7 Medical Schools With Free Tuition in New York

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The rising cost of tuition is a barrier to many students who want to pursue a medical degree. However, there are a few medical schools in New York that offer free tuition to their students. In this article, we will be discussing 7 medical schools with free tuition.
You may be wondering how these schools are able to offer free tuition. The answer lies in the fact that these schools are affiliated with large hospitals and receive a lot of financial support from them. As a result, they are able to offer free tuition to their students.
If you are interested in attending one of these schools, then keep reading to learn more.



Medical Schools With Free Tuition in New York

7 Medical Schools With Free Tuition in New York

If you are interested in pursuing a medical degree but are concerned about the cost of tuition, consider applying to one of the schools on this list.

#1. Cleveland Clinic

Medical Questions & Answers | Cleveland Clinic

Credit: my.clevelandclinic.org


The clinic pays the medical school tuition for each of the 32 people who attend Cleveland Clinic each year. The Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western University, to give it its full name, has not charged tuition since 2008, making it the first school to do so.

This is how the tuition-free award is earned: At the Cleveland Clinic School of Medicine, students are expected to spend their fifth year doing research.


Students at the Cleveland Clinic who need financial aid to cover their total cost of attendance (minus tuition, of course) would also fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, just like their peers at other medical schools.

Cost of going to college for the first year without help: $94,010


#2. Cornell University

Cornell University

Credit: visitithaca.co

Weill Cornell Medicine is the most recent addition to tuition-free medical schools. In September 2019, it announced that it would replace student loans with scholarships for students who qualify for financial aid.

Furthermore, students pursuing dual M.D./Ph.D. degrees at Cornell may be eligible for full tuition as well as living expenses stipends from the school and the National Institutes of Health.


Students who do not qualify for need-based financial aid may reduce their cost of attendance by participating in school-sponsored extracurricular activities such as community service.

Without financial aid, the first year’s tuition is $90,000

#3. Columbia University

Admissions | Columbia University in the City of New York


Columbia medical students were the first to receive a completely free education. It promises to cover 100% of lower-income students’ financial needs, including tuition, fees, study materials, and room and board.

To qualify, your family’s household income must be less than $125,000 as of the 2019-2020 school year.

While the Vagelos program offers truly free education to some students — 20%, according to the school’s newspaper — the sticker price for other students in 2020 was $62,980, not including other expenses.

Without financial aid, the first-year cost of attendance is $94,012.

#4. Washington University in St. Louis

STL's WashU named 15th best college in America

Credit: fox2now.com

Washington University Medical School joined the tuition-free movement In April 2019, promising to waive tuition for up to half of its student body. Previously, only one out of every six program participants received a full scholarship to medical school.

Unlike other medical school scholarships, Washington’s aid decisions consider both financial need and academic merit.

The school’s program falls short of covering awarded students’ secondary costs, but it does award partial tuition scholarships to students who are not particularly in need.

Cost of attendance without aid for the first year: $87,578

#5. New York University (NYU)

The NYU Experience

Credit: as.nyu.edu

NYU’s School of Medicine was a pioneer among medical schools to offer tuition-free initiatives. It announced in August 2018 that it would become the first nationally-ranked program to waive tuition and fees for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status or academic performance.

Although there are no requirements for free tuition at NYU’s medical school, there is a catch: The funds, which are made possible by an endowment, will not cover a student’s average living and administrative expenses, which exceed $31,000 annually.

Nevertheless, Julie Fresne, a senior director at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), stated that the program’s early results are promising. “It will take time to observe the full effect,” Fresne said, “but NYU has reported a significant increase in applications from traditionally underrepresented groups in medicine.”

Without aid, the first-year cost of attendance is $88,163

#6. Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine

Kaiser Permanente opens new medical school in Pasadena - MedCity News


The Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine announced in February 2019 that it would only cover tuition and fees for its first five student classes from 2020 to 2024.

Unfortunately, the estimated cost of living at the Pasadena, California, campus for each of the 48 students admitted annually is $34,500.

On the other hand, studying at Kaiser could provide you with access to hands-on training at the company’s hospitals and clinics.

Cost of attendance without financial aid: $95,857

#7. University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA Undergraduate Admission


About one in four students at UCLA’s medical school won’t have to worry about tuition or any other cost that comes with the program. However, those students are only sometimes the most in need and are accepted based only on their abilities.

To keep getting help from the David Geffen Medical Scholarship, they only have to stay in good standing during their four years at college.

Students who get this scholarship won’t have to pay UCLA tuition, and they’ll also get a monthly stipend of $2,792 to pay for things like rent, transportation, and books and supplies.

If you attend med school at UCLA but don’t get the full-ride scholarship, you could still get one of the school’s partial scholarships, which are based on merit and need.

Cost of going to college for the first year without help: $76,136


There are many medical schools with free tuition in New York. Some of these schools are prestigious and have a long tradition of excellence. You will get an excellent education no matter which school you choose from the list above.


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