How to Move to Canada as a Panel Beater in 2023

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Canada is known for its Motor Collision industry accreditation Program. Any Panel Beater seeking to begin their private shop after migrating to Canada should consider the endorsement needed.


As an eligible new and highly qualified and skilled Permanent resident of Canada, you can work full-time from the start as a direct contractor, employee, or even self-employed. Panel beater occupations in Canada are often offered better pay than in Europe, the UK, and Asia, and Canadian employment law compliments the work-life balance.

Emigrate Canada is the Panel beater Canada Visa expert with a devoted Skilled Trades desk perfectly positioned to take care of not only your immigration document but equally to get you registered to work from the start.

Move to Canada as a Panel Beater

How to Move to Canada as a Panel Beater in 2023

Currently, there is an enormous demand for Panel Beaters in 2023, so Immigrate To Canada As A Panel Beater In 2023 is either effortless or in enormous demand.


Whether you have a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa (CPRV) with or without a job proposal is conceivable. Once one obtains a job in Canada, it is often perceived that it is very tough to relocate to Canada as the requirement for the Express Entry procedure is relatively easy.

Whether you are new to the Panel Beater career, then you are qualified to apply to move to Canada under the Canadian Government’s Immigration Program.


This is because the demand and request for Panel beaters in Canada are crucial, and they have itemized this occupation on the many wanted occupations list, which is equally known as the NOC list.

Moving to Canada from Nigeria is generally around $2,300 CAD for a single applicant or around $4,500 CAD for a couple.


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The steps for moving to Canada as Panel Beater in 2023

Once a Panel Beater wishes to move to Canada, they have to pass the qualified desk of the panel beater desk, where it is assumed that just eligible panel beaters move to Canada.

They are supportive at the desk and assist you in understanding your occupation; they are equally able to speak your language to explain your migration process and the required steps to obtain a Canada Visa for you and your family.


How much a Panel Beater earn in Canada

Someone concerned or interested in moving to Canada as a Panel Beater could now obtain a visa and immigrate to Canada for their dream occupation. 

An average panel beater could make a gross salary of about $50,000 or an equivalent hourly rate of about $25. The Pane Beater can also earn an average bonus of $1,220.

Can I immigrate to Canada as a Panel Beater without a job proposal?

Yes, provided that you have a sensible total CRS score on the Express Entry application and can meet the 67 emigration point threshold for Canada Federal Skilled Trades Visa.

Technically there is no least CRS score needed to submit or hand in a Panel beater Canada Express Entry profile.

For sure, securing a job offer or getting a job proposal documented in the correct method for emigration purposes, i.e., LMT, will give you an immediate CRS increase of 600 points. Hence, it makes sense to begin this procedure or process as soon as possible.


Panel Beaters are in higher demand in Canada in 2023, and it is pretty simple for a Panel beater to obtain a job here. Knowing fully well that Canada has got a Motor Collision industry endorsement Program.

So, anybody looking for a job as a Panel Beater can start up their shop when they have moved to Canada, and then he instantly looks into the accreditation or endorsement required.

Therefore, the opportunities of moving to Canada for a job as a Panel Beater are not at risk at all. So, there are several such opportunities for the Panel.

So all you have to do is take an online test and then calculate if you have obtained sufficient points to move to Canada for this reason; this could be done from both an Express Entry and Immigration point perspective too.


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