15 High Paying Countries That Need Nurses In 2023

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This article will discuss the 20 high paying countries that need nurses in 2023. Many countries need nurses around the world and most are considered to pay a higher amount for individuals occupying this specific position.


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Paying Countries That Need Nurses

Which Country Pays Highest Salary To Nurses?

Nursing is a profession that is generally regarded and it has major demand in various countries around the world. The country which pays the most salary to nurses is Luxembourg. An individual working as a nurse is estimated to earn up to $91,000 while practicing in this country.

Which Country Is Best For Nurses To Migrate?

There are different countries where a nurse can migrate to reside and work in diverse health-related positions. The UK is considered to be the best country for nurses to migrate to as It comes with a lot of benefits and there are numerous hospitals and clinics to work.


What Nurses Are In Highest Demand?

Some nurses are increasingly demanded due to their area of specialization, knowledge, and experience. Currently, the nurses who are in high demand include Neonatal nurses, Dialysis nurses, Nurse advocates, and Clinical nurses amongst others.

15 High Paying Countries That Need Nurses In 2023

Many countries need nurses to come and work and many of these countries are known to pay more money for services rendered. Below are the 15 high paying countries that need nurses in 2023.


#1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is currently one of the highest paying countries for the nursing profession around the world. One would need to have linguistic skills to be able to work smoothly in this country.

#2. Canada

Canada Known as one of the best countries for interested nurses around the world is Canada which has a huge demand. In addition to this demand, it also comes with an estimated payment of $75,000 per year for nurses.


#3. Australia

Australia considers nurses a valuable asset given its huge demand for qualified nurses. Currently, there’s an estimated pay of over $69,699 yearly for nurses who work in the country.

#4. United States

The United States holds a strong position when it comes to countries that pay nurses high amounts for their services. Depending on your specific location, you could earn more on your payments with an estimated amount of $75,000.

#5. New Zealand

New Zealand is an excellent place where one can conveniently reside and work as a nurse. Given its level of demand and focus on the healthcare system, it pays up to an estimated $60,000 to nurses.


#6. Norway

Norway is known to provide the most favorable conditions where nurses can thrive and work. While it pays up to an estimate of $46,000, nurses can get up to $100,000 considering their experience.

#7. Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is among the highest paying countries that one can consider to work as a nurse. Diverse islands come with different wages depending on their financial stability and health facilities and this can increase one’s pay.

#8. Italy

Italy has a large demand for nurses yearly and considerably pays a lot for their services. Nurses who are looking to practice in Italy must take the Italian Nursing Board exam to gain licensure.

#9. Israel

When it comes to health facilities, Israel stands out amongst its peers of countries that focus on the healthcare system. Nurses who reside and work there are known to receive a reasonable amount for their health-providing services.

#10. Switzerland

In Switzerland, it is the Swiss Red Cross that handles matters related to foreign nurse’s credentials. Given its huge demand for nurses and the requirements for the position, it pays a high amount to its nurses.

#11. Ireland

A nurse who is interested in working in Ireland must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). This country remains one of the highest-paying nurses to consider in 2023.

#12. Chile

Chile’s medical industry is hugely valued and this comes with an increasing need for nurses. It significantly rewards nurses with decent pay for their services and offers a lot of job opportunities.

#13. Germany

Germany is also among the highest-paying countries in the world where nursing can be practiced. Their salaries vary but the average nursing salary is convenient enough to cover one’s expenses.

#14. Netherlands

The Dutch healthcare system is among the most applauded around the world with its major focus on providing quality services. It’s also a good place for nurses looking to earn good pay for their services.

#15. Denmark

Denmark is a top payer for nurses and provides one with a good place to gain access to healthcare job opportunities. One would need to apply with their respective qualifications and documents to get a nursing job.


Several countries are in high demand of nurses and equally, pay a huge amount for services rendered. An individual can consider either of the above-mentioned countries to enjoy high pay. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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