Top 10 No-Essay Scholarships For International Students 2023

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There are a lot of no-essay scholarships for international students online, but knowing the best choice to make is where the problem lies.


The idea that all scholarships need an essay is among the most pervasive fallacies. That is untrue. In reality, many fantastic scholarships don’t even call for an essay. These short scholarships, which you can apply for in a few minutes, to other awards focused on kids with a particular aptitude are all examples of no-essay scholarships.

No-Essay Scholarships For International Students
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Let’s discuss scholarships without essays. Whether you’ve been applying for scholarships for a long time or are just starting, you’ve experienced some level of fatigue, annoyance, or even outright rage when writing all those essays. I understand how difficult it may be to get financial help

Mixing up the sorts of scholarships you apply for is a wise move when seeking financial aid.

If you are aware of the world of scholarships, you have undoubtedly already learned that several awards are available in various forms.

While some scholarships are for smaller sums (for example, $100 to a few thousand dollars), others are for bigger sums (and even complete tuition!). While some scholarship applications have a comprehensive list of prerequisites, others only demand you to write a line, submit your transcript, or complete a form.

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Key Takeaways

  • The top 10 No-Essay Scholarships For International Students 2023
  • Is it true that there are scholarships available that need no essay to be written for consideration?
  • What characteristics does a typical scholarship not need an essay to have?
  • How to apply for no-essay scholarships for international students around the world

The 10 Best No-Essay Scholarships For International Students in 2023

Most of these no-essay scholarships are available to learners at all educational levels; be sure to submit those quick applications and cross your fingers as you start working on some other, more time-consuming chances.

The top 10 scholarships without essays are as follows:

#1. $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship

Scholarships 360 The $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship is available to any college students who need additional assistance with their tuition costs. You may apply for our scholarship without writing an essay if you are a high school student who wants to attend college, a graduate student enrolled graduate student or a non-traditional student interested in returning to school.

Students that make the most of the information and scholarships on Scholarships360 will be given this grant. If you use the Scholarships360 platform to apply for scholarships, you will have a solid application. Interviews with the scholarship’s finalists will focus on how they pay for their education.

Apply for Scholarships 360 here

#2. $2,000 No Essay Scholarship

It’s simple to apply for the $2,000 No Essay Scholarship, which has no essay requirement! The scholarship may cover educational expenditures, including tuition, housing, books, and other living costs. The monthly winner will be chosen randomly, contacted by Niche personally, and publicized on the Scholarship Winners website and in Niche’s e-newsletter. One application per month is permitted, and one winner will be chosen each month.

Students in high school and college and those planning to enrol in college or graduate school the following year. The recipients of this scholarship are not all. Study the scholarship guidelines.

Apply for Niche scholarship here

#3. Too Cool to Pay For School No-Essay Scholarship

One of the ways we assist kids to save money for college is via the “Too Cool to Pay for School” award. The scholarship may be used to pay for tuition, books, housing, technology, and other expenditures associated with the study. Applying is simple; fill out the form with your information and hope your fingers. The scholarship recipient will be chosen randomly, contacted personally, and publicized on this website. The official regulations may be read for more details.

Open to students in all years of high school, college, and graduate school. Must either be enrolled full-time (in high school or at an authorized institution) or have a start date within the next 24 months. Apply for the scholarship here

4. $2,000 Nitro Scholarship

Beginning at 12:00:01 AM Eastern Time on Sunday, January 01, 2023, and ending at 11:59:59 PM ET on Sunday, December 31, 2023 (the “Sweepstakes Period”), Nitro will be holding a $2,000 scholarship sweepstakes. The clock for this Sweepstakes is the Sponsor’s computer. Legal citizens of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and any U.S. Territory who are 17 years or older at the registration are eligible to win one of two $2,000 scholarships in the annual Nitro Scholarship Sweepstakes.

Apply for Nitro scholarship here

5. Toucan Language Learning No-Essay Scholarship

It might seem like a difficult endeavour requiring years of work to learn a new language.

With so much to study, knowing where to begin or to establish and follow a plan may be challenging. Even if you take a foreign language course at school, mastering might be difficult, and it can take some time to become fluent. Fortunately, Toucan is here to assist!

With the help of this scholarship, students may study new languages and expand their horizons more easily and enjoyably.

