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Is Omaze Legit Or Scam? The Truth Exposed In 2022


Is Omaze Legit
Is Omaze Legit
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Once you come across Omaze for the first time, the first question that comes to your mind will be “is Omaze legit?

This is because not all charity fundraising platforms do exactly what they promise, so asking the question is a way to be sure of the platform you are dealing with, to avoid fake promises and eventually being scammed.

Thankfully, this article has every answer you are looking for concerning the query “is Omaze legit?”.

Based on our team’s thorough research about Omaze and its business model, you will know how and why Omaze is legit or not.

So in this article, we will look into the Omaze website review while answering the question “is Omaze legit or a scam?” But before then, what is Omaze and how does it work?

What is Omaze and how does it work?

Omaze is a fundraising platform for a new generation of donors, which focuses on raising money for charity, and giving away fabulous prizes while making profits for itself.

Omaze sustainable procedure for fundraising means that nonprofit organizations can easily raise funds without spending time and money, which enables them to focus on serving the needs of their communities.

Founded by Ryan Cummins and Matthew Pohlson, Omaze was established in the United States in 2012, and in the year 2020, the company was launched in the UK.

Charity Aid Foundation of America (CAF) donates the winnings to designated charities.

For donations made to win an experience with a celebrity prize such as a dinner date or tickets to a premiere, Omaze claims that 60% of such donation goes to the stated nonprofit beneficiary and typically 25%, on average, is used for the payment of miscellaneous expenses, which includes content advertising, creation costs, and payment of processing fees.

While the donations made to win a non-celebrity prize such as a car, vacation, or cash, Omaze claims that 15% of such donation goes to the stated nonprofit beneficiary and typically between 65% to 75%, on average, is used for the payment of arising expenses such as Prize costs, advertising and content creation, and payment processing fees.

On the other hand, in campaigns where there is matching, 100% of the match typically goes to the stated nonprofit beneficiary. With reference to past events, Omaze nets approximately 12-20% across all experience types and this leads to the question ‘is Omaze legit?.

Is Omaze legit or a scam?

Now comes the main question of discussion “Is Omaze legit?”

Well, we have all seen the ads from Omaze with celebrities like Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson, George Clooney, DJ Khaled, or Richard Branson inviting us to a fantastic experience or a chance to win a mansion or an exotic car.

Due to the fact that these Omaze ads and what is promised in them seem so perfect, one of the most frequently asked questions is “is Omaze Legit or a scam?”

Because of these doubts, Omaze has a unique webpage that stores the names and locations of all their winners on their websites which are arranged in a calendar format.

Omaze winners
Omaze winners

Even with the webpage on the Omaze website, we are often asked “is Omaze legit?”

To come up with our conclusion on whether Omaze is legit or not, we did a lot of research about the platform.

At first, we analyzed Omaze’s feedback from their past and existing donors and also researched the reviews and ratings of their services.

We performed this research by looking into social media platforms and other online platforms to see what their real donors are saying about their services.

What caught our attention is that all the reviews are absolute. Looking at some of the reviews that are positive about Omaze, we discovered they all seem perfect. The customers on this side expressed their love for Omaze with passion while encouraging others to use the platform.

While on the other hand, Some customers hate Omaze with their guts, as several people complain of poor customer service. Others rant about the platform being fake and a scam due to their inability to deliver prizes to their winners.

Most customers say they got loads of emails urging them to enter but once they enter, nothing was sent to their email after the draw is done to tell them who won.

While most people feel good about their money going to charity, whether to help fellow humans or to help animals, they all secretly want that dream prize (supercars or houses) or experience to meet their favorite celebrities.

Because of this, we dug deeper to find out the truth about how the prizes are given and why there are so many complaints surrounding it. This will help us give more answers to the query “is Omaze legit?”

During our further research, we found videos of some of the winners on YouTube. This means that the prizes do exist, and are actually given to the winner. This also means that Omaze is legit, even when most of the videos come directly from the official YouTube channel of Omaze.

Since the videos are on the Omaze official YouTube channel, we tried researching for videos of winners posted on the winner’s Youtube channel, but we couldn’t see any.

We only saw a video of a guy interviewing his brother that won a Lamborghini Aventador on Omaze with just $500. The guy also recorded when the car was delivered to his brother and this gives more answers to the question “is Omaze legit?”

We also saw a video of Trevor Noah interviewing a winner.

That means that, yes, you might win a legit prize on Omaze, a trip to the promised location, or a date with your favorite celebrity.

So the quick answer is that Omaze is legit and you can be sure that the celebrities involved would not lend their name and reputation to something that is a scam. there is no way that Trevor Noah would be involved if Omaze is not actually what they claim to be.

In addition, Omaze actually delivers the money contributed to charity through the Charity Aid Foundation of America (CAF) which goes to good causes.

However, Omaze appears to have some vocal customers who have complained online about a particular issue, which is the inability of this company to follow through on its promises to send customers donation awards.

However, there are a few things you should know before using the Omaze platform. These things are the pros and cons of Omaze which will help you further determine the answer to the query “is Omaze legit?”

Omaze Pros

  • Great and easy way to support charities
  • You get a chance to win a prize while donating.
  • You may get a chance to meet your favorite celebrity.
  • They accept contributions from all over the world.

Omaze Cons

  • No refund policy


The above article answers your questions about is Omaze legit? is Omaze real? and is Omaze a scam?

During our research, we found out that Omaze is a legitimate company with transparent policies and a website that is safe to donate to charities and your donation is guaranteed to go to the identified nonprofit beneficiary, through a grant from CAF America.

But so much gets lost in the way that people ask “is Omaze legit? The problem people have with Omzae and why they labeled it a scam is due to the prizes and experiences that come to a winner.

There is a lot hidden about how the winner is calculated and the transparency of the process. Because of this, a lot think that Omaze prizes are rigged by the rich since they are the ones that usually become the winners.

Thank you for having time to read this article about the query “is Omaze legit?”. Please remember to fill out the form below in order to keep yourself updated anytime we drop reviews like this.

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