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Is Fiverr Safe? The Truth Exposed in 2022


Is Fiverr Safe
Is Fiverr Safe?
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Is Fiverr safe? this is a question most people who are interested in being a freelancer or hiring someone on Fiveer ask, especially when they are unsure whether Fiverr is a safe and legit platform.

We understand that there are some people who might be reluctant to trust the safety of Fiverr since the company is just acting as a middle man when it comes to hiring or becoming a freelancer on Fiveer.

It is quite reasonable to doubt the safety of this kind of online store, especially if it is the first time you are coming across such a platform and you are yet to successfully make a transaction on that platform without any worries.

Thankfully, this article has every answer you are looking for concerning the query “is Fiverr safe to use?”.

Based on our team’s recent experience with Fiverr and my personal experience after using Fiverr for more than 5 years now, you will know how and why Fiverr is safe or not.

Without wasting your time, let’s start with the meaning of Fiverr and how it works, before then going to the main topic “is Fiverr safe” in detail.

What Is Fiverr

Fiverr is an Israeli online marketplace that serves as a meeting point for freelancers who have skills to offer, and people looking to hire such individuals with specific skills.

Fiverr serves as a middleman that provides the platform which allows people to easily list out or apply for small one-off jobs, or gigs, online.

For instance, an entrepreneur looking to build a mobile app for his/her business, can come to Fiverr and hire a qualified and professional App developer to create the App for him/her.

Founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2010, Fiverr is one of the leading marketplaces for freelancers on the internet.

The prices of Fiverr gigs vary from $5 to $10,000. Even though most gigs may cost only $5, there is usually an extra (0r addon services)  which could make the price to be above $5 when checking out.

Fiverr Pros and Cons For Buyers

When looking for answers concerning the query “is Fiverr safe ?” it is suitable to also know the Pros and Cons, this will help you better decide how legit the Fiverr platform is.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of ordering for Fiverr services as a buyer.


  • Makes it easy to instantly hire someone
  • All services are Affordable (minimum of $5)
  • Various kinds of Freelancers Are available
  • They have one of the best customer support
  • Variety of Projects
  • Easy to Use Interface


  • Quality Service demands High Charges


Fiverr Pros and Cons For Sellers

If you are an aspirant Fiverr seller looking for the query “is Fiverr safe ?”, it is also nice to know the pros and cons of Fiver as a seller.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of putting up your skills for sale on Fiverr as a seller.


  • Make some extra money
  • Fiverr will bring you paying buyers
  • It’s easy to blow up and become a millionaire on Fiverr.
  • You don’t need to bid on your services.


  • Frustrating Deadlines
  • Slow 14-day payment for sellers


Is Fiverr Safe for buyers?

Now comes one of the major questions of discussion “Is Fiverr safe for buyers?”

Fiverr’s major aim is to bring safety in the buying and selling of freelance skills, this is why the company is working as a middleman between buyers and sellers to assure that all the dealings go smoothly and fine without no worries from both parties.

Although Fiverr promises to place extreme importance on security within its platform and to do its best to keep the platform safe for buyers, which is why the company is continually working on enhancing the security, trust, and quality of gigs on the website.

One of the most frequently asked questions still remains “is Fiverr safe ?”

Because of these doubts, Fiverr added a unique authentication signature on its website that says “Trusted by: Facebook, Google, Netflix, P&G, Paypal”

Fiverr Trusted by
Fiverr Trusted by

This signature that displays that Fiverr is trusted by other well-trusted websites signals a feeling of trust when searching for services on Fiverr. Even with the authentication tags, we are often asked “is Fiverr safe for buyers?” and also about the authenticity of Fiverr services.

To come up with our conclusion, that Fiverr is safe, we did a lot of research about the platform.

At first, we analyzed Fiverr’s feedback from their past and existing users and researched the reviews and ratings of their services. We performed this research by looking into social media platforms and other online platforms to see what their real customers are saying about their services.

After our research, we discovered that Fiverr has massive positive reviews and ratings from a lot of users online and on social media platforms who had successfully made a transaction on the platform.

Fiverr review and rating
Fiverr review and rating

Although a few of their user gave negative reviews, most of them complained about how their accounts were suspended without any notice, which could be because they failed to comply with Fiverr’s strict terms and policies.

After discovering that a higher percentage of their users are satisfied with how Fiverr works, we decided to try them out ourselves, to see if we can get a different experience for this article that answers the question “is Fiverr safe?”.

Based on our team’s experience and my personal experience after using Fiverr for more than 5 years now, we can boldly tell you that Fiverr is a very safe platform with legit and reliable services.

How Does Fiverr Protect The safety of Buyers?

As a person looking to hire a freelancer on Fiverr, you’ll have to spend your hard-earned money to buy services or products. To make sure your money is well spent, you need to know how the platform is protecting your interest.