Apply for Toucan scholarship here 

6. Best Faith-Based Colleges No-Essay Scholarship

Applying for this scholarship is comparable to visiting an online fair for religious colleges. You’ll be provided with all the tools you need to be successful in college!

This scholarship is especially distinctive in that it will reward applicants who are proactive, brave, and quick to take chances.

The scholarship will be given out on November 1, 2023; however, application deadlines will roll over each month. Students that submit their applications early in the application cycle will have a better chance of winning the prize.

Apply for Best Faith-Based Colleges here

7. Create A Greeting Card Scholarship

For the front of a greeting card, students must submit an original photograph, work of art, or computer design.

You may submit original art, photographs, or computer graphics online via the entry page as JPEG files (.jpg). You may send original artwork by digitally photographing or scanning it.

The student who submits the winning design will get a $10,000 scholarship and have their design turned into a greeting card that will be marketed under The Gallery Collection brand. Additionally, the winning student’s school will get a $1000 reward for aiding in contest publicity.

Apply for Create A Greeting Card Scholarship here

8. Frame My Future Scholarship

The Frame My Future Scholarship Contest is accessible to all full-time students enrolled in post-high school institutions who are legal citizens of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, including APO/FPO addresses (except Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories). This might be a graduate school, a community college, or an undergraduate college or university in the United States.

Participants must produce an original work expressing their goals for their post-college personal and professional lives. Photographic, ink, collage, painting, mixed media, and graphic design submissions are acceptable.

Apply for Frame My Future Scholarship here

#9. ULoop Dorm Survey Scholarship

This grant is available to enrolled U.S. college students who have previously resided in an on-campus residence hall. Participate in a brief survey on your dorm experience to be eligible to win $1,000. Your review will assist others in selecting the ideal dorm.

Apply for ULoop Dorm Survey scholarship here

#10. Direct Textbook Photo Essay Scholarship

$500 in awards. Randomly chosen photos from among all eligible submissions. Send an original picture that best expresses your interpretation of the topic “Shine.” The applicant must be a recent high school graduate with a GPA of 2.0 or above, enrolled for the winter or spring semester at an authorized 2 or 4-year college or university, someone who is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, and not presently in jail or prison.

Apply for Direct Textbook Photo Essay scholarship here

Check out some no-essay scholarships here

Is It True That There Are Scholarships Available That Need No-Essay To Be Written For Consideration?

Scholarships that don’t need an essay are a sure thing.

Scholarships that don’t need an essay are fashioned after competitions or sweepstakes. In most cases, all that must be evaluated is to fill out a brief online application form. This contrasts with other, more time- and effort-intensive scholarship opportunities (think: essays, letters of recommendation, videos, interviews).

While it’s true that no-essay scholarships are among the most low-barrier-to-entry options out today, it makes them more legitimate than their more stringently regulated counterparts. Due to the high demand, even “no essay” scholarships might be as difficult as “full-ride” ones.

The final goal of every scholarship we include in our database and on our blog is to point you in the direction of genuine chances to aid you in your pursuit of a college education.

What Characteristics Does A Typical Scholarship Not Need An Essay To Have?

The absence of essay requirements is the defining feature of a “no essay” scholarship. These awards often require applicants to fill out a form or submit a picture, video, or other creative work instead of an essay. What makes these scholarships so fantastic is that they are often considerably easier and faster to complete than other awards.

Most scholarships that don’t need an essay are available to students of all majors and academic standings and have few other qualifying restrictions, such as a minimum grade point average or GRE score.

How To Apply For No-Essay Scholarships for International Students

The best way to apply for the no-essay scholarships is by visiting individual links mentioned above, go through the website(s), read their requirements and get started with the process.

All scholarships have their requirements/eligibility for students who are seeking for the scholarships.

The description of each scholarship will contain information about the deadlines, qualifications, and award dates. However, applying is often as simple as clicking apply for many no-essay scholarships! Some no-essay scholarships may need you to provide a link or do a task.


Students at all academic levels can access a large selection of no-essay scholarships. While some no-essay scholarships call for unique application resources, many demand a few mouse clicks.

Scholarships without essays are simple scholarships that occupied students may apply for. No-essay scholarships are simple to apply for and take less time than essay scholarships, so by applying to more no-essay scholarships, your chances of winning some free money for your rising education costs increase.


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