Russia Visa Requirements for Indians in 2023 | How to Apply

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It barely surprises everyone that Russia is high on all traveler’s bucket lists. Its rich history, lively culture, and renowned art and architecture are pleasant in equal measure. The beautiful environment of the snow-covered peaks of Mountain Elbrus and the fascinating natural valley of geysers in Kamchatka leave an intense impression on your thought. If you plan to go to the country and are confused about how to obtain a Russian visa for Indians, permit us to take you through the fast and easy process.


A Russia visa Requirements for Indians has to be applied for by Indian citizens planning to go to the country for vacations or tourism. The length of time to stay on a tourist visa is thirty days. It is impossible to extend a tourist visa. Equally, a Russian visa on arrival for Indian passport holders is impossible. Also, note that the visa is given according to a supporting or backup invitation letter from a tourist company. Below is the Russia visa requirement for Indians in 2023.

Russia Visa Requirements for Indians
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Russia Visa Requirements for Indians in 2023 | How to Apply

Russian visas for Indian nationals can be grouped into work visas, transit visas, tourist visas or visitor visas, and business visas.

1. Work Visa: A Russian work visa for Indians is only allotted if the traveler wishes to temporarily travel to the country for work purposes.


2. Transit Visa: Russian transit visa is provided to people traveling to a 3rd country but will spend a little stay in Russia before traveling.

3. Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is issued to a traveler who wishes to go to the country for sightseeing or tourist purposes. If you opt for the single-entry visa, it will be valid just for 30 days from the day it was issued for the sole purpose of tourism.


4. Business Visa: This visa is suitable for people who travel temporarily for business purposes in Russia.

 How to Apply Visa for Russia

The application process for a Russian Visa includes the following:


1.   Receive the Invitation (Visa Support).

This is the first step to obtaining a visa to Russia. If you plan on traveling to Russia for tourism reasons, you can receive your invitation from a travel agency or a hotel. If you are traveling for other reasons, your inviter or supporter has to obtain an invitation from the General Directorate for Migration for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

2.   Fill out the online application form

Hand in all required information or details with truthful and honest information. It is possible to obtain an application form for a visa for Russia at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) website

3.   Take or collect the necessary documents

Progress with collecting the essential documents for a Russian visa. You should get a list of the necessary documents from the Russian embassy/consulate or the visa center representing Russia in your country of residence. Keep in mind that the required documents vary from one country to the other. The documents also depend on the type of visa you are going for.


4.   Apply in Person at a Russian Visa Processing Center

You will have to show up with all these documents at the Russian visa center. There is no need for a former appointment since walk-in applications are acknowledged. You will equally have to pay the fees for a visa application when you hand in your documents. After obtaining your Russia visa, you can travel to the country (Russia). Though, there are still some responsibilities or tasks you have to complete.

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5. Obtain an immigration card

Immediately you enter Russia, during passport control, you will need to fill out the immigration card. The card comprises two matching or identical parts, which you must fill in. The border police will collect and keep one part of the card. And you take the other one with you.

 Afterward, you must return this card to the border police when leaving the country.

6.   Register your visa. 

You have seven working days to register your visa on arrival in Russia. There are two means to register for a visa. The first is at the hotel where you are staying. The second is via the property owner of the apartment you have rented or hired for your stay or where your friends reside (who have invited you over to the country). You will need your immigration card and passport to register your visa.

Russian Tourism or Business Invitation Letters for Indian Citizens

The citizens of India cannot apply for a “Russia visa for Indians” electronically. Instead, they have to apply for a letter of invitation with iVisa that permits them to obtain a consular appointment and therefore get the corresponding Russian visa, depending on the purpose of the trip.

To obtain this document, you must confirm that you are invited to Russia by a Russian Tour Operator or accredited hotel by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Though, it is equally significant to consider that tourist invitations and visas are for foreign citizens who plan to stay in a hotel establishment. On the other hand, travelers visiting a friend or relative and staying at the address of a Russian citizen can get a “private tourist visa” via the Russian Government portals.

Documents required to apply for the Invitation Letter

For iVisa to process your Invitation Letter, you must make a few things available to achieve this. Here is a list of what you have to provide for your invitation letter visa application:

  1. A recent passport must be at least six months from your arrival in Russia.

2. You must present a hotel reservation or Airbnb confirmation for proof of accommodation, or you can upload a letter from the person who invited you by an approved travel agency. Recollect that you do not have to acquire this type of travel document if you visit a friend.

3. You might be asked to show proof that you can pay for your trip during your stay, but this is not always necessary.

4. It is equally necessary that you give them your email address so they can send you your letter of invitation by email. So, it is imperative to give a valid email address.

5. Specify the payment method; iVisa works with credit or debit card payments.

Regarding business invitation letters, it will equally be vital to provide a business card, which permits validation of the destination and the company with which the business will hold in the country.

Fees for Russian Visa

The iVisa works with both a Government fee and a Service fee. For all types of travel documents, you will get a different charge. It will equally differ according to the speed of your chosen processing option. Below are the prices depending on your needs:

Business Invitation Letter – One Year – Multiple Entries

  • Standard Processing Time: USD $283.99 – 20 Business Days.
  • Rush Processing Time: USD $343.99 – 15 Business Days.
  • Processing Time for Super Rush: USD $411.99 – 13 Business Days.

Tourist Invitation Letter – Thirty Days – Single Entry

  • Standard Processing Time: USD $67.99 – 24 hours.
  • Rush Processing Time: USD $130.99 – 6 hours.
  • Processing Time for Super Rush: USD $169.99 – 30 minutes.

Tourist Invitation Letter – Thirty Days – Double Entry

  • Standard Processing Time: USD $67.99 – 24 hours.
  • Rush Processing Time: USD $130.99 – 6 hours.
  • Processing Time for Super Rush: USD $169.99 – 30 minutes.


If you want to travel to Russia, it is essential to note that apart from other myths, Russians are popularly known for their hospitality. They are a community that accepts and welcomes visitors and are glad to inform them of its best charms, attractions, and places of interest.

Russians appreciate a tasty meal accompanied by a cup of tea or a lovely local liquor. It is equally fascinating that because of how big the country is, each time you travel, it can be an unbelievable and entirely different adventure.

You have two options for travel arrangements with iVisa as a foreign citizen. The first is the Tourist Invitation Letter, and the second is the Business Invitation Letter, both of which are required for entry into the country. This invitation letter permits you to get a consular visa more quickly and effectively.

There may equally be some other entry necessities. All other information you may need can be found in the article.



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