There are many ways Fiverr helps to answer the query “is Fiverr safe for buyers?” through the kind of services the platform offer and they are listed below.

Through Freelance Vetting

It can be disappointing to hire someone that doesn’t have the same skill they claim to be or are not really capable of what they say.

The good news is that Fiverr vets new freelancers through a careful and critical examination of the skill they intend to offer on the platform.

For instance, a person intending to offer a writing services/Gig on Fiverr is required to undergo a 40-minute language assessment examination by Fiverr.

Fiverr Vetting
Fiverr Vetting

While someone offering Web development services on Fiverr is required to complete a completely different test of their skills.

This Fiverr Vetting becomes more even when a seller applies to become a Fiverr Professional seller. Fiverr will need to undergo an intensive vetting and verification process by its special team.

Through Order Cancellation

As a buyer, the Fiverr order cancellation system is a good way to determine the answer to the query “is Fiverr safe?”

This is because it helps to ensure that a buyer is actually satisfied with what he/she ordered for.

Fiverr has a grace period of 30 days after an order has been marked as completed to finalize a transaction.

During this period of 30 days, you are allowed to decide whether to cancel the order or not, but after the 30 days of grace,  the seller is able to withdraw their earnings from that order, and you can no longer be able to cancel it.

However, you need to have a good reason for canceling an order, such as:

  • You are unsatisfied with the quality of the outcome.
  • The order was not delivered at the appointed time.
  • The seller is violating Fiverr’s terms of service.

Through Freelance Reviews

Seller’s reviews are one of the most important ways Fiverr answers the query “is Fiverr safe?”

This is because a seller’s positive reviews can be a good indicator that he/she offers a high-quality service. At the same time, the seller’s bad reviews are a warning that the seller offers poor and crappy services.

Each review is connected to a specific Gig or order to help ensure the accuracy of reviews. Also, Buyers have a limited amount of time after the seller completed the order to provide a review.

However, some freelancers tend to fake these reviews, so you need to learn how to spot fake reviews on Fiverr.

How buyers can keep themselves Safe on Fiverr

Fiverr promises to make the platform a safer marketplace and environment for buyers, however, it is always advisable to be alert and to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior on the website.

Below are the things to do in order to keep your account and credit cards on Fiverr safe:

Have a unique password

Making your Fiverr account password very unique and hard to forge is a key preventive measure in keeping your Fiverr account and personal information safe.

The best practice is to add at least eight characters or more as your password, use both upper and lowercase letters, and at least two numbers.

Bringing out enough time to create a strong, unique, and complex password, is the starting point of keeping your account and personal information safe and secure on Fiverr.

To keep your Fiverr account even safer, you need to keep your password to yourself, don’t share it with any person, and do not use the same password on multiple websites.

Make every payment on Fiverr

If you want answers to the question “is Fiverr safe for credit cards?” then follow the best practices of making payments on Fiverr.

When placing your orders on Fiverr, make sure it’s done on Fiverr and the payment is made through Fiverr. Approaching sellers and making payment for services outside of Fiverr is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service and this may also hurt your safety on Fiverr.

This policy helps to ensure that all of your payments are done safely through Fiverr’s advanced platform and your transactions are traceable in case anything goes wrong between you and the seller.

This means that any payments made through Fiverr are completely safe and secure, and any payments made outside of Fiverr are not guaranteed. Also, if any issues arise with your payment, Fiverr has the records of your transactions to help in assisting you.

Always note that when a seller asks for direct payments outside of Fiverr, this is an easy way for that seller to steal both your money and personal information.

Following these tips will help you answer the query “is Fiverr safe for credit cards?”

Thoroughly review the seller before placing an order

Luckily, Fiverr has an advanced rating system that offers buyers more information and options to see how satisfied previous customers of a seller are.

Customer reviews also help you find out the complaints and praises of a seller from their previous buyers. So before making a purchase, make sure you thoroughly review the information on the sellers’ rating and review page.

You can also see the seller’s average response time, when their last delivery was, and how long it takes them to complete orders.

Also, as a buyer on Fiverr, you should not fail to read the Gig description properly, including FAQs sections, and ask the sellers whatever questions you have through the “Contact seller” button before placing an order.

If you follow the above-listed guideline, you will notice that Fiverr is actually safe for buyers and this answers your question about “Is Fiverr Safe?”.

Is Fiverr Safe for Sellers?

If your intention is to become a seller on Fiverr, then this section of “is Fiverr safe” is where you need to jump to.

After personally using Fiverr for more than five years, I can safely tell you that Fiverr is safe for sellers as long as all the transactions are done within the platform.

While working on Fiverr, you never have to worry about losing your money because Fiverr is responsible for collecting all your payments first before you even get to start working on your orders.

According to Forbes, one can actually make up to six figures on Fiverr as a seller.

