10 Best Online Acting Courses With Certificates In Australia 2023

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This article will discuss the 10 best online acting courses with certificates in Australia in 2023. These online acting courses are diverse, informative courses that help individuals learn and add to their respective techniques and skills in acting.


You might be wondering if getting certified online as an actor is possible. Sure, you can get certified by taking acting courses online, depending on the platform or institute you choose to build your profession. 

In most cases, we’ve seen where people don’t attend physical classes because of their busy schedule and want to take their acting courses online in their leisure time.

If you’re one of those busy people, however interested in acting movies/films, the platforms listed below would help you build your career in acting.

Online Acting Courses With Certificate In Australia
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10 Best Online Acting Courses With Certificate In Australia 2023

Different acting courses are available online that an individual can consider in Australia. Below are the ten best online acting courses with certificates in Australia.


#1. Acting Masterclass By Samuel L. Jackson

One of the best online based acting courses is the Acting Masterclass by Samuel L. Jackson. This specific course would enable an individual to learn directly from the Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson. It further offers vital and informative knowledge on acting.

#2. Acting Masterclass By Natalie Portman

Known to have won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe is Natalie Portman, who has a course on acting. This course contains all the secrets and tips that Natalie Portman has acquired during her career as a professional artist.


#3. Acting in Film and TV || Start Your Acting Business (Skillshare)

An individual can consider the “Acting in Film and TV || Start Your Acting Business by Laura Lieben, Actress, Poet & Storyteller” course, which Skillshare provides. These online acting classes consist of diverse, entertaining lectures which will significantly help one get detailed information to strengthen their acting career.

#4. Acting 101 For Adults (Udemy)

Aaron Jackson is the actor responsible for teaching this course which provides tremendous insights into various tactics related to acting and helps students improve their respective acting skills. Acting 101 for Adults consists of 17 lectures that include business and commercial acting elements.

#5. Professional 10-Hour Acting Masterclass (Udemy)

Professional 10-Hour Acting Masterclass is one of the most helpful online acting courses available on Udemy. This course which the Actors Academy teaches, helps to provide the necessary skills for one’s acting career.


#6. Acting Masterclass By Helen Mirren

This specific online acting course is being taught by Helen Mirren, an academy award winner; her course would provide one with different acting techniques. It further contains details on acting, which go from practical training to physical appearance.

#7. Acting Techniques Masterclass (Skillshare)

Available on Skillshare is the Acting Technique Masterclass, which contains a class of over 40 minutes. The various teachings are made available by diverse teachers and would help one develop acting concepts.

#8. Working With Actors & Non-Actors In Video Production (Linkedin Learning)

This is one of the best online courses which Director Kelley Slagle teaches. The training is for actors and those who work behind the screen; it teaches more about casting, conducting interviews, and handling sensitive problems and children.

#9. Acting For Everyone (Udemy)

This online course which consists of 23 videos, is offered by Serena Greenslade and is engaging. The teachings provide information on performance for fun and acting professionally for interested individuals.

#10. Stage Milk Drama School

Stage Milk Drama is an 8-week course to aid students in learning the basics of acting. Each module for the acting classes is taught by experts who mainly specialize in different acting genres.

Which Course Is Best For Acting?

There are several courses that an individual can consider for acting. These courses will help mold you if you intend to become an actor or an actress. Some of the courses which are regarded as the best for acting include communication degree, film degree, and drama degree.

Can You Do An Acting Course From Online?

Yes, you can considerably engage in an acting course online. Many acting courses are available that provide the required information and knowledge an individual would need. Professional coaches teach many of these courses, while famous and renowned actors even lead others.

Which Country Is Best For Acting Course?

Several countries offer the best courses for individuals looking to become actors and actresses. Some countries best for acting courses include the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, and Ireland. An individual can consider either of these countries to study for a degree related to acting.

Is It Hard To Get Into Acting In Australia?

Yes, it’s difficult to get into acting in Australia. This is a result of the limited opportunities in the country compared to others with more prominent movie industries. One would need to be in the right place or explore opportunities in places like Sydney or Melbourne.

Where Is The Best Place To Start An Acting Career?

Starting an acting career entails looking for opportunities in the best places around the world. The best places where an individual can considerably start an acting career include Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Stamford, amongst others.

How Much Do Acting Classes Cost In Australia?

Acting classes usually cost a certain amount an individual looking to attend these classes must pay. Acting classes are estimated to cost between $10,000 (AUD). But this cost could also vary depending on the institute you intend to attend for the acting classes.

Does Acting Require A Certification?

No, acting does not necessarily require a certification. An individual needs good memory, speaking skills, commitment, patience, and the ability to cope with changing situations.

Can I Learn Acting In 6 Months?

Yes, you can learn acting in 6 months. But you would only be exposed to the basics of acting. One should consider a one-year added program after completing six months of learning.

Acting courses are numerous online, and one can learn more about acting and increase their skills. We hope this article provides detailed information on the ten best online acting courses with certificates in Australia. One can suitably consider either of the above-listed courses to get enough information on acting. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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