [insert your email].

Kind regards,

[Host’s Signature]

[Host’s Name]

[Host’s Address]

[Host’s Phone Number]

[Host’s Email]


If your friends, family, or spouse are applying for a short-term visa to Germany, an invitation letter can help hasten the process. To help make this easier, we showed how the write an invitation letter for a German visa in this article. We hope that you found this article helpful.


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