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Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review: All To Know Before Buying


Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review
Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review
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Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review is the first thing to look for if you are considering buying Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones.

This is because workout Bluetooth headphones are dime a dozen, you can find several hundred pairs within the $20 to $40 range with each one lacking the desired features you need from a workout headphone, but that’s not the case of Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones.


  • Really easy to pair
  • Battery last pretty long up to 12-16 hours
  • Ultraclear listening sound quality
  • It’s IPX7 waterproof
  • Not heavy and conveniently easy to take along
  • Comes with additional earbuds
  • No effect when you wear glasses
  • Stable and reliable connection
  • Reasonably intuitive buttons


  • You can wear them in light rain and sweat, but they will short out if you submerge them.
  • Doesn’t offer any special recharging features


Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Review

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones are high fidelity audio Bluetooth headphones that are sweatproof, which means you can use them while sweating, in the shower, and even under light rain.

The general idea of these headphones is to offer the kind of redundant holding forces which is important to make the earbuds remain inside your ear during aggressive workout movements such as jumping, running, flipping, and hopping.

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones ensures this kind of security without tampering with the comfort and quality of the headphone. The over the ear kind of hook really really works especially if you are working out or running, they don’t shimmy or shake and it has no effect when you wear glasses.

They can help you get through tough workouts and long-distance runs with any music through its’ Ultraclear listening sound quality.

Built with an IPX7 waterproof which is one of the higher waterproof protection ratings you will see on a pair of headphones. This shows that Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones are protected from up to one meter of submersion in water. Meaning that you can take them in the shower with you having no worries.

Made with Realtek’s latest RCV technology and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones delivers high-quality audio with a stable and reliable connection.

What’s inside the box

Insid Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Box
Inside Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones Box

In this Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones review, you will find what is inside the small box you will receive after ordering for yours.

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones comes with a nice little slipcover, just a brown box up underneath.

When you open it up, you get this cool little round case. You also get a little owner’s manual and a Letsfit card.

Inside the round case which has a zip around it, you can see more of the product in the case, such as the headphones, USB cable for charging them, and the earbuds (which come in 3 different sizes; small, medium, and large depending on what fit you better.)

The earbud also has a little housing for the cord which is where you can cinch it up by making it smaller or larger depending on your preference.

All of the controls are at the right-hand of the headphone, and underneath is where you would plug in your USB cable and it does suggest that you charge them before using them.


  • Model: U8L
  • Bluetooth Standard: V5.0
  • Wireless Profile: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP, SPP
  • Operating Range: 33 feet/10 meters (No obstacles between)
  • Waterproof Rate: IPX7
  • Standby Time: 250 hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Talk/Playing Time: around 12 to16 hours (depending on volume level and audio content)
  • Charging Voltage: DC 5V
  • Charging Current: 5V 1A
  • Battery Capacity: 120mAh/3.7V

Product Description

The below product description in this Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones review outlines the features of this headphone based on a particular quality:

Microphone quality

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones microphone comes in CVC 6.0 digital noise-canceling technology. This means that the microphone can reduce noise and distortion around your microphone signal.

The person you’re talking with on the other end will feel it as if there’s a consistent ambient noise around you at all times. Though it is circumstantial for the effects of this noise reduction to be fully active, the quality of the noise reduction of this microphone is not small.

Since it can reduce noise by about 30dB, it can actually be quite noticeable in most circumstances. Although when comparing it with a good pair of foam earplugs, it is almost the same amount of noise reduction.

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones microphone is unquestionably great for making calls, and it’s also far better than having no noise cancellation features at all.

Battery Life

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones is manufactured with a built-in 120mAh/3.7V  battery capacity.

This means that it allows your talk and music playtime to end up about 12-16 hours depending on the volume level and audio content, including other tiny factors.

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones don’t offer any special recharging features. It only takes about two hours to completely restore an empty battery, and this is about average for headphones like these.

Once the headphone battery is fully charged, it can safely sit at a standby time of 250 hours, which is around one week.

The charging voltage is DC 5V, while the charging current is 5V 1A.

Audio Quality

Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones are manufactured around fairly large 11mm audio drivers and are supported by a CSR chip that enables it to produce a higher fidelity audio experience.

Shopping for headphones close to this price range, one can forget about flawless sound quality. What you are really searching for is to make sure there is no clear or heavy distortion.

But the Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones actually does an amazing job of keeping distortion really down, making it have an ultraclear listening sound quality.

Though this is because of the Bluetooth technology of V5.0, which ensures certain levels of sound fidelity.

Apart from getting the essentials right, Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones are built with digital amplification to create slightly richer bass.

They have ensured this despite the fact that these earbuds are still earbuds, which have never been good in recreating bass tones.

Though the amplified bass used by the Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones doesn’t have much kick to it, it does offer a smoothness that’s always lacking from headphones that use boosted bass.


Above is the Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones review and we hope it helps you make a better shopping decision for Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones.

In this Letsfit U8L Sports Headphones review, you would find out that this headphone is affordable for a budget price. With three different sizes of earbuds to choose from and ultraclear listening sound quality, the basic comfort of headphones is covered.

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