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13 Reasons To Get Married Besides Love


Reasons To Get Married Besides Love
Reasons To Get Married Besides Love
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There are a lot of other reasons to get married besides love that many people don’t know. In addition to love, there are more benefits to marriage than you may have ever thought of such as legal benefits, financial, social, and also biological benefits.

Seriously, do you know that when you get married, you could actually have a helping hand in receiving benefits, rights, and privileges under Social Security and estate laws? I bet you have not thought about that.

In this article, we are going to list down the best reasons to get married besides love. After reading this you will be very happy to get married to the love of your life without thinking twice.

1. Longer Life

Having a longer life is one of the main reasons to get married besides love, because if it’s about longer life, then it’s worth doing.

Researches have repeatedly shown that couples in a committed marriage live longer than those who are single, on the verge of divorce, divorced, or cohabiting.

The United State government health statisticians report also stated that the age-adjusted death rate for married individuals reduced by 7% between 2010 and 2017. This statistics is based on the new study from the NCHS which stands for National Center for Health Statistics.

Once you’re married, there are a host of tangible benefits that give you a good health advantage. Married couples are more likely to acquire health insurance, therefore, making them have easy access to health care facilities.

Being married also provides someone looking out for you and also takes you to the hospital or cares for you whenever you fall sick.

2. To start a family

If you are looking for reasons to get married besides love, then starting a family is the one to consider, especially if growing up, the idea of having your own family and raising your own children had been important to you.

Starting a family cannot be done better in a healthy environment without marriage. Because children that are raised by their own married parents are more likely to have fewer behavioral problems, experience persistent economic insecurity,  stay in school and earn four-year college degrees.

Although marriage is not the only way of having children, it is the traditional way to build a family. So to carry on with the family name, marriage is always a signifier that your children are not just family but part of your family tree.

Yes, I know you are not ready to have a baby immediately after your wedding and you want to plan well to welcome it when you are settled down. There are a lot of experts who are ready to help you in your marriage and family planning.

3. Financial Stability

From a business point of view, getting married is an intelligent financial decision. Getting married means you have the opportunity to share your expenses, and also have the mentality to make more money.

Research shows that married people build more wealth on average than single individuals or cohabiting partners. Unlike the popular myth that marriage drains your finances, you actually make better financial decisions that will increase your pocket once you get married.

Single people most of the time are not so much into savings and investments, but when they get married, the attitude does change. They now start thinking about saving up to buy their own house, save for their future children, and ultimately make perfect investment plans.

Apart from making more money, getting married also helps you to better manage your money by avoiding lavish spending that singles tend to exhibit. So if you are thinking about reasons to get married besides love, then your financial stability is another thing to consider.

4. You Save Taxes

The IRS gives joint tax filers one of the largest standard deductions each year, so filing for joint taxes after getting married may give you the opportunity of receiving a lot of tax considerations. This means you can earn a larger amount of income and potentially qualify for certain tax deductions.

On the other hand, partners who file for separate tax returns receive few tax deductions and considerations. Separate tax returns may also give you a higher tax as well as a higher tax rate.

So filing for joint taxes could be one of the reasons to get married besides love because the standard tax considerations and deduction for separate tax filers are too lower than that offered to joint tax filers.

But in rare situations, your legal adviser may advise you and your partner to file separate tax returns in order to help you both save on your tax return. For instance, if both of the spouses have high-paying jobs, you could end up paying more in taxes if you file for joint tax.

Also, if you or your partner has a huge amount of out-of-pocket medical bills to claim and since the IRS only permits you to withhold the amount of these costs that are over 7.5% of your adjusted gross income, it could be very hard to claim most of your expenses if both partners have a high adjusted gross income.

5. Marriage makes you more responsible

Have you ever heard of someone saying “Since I got married my life has changed, I’m now more responsible”? So if you feel the need that you have tried all the means to be responsible, then try marriage and your life shall never remain the same.

Adapting to your partner coupled with having kids teaches you all sorts of characters you’ve never had in your life, such as patience, perseverance, understanding, and most especially kindness. Some even go to the extent of losing weight to please their partners.

Marriage can make you a better human being because the union is finally about letting someone into your life and both of you being responsible for each other.

6. Your Sex Life becomes more Safe, fun, and rewarding

Single people have sex, while married couples make love. While making love, they tend to always have unprotected sex and this makes their sex life more fun.

Having that unprotected sex, married couples don’t always worry about getting the wrong person pregnant because they are already married to the right person. They don’t also worry about having STDs because they are committed to each other and already know their health status.

So if you feel that you need to always have safe unprotected sex, then, this is one of the reasons to get married besides love. Apart from the free and fun thing that goes around with making love with your partner, you both are at the end rewarded with children who will later become part of the family.

7. Marriage Makes You Happy and Fulfilled

Marriage Makes You Happy
Marriage Makes You Happy

Love is a beautiful thing, but when coupled with marriage, it becomes an accomplishment that brings only but happiness. Married people are far happier all the time than single people because naturally, Humans seek out companionship.

