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Is Goat Legit Or Fake? The Truth Exposed In 2022


Is Goat Legit
Is Goat Legit
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When questions such as “is GOAT legit” pop up, we know there is a possibility of purchasing from Goat or a resale through Goat.  

Since some online marketing agencies are not straightforward or dependable, intending buyers and sellers would search for clues to know more about any E-commerce site they want to purchase from and how authentic they are. 

This is because searching for the query “is Goat legit?” will give you in-depth answers instead of searching for “Goat review”

Thankfully, this article has every answer you are looking for concerning the query “is Goat legit?”.

Aside from that, we are also going to answer most of your mind-burgling questions about Goat such as: is Goat authentic, is Goat fake, is Goat real, is Goat a scam, and many others.

What is GOAT

GOAT is an E-Commerce platform for online marketing of sneakers, luxury apparel, and accessories. which is designed for selling both new and second-hand sneakers.

The company has been in existence since 2015 and is co-owned and founded by Daishin Sugano and Eddy Lu.

GOAT is an initial carved from “Greatest Of All Time” a common sports slogan and as such the platform started by selling sports sneakers and ranks 824 of 3073 in the shoes and Clothing category.

GOAT has about 30 million members, 600,000 sellers in 170 different countries, and millions of prospective buyers. That has made it an E-Commerce platform that keeps growing every day and they do so with the increasing number of people that get interested in buying sneakers.

However, sneakers aren’t just for sports, in fact with Hip- hop music culture and sports, sneakers are a must-have for every US citizen. 

Although GOAT started from selling original and fairly used sneakers it has extended to selling accessories and luxury apparel and they also strive to sell authenticated GOAT items at affordable prices. 

You may think GOAT’s process of buying and selling is tedious but it’s very easy. Sellers including wholesalers, retailers, and boutiques upload their sneakers on the GOAT website but before uploading these items, the seller has to be verified and sneakers checked for signs of being fake or outdated.

As a buyer you go to the GOAT website or GOAT App and click any GOAT item you want to purchase and await its verification then it’s shipped down to you.

 GOAT promise to sell original sneakers that have passed through a rigorous authentication process at an affordable price and this leads to the question ‘is Goat legit?

Is Goat legit?

Now comes the main question of discussion “Is Goat legit?”

Goat promises to offer cheaper rates when it comes to the products on their platforms. This is because Goat is designed for selling both new and second-hand sneakers.

Since the platform sells both new and used sneakers, one of the most frequently asked questions is “is Goat Legit or a scam?”

Because of these doubts, there is always a sticker at the side corner of your goat order carton that shows a barcode. This sticker means that your order is directly from Goat.

Aside from the sticker, there is also a small card inside the order box that states that your order has passed a series of authenticity tests by Goat’s in-house specialists. The card also has the signature of the staff that checked your order for authenticity.

Goat Authenticity card
Goat Authenticity card

Usually, when you order a product from Goat, the seller ends up shipping the product to Goat, Goat verifies that the product is legit before they ship out to you.

Since the card inside does not bear the name of your order, people take advantage of them by using the card for a sneaker that is fake.

Because the card is not really a guarantee that your order is real, people tend to ask the question “is goat legit?”

To drive to our final conclusion on whether Goat is legit or not, we did a lot of research about the platform.

At first, we analyzed Goat’s feedback from their customers and also researched the reviews and ratings of their services. Since the Goat website does not have a customer review section, we searched online to see what customers are complaining about the store.

What caught our attention is that all the reviews about Goat are two-sided. From what we discovered, about 79% of Goat’s customers were satisfied with their order from Goat, while the other 21% complained about getting fake or not-so-strong products.

Because of this, we dug deeper to find out the truth about how Goat’s authenticity check is done and why there are so many complaints surrounding it. This will help out in answering the query “is Goat legit?”

During our further research, we found TomStefaniuk’s video on YouTube where he experimented with selling FAKE Sneakers on GOAT App to know what will happen, but he was rejected and this is a sign that Goat is legit.


Aside from the above video, A lot of popular YouTubers, influencers, and Sneakerheads also reviewed the products they ordered from goat. The review from these people are very positive and that is a good sign that Goat is legit.

As a matter of fact, we bought a pair of Yeezy sneakers to help us properly conclude this article about the question “is Goat legit.” And from our experience, Goat sells legit products.