However, it is only possible to be scammed as a seller on Fiverr only if you give scammers a chance to play with you. Below are a few tips to help you avoid scams on Fiverr as s seller:

  1. Always make sure all transactions and payments are made on Fiverr. Never tell your customers to make any payment of any kind outside the platform because most of the time it results in you losing the trust of your customers as well as your money (in cases where the customer never pays after delivering their order). Apart from that, taking the payment part outside of Fiverr can jeopardize your Fiverr account because if Fiverr detects that you are taking deals outside, it may lead to immediate termination of your Fiverr account.
  2. Make the description of your Gigs highly understandable to a layman. You can achieve this by mentioning everything clearly to avoid any kind of misunderstanding later. If a buyer asks for additional services that are not in your gig, the best approach is to reach out to Fiverr customer support and report the case there.
  3. You should never ask a buyer to mark an order as completed if the job was not finished or if the service was not provided.

How Does Fiverr Protect Sellers?

As a freelancer looking to join Fiverr as a seller, you’ll have to spend your time and skills to offer services to your Fiverr clients. To make sure your efforts are well spent, you need to know how the platform is protecting your interest.

The good news is that there are many ways Fiverr helps to answer the query “is Fiverr safe for sellers?” through the kind of services the platform offer and they are listed below.

Through Escrow Service

Whenever you get an order for your Fiverr gigs, Fiverr will immediately collect the full payment of the order on your behalf, then hold on to the money while you complete and deliver the order.

With this Escrows service, Fiverr help to protect your interest as a seller in order to avoid cases where the buyer never pays after the order is delivered.

Through seller levels and Pro sellers

Seller Levels and Pro Sellers give Fiverr sellers the protection of having higher earnings as they progress in the platform.

On Fiverr, every freelancer starts off at the same seller level, but as they complete projects, build a reputation, gain high ratings, and get a high rate of customer satisfaction, their rank can increase to a higher seller level.

This helps the platform to prove that a seller has the reliability to deliver high-quality services and this leads to high-level freelancers charging more because they’re aware that their high reputation speaks for themselves on the platform.

Through commercial use license

Another way Fiverr protects sellers is through commercial use license.

This allows sellers to control how buyers use their products or the work that they delivered.

This means that a freelancer on Fiverr can mark a Commercial Use License (CUL ) as an extra Gig. Without a CUL, a seller may only use the job’s outcome for its intended purpose.

General Fiverr Safty and Security Features

The major thing that makes Fiverr safe is that they’ve clear safety and security features that provide a platform where both buyers and sellers can feel safe and secure while doing their transactions.

Most of these safety features are built directly into the technologies that run the Fiverr website while others are services offered by their customer team.

Below, we’ll explain the most important safeguards and protection features that answer the question “is Fiverr safe?”

1. Fiverr’s Terms of Service

Fiverr’s terms of service are one of the features that help further answer the question “is Fiverr safe?”

This is because they outline many important angles of how their platform protects the interests and safety of both buyers and sellers.

Fiverr terms of service protect buyers and sellers against:

  • Phishing & Scam
  • Abuse & Spam
  • Adult Services & Pornography
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Impersonation or misleading details
  • Intellectual Property Abuse, and more.

Any user that violates any of Fiverr’s terms of service could result in the loss of Fiverr income or payment for an order. You may even need to take down Gigs or lose your entire Fiverr account.

2. Fiverr’s Dispute Resolution

The next Fiverr feature that helps to answer the question “is Fiverr safe?” is Fiverr’s dispute resolution features.

This is a nice Fiverr feature that makes the platform safe for both buyers and sellers through a group of Fiverr customer support teams that help resolve disputes between buyers and sellers regarding orders and payments.

Usually, Fiverr recommends that buyers and sellers should first try and resolve issues among themselves, with the help of the already available communication tools.

However, if you fail to resolve it, through Fiverr’s dispute resolution feature, its customer satisfaction team will help make sure that there is fair justice for everyone involved.

3. Fiverr’s Report Violations feature

Another Fiverr feature that helps to answer the question “is Fiverr safe?” is its report violations center.

Among the other feature already mentioned above,  users can also report any  Fiverr account that violates any or all of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, rules, or community guidelines.

For instance, you can report any user that tries to convince you to take any part of your transaction outside Fiverr.

For the safety of both buyers and sellers, Fiverr places extreme importance on the investigation of these reports in order to protect the community.


The above article has every answer you are looking for concerning the query “is Fiverr safe?” and we hope this helps you get answers to whether to use Fiverr as a buyer or a seller.

If by chance you encounter any security or safety-related issues on the Fiverr website, you should report it to their security team as soon as possible by reaching out to their Customer Support team.

Thank you for having time to read this article about the query “is Fiverr safe” to the end. We will be glad if you subscribe to our Newsletter to get more review related articles like this

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