Being happy is one of the greatest reasons to get married besides love and trust me, there are very few people who would claim they wouldn’t prefer to be happy. On average, husbands and wives are happier and enjoy longer lives than those who are not married.

Men tend to reap the benefits of being happy in marriage and suffer the greatest consequences if they are divorced. Married mothers on the other hand have lower rates of depression than single mothers, possibly because they are more likely to get practical and emotional support from their husbands.

8. Social security benefits

If you are single, you are actually forfeiting the social security benefits for yourself. This is one of the other reasons to get married besides love because If one of the partners in a cohabiting household dies, the other partner will not receive survivor’s benefits.

This is not good for the surviving partner especially if they are a higher-income family unit. Also, the longer the cohabiting couples have been together without getting married, the bigger loss the surviving partner gets.

Survivors’ benefits are based on the income of the dead partner during his or her lifetime and the length of the marriage. So this is one of the reasons you should get married as soon as possible to protect these benefits because death is one bus accident away, you never can tell.

Apart from your partner’s social security benefits, other reasons to get married besides love is that you are also forfeiting your children’s social security benefits if you are not married. This is especially bad for your children if paternity is not established.

For instance, If the father of your children dies and paternity is not established before or very quickly after his death, then the government could claim that the father didn’t have any children and therefore refuse to give those children survivor’s benefits.

But with marriage, your children automatically receive survivor’s benefits. Even if you show a DNA test that he is the father or other documents showing that he accepted them as his children, without a marriage certificate, your children could easily lose hundreds of dollars a month for survivor’s benefits.

9. Marriage guarantees automatic Inheritance

Partners living together both married or cohabiting, tend to help each other greatly. It is possible to work and live together with your non-married partner for years. Then years after building together, something tragic happens to your partner that leads to his or her death. Like said earlier, death is one bus accident.

Your partner’s income and assets you’ve helped build for years then go to next of kin because you both are not married. These next of kin might be children from a previous relationship, estranged siblings, or elderly parents that didn’t contribute to the building of those assets.

This is one of the main reasons to get married besides love because you cannot inherit from a partner if you’re not married. Even if your name is written on the deed or account, If you are not married to your partner, your non-married partner’s family will inherit half of the house and other assets.

This is actually another nightmare added to the sudden death of your life partner.

10. Make your parents happy and fulfilled

One of the main reasons to get married besides love is to make your parents fulfilled. Even though they may not voice it, marriage can help your parents feel more reassured about your future.

Getting married to the one you love reassures your parent that the family tree continues, most especially if you are the only child of your family. Marriage helps your parents know you are going to have children who will carry on the family name.

Getting married also gives your parents the hope of seeing their grandchildren and also the joy of playing with their grandkids. For most grandparents, their grandchildren offer a 2nd chance for them to become the parents they didn’t have time to be when raising their own children.

11. You have someone to grow old with

There is nothing so cute about seeing two love birds who have grown old together and married. Going from the ages of 20s to the ages of 40s to 60s with your partner and gathering all the experience in life is what marriage stands for.

Being single forever may sound pleasing, but at some point in our lives, everyone feels the need to be with someone else, and have someone to share our happy or sad moments. This is one of the good reasons to get married aside from love.

Having someone to grow old with is an amazing experience which you won’t understand until you’ve been there. This may not make much sense to you if you’re still young. But the truth is that, as you grow older, you start seeking the pleasure of spending time with someone special that you love and you know love you too.

12. Marriage is a strong support system

When it comes to giving support to your spouse in times of need, nobody knows the right thing to do and what not to but better than I do.

There is this kind of emotional support that your husband or wife gives you that you cannot get from anywhere if you are not married. This support that is possible in marriage allows each spouse to have a feeling of fulfillment that improves their psychological wellbeing, thereby increasing their lifespan.

One of the most logical reasons to get married aside from love is to have a support system for each other. Marriage provides a supportive partner that can be a great uplifting influence that you can never get from any relationship.

Being married also helps in making your life so easier by eliminating multitasking because you have got a helping hand in whatever problem that may come in your life, be it financial, emotionally, and physically and in the end you are happy that someone really cares about you.

13. Societal Expectations

Although few people may decide not to get married, the bottom line is that everybody is expected to be married. Western societies, combined with secular beliefs and religious heritage, hold on to the belief that married families serve as the fundamental foundation of a healthy culture.

With that, a lot of single people are pressured to get married especially if they are already in the age bracket of being married. Although it does not feel healthy especially if you are not yet ready or not interested in marriage, but if you are ready and 100% interested in marriage, this could be one of the good reasons to get married aside from love.


In every society marriage is a declaration of solidarity and a public commitment of love between a husband and wife. So the most important of all the reasons why people get married is the love they feel towards their future spouse.

Even when financial, legal, religious, and biological factors have a play in the decision to get married, love and the desire to be married to your partner are the most important drivers.

Thank you for having time to read this article to the end, if you have any questions concerning marriage or your married life, please don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment section and we will reply as soon as possible

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