However, Foot Locker invested $100 million in Goat, which is also a sign that Goat is legit because Foot Locker wouldn’t invest in a company that sells fake sneakers.

GOAT is one of the most chosen platforms for the purchase and resale of sneakers as there are always positive reviews from buyers and sellers on the GOAT platform so we can say goat is a safe platform for marketing sneakers and accessories.

GOAT offers more buyers protection than sellers and as such is trusted by a lot of customers as they make sure that buyers have little or no problems with purchased goods. 

The platform checks for fake goods regularly by applying safe methods and buyers can also get a refund when expectations are not met. 

In case you are skittish, that GOAT might probably abscond with your money and fail to deliver goods. You can always apply for a refund when goods are not delivered and they always attend to such requests promptly. 

GOAT can be trusted with delivery and gets few complaints from users although it’s quite impossible to satisfy every customer. So we can safely say GOAT is legit.

How does Goat’s authentication process work?

After getting answers to the question “is Goat legit?” the next thing you might want to know is how Goat’s authentication process works.

Goat has a high number of experts that are involved in making sure that each product sold on Goat goes through a rigorous, multi-step verification procedure to ensure that they are 100% legit.

This is because Goat’s major goal is to be the most trusted marketplace for sneakers, apparel, and accessories.

First, Goat sources products from the world’s premium boutiques and retailers, as well as their approved network of resellers,

Goat’s resale products are verified by machine learning technology, digital authentication, in-hand verification, or a combination of all mentioned.

By doing so, it gives more answers to the question “is Goat legit?”

Also, to make their authentication process as accurate as possible, Goat has logged hundreds of thousands of data points on their products to help identify their authenticity.

Additionally, their team of authentication specialists is mandated to go through compulsory training before they resume work.

This training guides them on how to inspect details of the product’s label, stitching, texture, color, and many other thing in order to properly differentiate real products from fake ones without the help of AI.

Finally, it would not be fully Boxfresh without adding their final answer to your query “is Goat legit?”, which is the authentication card in your order box that confirms that your order has been verified by Goat’s team and certified legit.

However, there are cases when mistakes do happen but not as often, especially when you use Ship-to-Verify as your shipping method.

In this case, when your product is found to be inauthentic or not as described, Goat will immediately contact you during the verification process and offer you a full refund for your order.

You should also look into the pros and cons of the Goat platform to see the other side of the answer to the question “is Goat legit”

Goat Pros

Here are some reasons why GOAT should be on your list if you want to get sneakers.

  • GOAT platform layout is easy to follow and understand 
  • They offer discount vouchers
  •  They have lower prices for sneakers  compared to other e-commerce sites although it depends on the model
  •  They have a powerful authentication process 
  • They deliver clean sneakers in better conditions than most Sneaker selling platforms.
  • Sneakers arrive on time at their destinations
  • They sell both new and used sneakers
  • There are specifications and labels for sneakers
  • They offer Data security for members 
  • They accept returns and give discounts on returned goods
  • They offer free shipping of goods 
  •  The overall rating of GOAT on Trustpilot is 4.3

Goat Cons

Like all platforms, GOAT might have some shortcomings and they include;

  • Delayed verification of items. When you purchase an item that hasn’t been verified it takes sometimes 5- 6 business days before it arrives in the warehouse for verification.
  • Delayed shipments of GOAT items. If there is a delayed verification of items delayed shipments are inevitable that’s why you see some negative reviews on GOAT.
  • GOAT has limited customer service. This might be as a result of too many buyers or so but if shipping goes wrong it is a difficult process to get an immediate reply from GOAT.
  • They work only on business days and don’t work on weekends or holidays and this explains why items take longer to arrive.
  • There are lots of sham “GOAT wannabes” on various platforms so you need to be extra careful and deal with the legit GOAT App and website.
  •  The overall rating of GOAT on the Better Business Bureau is 1.2


The above article answers your question “is Goat legit?” and we hope we’ve been able to give you good reasons to shop from Goat or not.

We did some research and found out that GOAT has major partners that are huge names and it’s quite convincing that if GOAT has partners such as Balenciaga, Versace, and other luxury brands, it’s because they are legit. 

Thank you for having time to read this article about the query “is Goat legit?”. When you fill out the box below, you will receive updates anytime we drop reviews like this on this site.

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